2015 Trans Conference Guide

Trans Conference Guide

Over the past decade, the trans conference circuit has grown exponentially. These events offer an opportunity to learn, share, and connect with long distance friends and mentors. Plus, SRS surgeons often make themselves available for informal Q&A and free private consultations, making conferences an important stop on the road to surgery.

The calendar is packed each year with high quality conferences and 2015 is no exception. Below you’ll find details about the year’s upcoming conferences that offer programming for trans men.

Which conferences will YOU be attending?

Conferences at a Glance

Conference Name Location Dates
First Event Waltham, MA Jan 21-25
Asterisk Trans* Conference Riverside, CA Feb 27-28
TRANSforming Gender Conference Boulder, CO March 13-14
The Keystone Conference Harrisburg, PA March 18-22
South Bay Trans Day of Visibility San Jose, CA Mar 28
National Transgender Health Summit Oakland, CA April 17-18
Transgender Lives: The Intersection of Health and Law Conference Farmington, CT April 25
Black Trans Advocacy Conference Dallas, TX April 27 – May 3
Trans*-Tagung München Munich, DE May 15-17
TransOhio Trans & Ally Symposium Columbus, OH May 30-31
Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference Philadelphia, PA June 4-6
Sparkle Manchester, UK July 10-12
Trans Youth and Parents Summit Cambridge, MA July 11
Indiana Transgender Wellness Conference Indianapolis, IN July 25
Texas Transgender NonDiscrimination Summit Dallas, TX July 31 – Aug 1
Trans Law Symposium Chicago, IL Aug 7
Gender Odyssey Seattle, WA Aug 20-23
Trans-Inter-Aktiv Weimar, DE Aug 28-30
Hanse Intersex Transgender Tagung (HIIT) Hamburg, DE Sept 4-6
Schweizer Transtagung (Trans Swiss Conference) Bern, CH Sept 5-6
Southern Comfort Ft. Lauderdale, FL Sept 29-Oct 3
FTM Fitness World Atlanta, GA Oct 1-3
Gender Expansion Missoula, MT Oct 1-3
Your True Gender San Luis Obispo, CA Oct 9-11
Translating Identity Conference (TIC) Burlington, VT Oct 15
Trans* Wellness Conference Buffalo, NY Oct 16-17
Gender Infinity Houston, TX Oct 23-24
Peach State Conference Atlanta, GA Oct 29-31
Transgender Spectrum Conference St. Louis, MO Nov 6-7
National Trans Youth Conference Birmingham, UK Nov 14
Genderevolution Salt Lake City, UT Nov 14
Transcending Boundaries Springfield, MA Nov 20-22

Money Saving Tip

Note that many of the conferences have early bird discounts available. Register early to save on your expenses! Several conferences also offer scholarships and work trades!

2015 Confirmed Conferences

First Event – 35th Annual!
Now in its 35th year, First Event has grown into one of the largest trans gatherings in the world and the only major winter conference. Entertainment, workshops and activities, plus a programming track for trans men.

When: January 21-25
Where: Waltham, MA
Cost: $40 single day passes, $210-$250 complete conference packages.

Asterisk Trans* Conference – NEW!
Join us for a college conference to build community for trans* people and allies, to address trans* health and well-being, and to provide education and resources for trans* youth advocates.
People of all gender identities and expressions are welcome!

When: February 27-28
Where: UC Riverside, CA
Cost: $10-20 individuals, $200 organizations.

TRANSforming Gender Conference – 9th Annual!
The University of Colorado-Boulder’s TRANSforming Gender Conference hosts national and local transgender, genderqueer, and Two-Spirit activists and scholars to raise awareness of how we can celebrate the diversity of gender and biological sex. This year’s conference will feature keynotes by Amos Mac and Mattee Jim.

When: March 13-14
Where: University of Colorado at Boulder
Cost: FREE

The Keystone Conference – 7th Annual!
Hosted by TransCentralPA, Keystone features meaningful workshop and seminar programming, plus numerous social functions. Recent years have seen significantly expanded programming for trans men. Continuing Education credits will be offered for select workshops.

