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Best Action Campaign

Check It Out Guys is a groundbreaking campaign, by and for trans men, which aims to get the message out that PAP tests are important. The website includes accessible, concise information and eye-catching slogans like “Got a cervix? Get a Pap!” Free posters, postcards and temporary tattoos are available. Additionally, the website features a guide for providers, Tips for Providing Paps to Trans Men!

Paps matter for trans men, regardless of who we have sex with, how we have sex, or where we’re at in transition. If you have a cervix, you need a Pap. Check It Out Guys, the Trans Men’s Pap Campaign, was developed by and for trans men and our healthcare providers at Sherbourne Health Centre in Toronto, Canada. The campaign exists to provide more information about why you may need a Pap, and how to make the experience of getting one better. We want to spread the message that Paps are worth it! – Ayden, Campaign Coordinator

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