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Physiological Manifestations of Stress Associated With Process of FTM Transition

Posted on January 27, 2012 by

Associations Between Transition-Specific Stress Experience, generic cialis pills cheap Nocturnal Decline in Ambulatory Blood Pressure, and C-Reactive Protein Levels Among
Transgender Men


This study documents a number of sales nolvadex important physiological manifestations of stress associated with the process of transition, describing the physical impacts of psychosocial stress during various stages of transition for trans men.

Though some physical impacts related to stress are significant for trans men, stress related to transition tends to decline over time. The study cites other studies that found trans men experience improved quality of life and 150 mg viagra for sale decreased depression among those who have received testosterone therapy. Furthermore, 100% of participants in the nolvadex no prescription cheap study reported that transitioning was “the right thing for them to do.” [emphasis added]

This study was published in the American Journal of Human Biology, Volume 24, Issue 1, pages 52–61, January/February 2012. Full Article

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