When: March 18-22
Where: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Cost: TBA

South Bay Trans Day of Visibility – 5th Annual!
Day time events include workshops, art, games, and open mic, followed by an evening cocktail party and show featuring WooWoo Monroe. This event is a fundraiser for the Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center.

When: March 28, 2015
Where: San Jose, CA
Cost: TBA

National Transgender Health Summit
This landmark program will present cutting edge research and evidence-based educational sessions across many disciplines and is the premiere national conference in transgender health. CEUs, CMEs, and UCSF course credit offered.

When: April 17-18
Where: Oakland, CA
Cost: $150-$535

Transgender Lives: The Intersection of Health and Law Conference – 9th Annual!
This conference is about relationships and community. 2015’s theme, “Intersection of Health and Law,” seeks to raise awareness of the inter-connectivity and interdependence of two critical areas to the lives of the trans and gender non-conforming individual. Each year the attendance and outreach for this conference has grown substantially, now making it the major Transgender Health and Law Conference in Southern New England.

When: April 25
Where: University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, CT
Cost: TBA

Black Trans Advocacy Conference – 4th Annual!
Now in its 4th year, the National Black Trans Advocacy Conference & Awards Gala’s theme for 2015 is “Thinking & Speaking A Better World.” Keynote Speakers this year are Tiq Milan & Major Griffin-Gracy. BTAC invites trans and gender non-conforming individuals and our family, friends and community allies to gather, educate, learn, build and grow together.

When: April 27 – May 3
Where: Dallas, TX
Cost: FREE to registered guests, upgrade for $35 and receive conference swag (booklet, t-shirt, and tote bag.

Trans*-Tagung Munchen – 8th Annual!
The Trans * Munich conference is for all people who are interested in a life beyond the gender boundaries. Topics include problems in the labor market, discrimination, exclusion, transphobia and violence, and self-discovery. Approximately 150 attendees gather from all over Germany, Switzerland, Austria and South Tyrol/Alto Adige.

When: May 15-17
Where: Munich, Germany
Cost: 25€ – 45€

TransOhio Transgender & Ally Conference – 7th Annual!
More than 70 workshops covering a variety of topics including health and safety, sex and sexuality, legal and employment issues, religion and spirituality, and culture, media and the arts. Friday is Provider’s Day for therapists, social workers, and lawyers earning continuing education units.

When: May 30-31
Where: Columbus, OH
Cost: TBA. Scholarships available.

Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference – 14th Annual!
The PTHC focuses on the specific issues, needs, and experiences of trans-identified individuals with regard to the health of body, mind, spirit, and community. Everyone concerned about these issues is welcome to attend, including but not limited to: members of the transgender and gender-variant communities, partners, family members, allies, and service providers. Attendance has grown exponentially in recent years and programming has greatly expanded.

2015’s event will also include the “The First Annual Philadelphia Trans-Health Concert” presented by FTM Magazine, featuring performances by Skylar Kergil and Jordan Miller.

When: June 4-6
Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cost: FREE

Sparkle – 11th Annual!
The UK’s National transgender celebration is the world’s largest transgender event. For the last 10 years, Sparkle has been held in July in Manchester, UK. Celebrate with music and events, and attend talks and workshops that are all FREE.

When: July 10-12
Where: Manchester, UK
Cost: FREE

Trans Youth and Parent Summit
An opportunity for transgender youth to meet and connect with transgender and other gender variant youth and the larger transgender community! Share ideas, learn about legal rights and health information, and participate in workshops and fun activities including: gender identity groups, art workshops, trans healthcare workshops, and more.

When: July 11
Where: Cambridge, MA
Cost: FREE

Indiana Transgender Wellness Conference – NEW!
This inaugural event bring will bring public and private healthcare providers together for discussion and education on how best to serve transgender and gender-variant people. Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) will be awarded for Medical and Behavioral Health practitioners.

