The TransGuys Community Awards: 2010 Voting

© 2010 Getty Images All rights reserved.Thank you to everyone who participated in the nominations phase. Award voting is now open! You can register a vote in each category, once per day.

Here are your 2010 TransGuys Community Award Nominees:

Note: Two categories failed to generate more than a single valid nominee and were not included in the voting phase – Best Facebook Presence and Best Community.

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Award Voting

Best Blog

This award honors the best blog authored by a trans guy that discusses the FTM experience in one way or another.

  • Jayke’s transAM
    Jayke B. is an Australian bisexual transguy in his 30s who’s passionate about his work fighting homelessness, and aspires to become a tattoo artist.
  • Masculinity: A Surgical Exploration
    Blog by POC man of transgender experience providing real, uncut transition stories, and detailed FTM surgery information.
  • Thoughts and Journey of a Prettyboi
    Experiences of a man of color who happened to medically transition.
  • Tranifesto
    Transgender and transsexual issues, information, and opinion, by Matt Kailey.
  • xxboy
    Sebastian is a transman in his 20s who documents his transition, discusses gender theory and provides resources and support on his Tumblr blog.

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Best YouTube Channel

This award will be given to a trans male vlogger or vloggers whose YouTube channel is engaging and has garnered a dedicated following. (Note: That doesn’t necessarily mean a high number of subscribers.)

  • MTR06
    Khalid documents his transition, shares helpful information and provides support with his vlog.
  • OriginalPlumbingTV
    OP TV shows behind the scenes from the photo shoots and interviews that fill the pages of Original Plumbing magazine.
  • postgender
    postgender is a warm, fuzzy cyborg freakishly equipped with a heart.
  • sillyyetsuccinct
    Videos by trans guy from Sweden tackle topics such as polyamory, gay sex and FTM transition.
  • smithsmithboy
    Spencer is a trans guy from Australia who ‘s vlogging his transition in detail.

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Best Resource Website

This award celebrates the highest quality resource website for transgender men. Criteria include quality and depth of content, and website usability.

    A 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps empower transgender people to lead a productive life during and after transition with regards to health, employment and social interactions.
    Comprehensive guide that provides detailed and well-sourced information on topics of interest to female-to-male (FTM, F2M) trans men, and their friends and loved ones.
    Website of Original Plumbing, the premier magazine dedicated to the sexuality and culture of FTM trans guys.
    Website created by the Gay/Bi/Queer Trans men Working Group (of the Ontario Gay Men’s HIV Prevention Strategy) to raise awareness about the sexual health of trans men and share knowledge around our complex bodies, sexualities and sex lives.
    Social network for the transgender (FTM, MTF, Intersexed) and (gender) queer community.

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Best Action Campaign

This award recognizes the best in FTM online activism.

    A project of the Sherbourne Health Centre of Toronto, this website was developed by and for trans men and our healthcare providers to provide information about why Pap tests are important and how to make the experience of getting one better.
  • PRIMED: The Back Pocket Guide to Transmen and the Men Who Dig Them (
    First of its kind resource providing important sexual health information for trans men and men who have sex with trans men.
  • The Jim Collins Foundation
    An organization that raises money to fund gender-confirming surgeries for those transgender people who need surgery to live a healthy life, but have no ability to pay for it themselves.

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Best Business

This award showcases the best FTM-owned or FTM-targeted business that has an active online presence. Criteria include innovation, integrity, and the quality and usability of the nominees’ website.

  • B.Y. Evolution
    Online store offering transition products to transgender men at competitive prices.
  • TuBOQ
    Specialized health and lifestyle transition resources, online store and private social network.
  • Original Plumbing
    Print magazine that documents diversity within trans male lifestyles through photographic portraits and essays, personal narratives and interviews.

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Musician or Music Group of the Year

This award recognizes excellence by a trans male musician or a music group featuring a trans male member.

  • Athens Boys Choir
    AKA Katz, Athens Boys Choir is a transgender spoken word performer based in Athens, Georgia.
  • Coyote Grace
    Acoustic downhome duo made up of Joe Stevens, a transman from Northern California, and upright bassist Ingrid Elizabeth, a sassy femme originally hailing from the hills of Southeastern Ohio.
  • Good Asian Drivers
    Reigning Mr. Transman Kit Yan’s nationally recognized rock/poetry trio.
  • Katastrophe
    AKA Rocco Kayiatos, an American hip-hop rapper and producer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • The Cliks
    Canadian rock band known for their live performances and led by trans man, Lucas Silveira.

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Sex Performer of the Year

This award honors the achievements of the year’s best trans male sex performer.

  • Billy Castro
    “A top notch mix of golden boy + dirty rotten pervert,” Castro performs exclusively for No Fauxxx & Reel Queer Productions.
  • Buck Angel
    Adult filmmaker, bodybuilder, transgender advocate, educator and lecturer.
  • James Darling
    “Your FTM queer porn darling,” based in San Francisco.

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The Phoenix Award for Outstanding Achievement

This special award recognizes outstanding achievement in any area of FTM advocacy, activism, community or health care, online or offline.

  • ayden scheim
    Queer FTM community organizer, educator and activist in Toronto, Canada.
  • Amos Mac
    Photographer and editor-in-chief of the FTM magazine, Original Plumbing.
  • Dr. Maxwell Anderson
    A LGBQT pioneer, activist for mental and transgender health issues, known to many for his appearance in the film, Southern Comfort.
  • S. Bear Bergman
    Transgender author, poet, playwright, and theater artist.

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