The TransGuys Community Awards: 2012 Voting

© 2010 Getty Images All rights reserved.Thank you to everyone who participated in the nominations phase. Award voting is now open! You can register a vote in each category, once per day.

Here are your 2012 TransGuys Community Award Nominees:

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Award Voting

Best Blog

This award honors the best blog authored by a trans guy that discusses the FTM experience in one way or another.


Best YouTube Channel

This award will be given to a trans male vlogger or vloggers whose YouTube channel is engaging and has garnered a dedicated following. (Note: That doesn’t necessarily mean a high number of subscribers.)


Best Facebook Page

This award honors the best Facebook Page created by or administered by a transgender man. (If administered by a team, there must be a trans guy on the team to be eligible.) Criteria include quality and depth of content, audience engagement and social influence.

  • Gendercast – An exploration of gender and what is means to live in, challenge and exist beyond the binary.
  • Original Plumbing – Quarterly print magazine dedicated to documenting trans male culture.
  • Ryan Sallans – Author, LGBTQ activist, professional speaker on FTM transition and LGBTQ issues.
  • TransEnough – Celebrates individuals who identify as transgender, genderqueer, intersex and gender non-conforming.


Best Community Website

The award for Best Community honors the most helpful and resourceful social network or forum that caters to transgender men. Eligible websites do not have to be dedicated exclusively to trans men, but must have a group or sub-forum that is.

  • FTM UK – UK-based forum for FTMs and allies to meet. Open to everyone regardless of where you live or your gender.
  • Laura’s Playground (FTM forums) – Support site for transgendered people, their families and significant others.
  • Susan’s Place (FTM forums) – A place for female to male transsexuals to talk about issues they face in their daily lives.
  • TQ Nation – Private social networking site for the Transgender (FTM, MTF, Intersexed) / (Gender) Queer community.


Best Resource Website

This award celebrates the highest quality resource website for transgender men. Criteria include quality and depth of content, and website usability.

  • Art of Transliness – Advice on life for the modern trans man.
  • BLITZ – A non-profit organization that compiles world-wide trans* and gender variant resources on their website.
  • FTM Australia – Resources for transition and beyond in Australia.
  • FTM Guide – Comprehensive guide on topics of interest to trans men, and their friends and loved ones.


Best Business

This award showcases the best FTM-owned or FTM-targeted business that has an active online presence. Criteria include innovation, integrity, and the quality and usability of the nominees’ website.

  • Original Plumbing – Print magazine that documents diversity within trans male lifestyles through photographic portraits and essays, personal narratives and interviews.
  • Point 5cc Tshirt Company – Stealth style, trans-friendly Tshirts.
  • Stand-To-Urimate – Designs, manufactures and distributes transition-related supplies, prosthetic devices, and portable urination devices.
  • TranSquat – Gender neutral bathroom finder iPhone app.
  • TranZwear – Customized packing underwear, harnesses, jocks and swimwear, plus packing and STP gear.


Musician or Music Group of the Year

This award recognizes excellence by a trans male musician or a music group featuring a trans male member.

  • Cristopher August – Up-and-coming vocalist who blends a pop/contemporary and soft rock sound.
  • The Cliks – Canadian rock band known for their live performances, led by Lucas Silveira.
  • Coyote Grace – A folked up mix of bluegrass and blues, soul and Southern twang.
  • Geo Wyeth – New York City based musician, performer and interdisciplinary artist.


The Phoenix Award for Outstanding Achievement

This special award recognizes outstanding achievement in any area of FTM advocacy, activism, community or health care, online or offline.

  • Michael Brown - Founder & Executive Director of Trans Mentors International, a non-profit organization that provides individual support with mentoring, resources, emergency assistance, and more.
  • Jamison Green – Educator, author (Becoming A Visible Man), advocate and internationally recognized speaker.
  • michael munson – Co-founder and Executive Director of FORGE, an organization focused on improving the lives of transgender individuals.
  • Lou Sullivan (d. 1991) – Pioneering activist and community organizer, founder of FTM International.


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For Nominees

TCA 2012 NomineeCongratulations on your nomination and on your achievements that earned it! Being nominated for a TransGuys Community Award is an opportunity to create buzz for your work, and you’re encouraged to campaign for votes. Remember that voting ends on December 7, so it’s to your advantage to start promoting your award candidacy right away!

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