When: July 25
Where: Indianapolis, IN
Cost: TBD

Texas Transgender NonDiscrimination Summit7th Annual!
Shifting from Houston to Dallas for 2015, the Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit invites interested parties in higher education to discuss what works and what does not work in regards to codifying inclusion of “gender identity and expression” into institutional policy.

When: July 31 – August 1
Where: Dallas, TX
Cost: TBD

Trans Law Symposium
One-day event that features leading edge attorneys who are bringing the cases and enacting the laws and policies that make a difference for the trans community. This year’s keynote speaker is M. Dru Levasseur, Transgender Rights Project National Director, Lambda Legal.

When: August 7
Where: Chicago, IL
Cost: Suggested donation of $30

Gender Odyssey – 14th Annual!
Gender Odyssey 2015Gender Odyssey is an international conference focused on the needs and interests of transgender and gender variant people, with a particular focus on the trans masculine experience. This one-of-a-kind annual gathering is packed with thought-provoking workshops, discussion groups, social events and entertainment. Exclusive programming for POC, teens, genderqueer, partners and more.

When: August 20-23
Where: Seattle, WA
Cost: Early Bird – $150-$210 sliding scale, regular rates TBA. Scholarships available.

Conference in Germany for trans and intersex people, this year with a focus on youth and families. The core of the event is the exchange of expertise and experience between professionals in health, research and policy development.

When: August 28-30
Where: Weimar, DE
Cost: unknown

Hanse Intersex Transgender Tagung (HIIT)
Conference in Germany for people who identify as transgender, genderqueer, and intersex, as well as allies. Workshop topics include: scar treatment, hormone therapy, top surgery, voice feminization, eating disorders, media coverage and more.

When: September 4-6
Where: Hamburg, DE
Cost: 5-20 EUR per session

Schweizer Transtagung (Trans Swiss Conference)
2-Day Conference in Bern covering a wide array of transgender topics: documentation changes, youth, post-transition, surgery abroad, parents and SOFFAs, genderqueer, sex toys, coming out, makeup and styling, handling the media, hormones and much more.

When: September 5-6
Where: Bern, CH

Southern Comfort Conference – 25th Annual!
One of the largest transgender conferences in world, SoCo is gearing up for its 25th annual event. Taking place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the first time, the conference has something for everyone: transsexuals, cross-dressers or in between;  spouses, partners and family members; all sexual orientations; post-op, pre-op or non-op; young, old; married, single; FtM or MtF – if transgender is an issue in your life, WELCOME! (New lower rates this year too!)

When: September 29 – October 3
Where: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Cost: Packages from $100-$270.

FTM Fitness World Conference
Now in its second year, FTM Fitness World is quickly building a reputation as a must-attend event for trans men. Get “real-life” applicable knowledge in fitness, nutrition, wellness, finances, spirituality and sex/relationships. Events will include: modeling show, the 2nd annual bodybuilding competition on Friday and a Strongman competition on Saturday!

When: October 1-3
Where: Atlanta, GA
Cost: Early Bird $125, regular rate TBA.

Gender Expansion Conference
The Gender Expansion Project strives to provide the best expertise available in North America when it comes to trans* health, policy development, community organization and community building for individuals of trans*, intersex and gender diverse identity.

When: October 1-3
Where: Missoula, MT
Cost: N/A

Your True Gender – NEW!
This inaugural 3-day event will present some of the brightest educators from across the country, and is intended to be an educational experience for trans individuals, as well as allies. Confirmed speakers include Jamison Green, Janet Mock, Dr. Toby Meltzer, Ben Hudson, Zander Keig and more.

