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New Film Explores FTM Community in China

Posted on May 8, 2013 by

A new documentary that explores the FTM community in China is set for release later this month.

Brothers documents the life of Tony, who forms part of a group of trans guys who call each other brothers. The film shows Tony’s road to self-acknowledgement, his troubles at work, and his decision to undergo sex reassignment surgery. Brothers is the first film about trans men in China.

Brothers will be released in May 2013. Check out for screening dates and info.

Brothers Trailer

UPDATE, May 31, 2013: You can now watch the full documentary on the Queer Comrades website!

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Joshua Riverdale is the Editor and Publisher of Since 2007, he's been writing about FTM transition on his popular blog, Gender Outlaw. When he's not online, Joshua enjoys hiking, gardening and following Major League Baseball. He lives in rural British Columbia, Canada.

3 Comment(s)

  1. a rochell Says:

    I thought the video was very sad it brought back memories. I forgot how lonely I use to feel.

  2. Queer Comrades Says:

    You can now watch the full documentary online – it’s broadcasted exclusively on the queer comrades website at跨性别/

    All the best,

    Queer Comrades

  3. Joshua Riverdale Says:

    Awesome, thanks so much!! I’ll share the link.

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