When: October 9-11
Where: San Luis Obispo, CA
Cost: TBD

Translating Identities Conference – 12th Annual!
Explore a wide array of topics in discourses regarding gender and transgender identities, expressions, communities, and intersections. TIC is a free, student organized, non-profit conference that seeks to reach not only the University of Vermont & the Burlington community, but the nation as a whole. A one-day event, TIC has numerous sessions to choose from at any time that are directed towards people at all levels of inclusion in the trans and allied communities. This conference is a safe space for everyone to come, learn, and enjoy themselves!

When: October 15
Where: University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
Cost: FREE

Trans* Wellness Conference – 4th Annual!
An opportunity to bring members of the trans* community together with community allies and providers of health and human services to share in learning and experience. Keynote presenters include Angelica Ross and Ari Moore.

When: October 16-17
Where: Buffalo, NY
Cost: FREE

Gender Infinity – 5th Annual!
This annual conference in Houston connects families, providers, and advocates with a mission to help make the world a better place for all youth, regardless of gender expression and identity. The first day’s programming has a focus on provider and advocacy training while the second day is aimed at youth and families.

When: October 23-24
Where: Houston, TX
Cost: Provider Day – $120-175; Family day – FREE.

Peach State Conference – NEW!
This new event fills the void in Atlanta that the Southern Comfort Conference left with its move to Florida. Organized by the Transgender Health & Educational Alliance (THEA), the Peach State Conference will announce more information about programming soon.

When: October 29-31
Where: Atlanta, GA
Cost: Basic package $75, add dinners for $60 each night, and hotel rooms starting at $96/night.

Transgender Spectrum Conference
An interdisciplinary event dedicated to educating participants about a wide range of transgender issues. It includes workshops for adults, youth, families, and allies and features strands in health and aging, youth and families, policy and politics, and teaching and learning.

When: November 6-7
Where: St. Louis, MO
Cost: $30-125 Early Bird; $50-150 at the door. Scholarships available.

National Trans Youth Conference
This national event provides opportunities for young trans people to have fun, to socialize, to network, and to gain support and share ideas for a trans positive education from primary school through to university.

When: November 14
Where: Birmingham, England
Cost: unknown

TransAction’s annual gender conference is the pinnacle event of a month full of trans-awareness events in Salt Lake City. This year’s theme is Familiar Faces, Diverse Stories.

When: November 14
Where: Salt Lake City, UT
Cost: $25, includes meals and entertainment. Scholarships available.

Transcending Boundaries
This annual conference is moving from from Hartford, CT to Springfield, MA for 2015, and also shifts dates from April to November. Transcending Boundaries brings together sexuality, relationship and gender minorities for three days of education, activism and community building.  The weekend event includes workshops, discussion groups, social events and a keynote address by bisexual activist, Faith Cheltenham.

When: November 20-22
Where: Springfield, MA
Cost: TBA

2015 Conferences – Dates TBD

Transgender Leadership Summit – 9th Annual!
This one-of-a-kind leadership conference builds the foundation for community members to take action for transgender equality and justice through informative workshops ranging in topics from legal, health care, organizational development and much more.

When: TBA, will coincide with the Trans 100 event.
Where: Chicago, IL
Cost: TBA

TRANS*forming Communities
Speakers, workshops, and panels dedicated to celebrating and honoring the diverse identities and experiences of trans* people. Trans* people and allies come together, share resources and knowledge, and create a community where people can flourish and live authentically. Anyone with a desire to learn and better our communities is welcome.

When: March
Where: CSU, Chico, CA
Cost: TBA

Writing Trans Genres
Writing Trans Genres: Emergent Literatures and Criticism was a conference held at the University of Winnipeg, May 22-24, 2014 that brought together writers, performers, critics, and community members to celebrate and theorize an emerging body of literature by transgender, transsexual, two spirit, and genderqueer writers. Stay tuned for details about an upcoming workshop in 2015!

When: TBA
Where: University of Winnipeg, MB, CA
Cost: TBA

Trans* Health, Advocacy and Research Conference
Hosted by Gender DynamiX, the 2nd annual event in 2014 was themed “Rooted in the past, reaching for the future,” and reflected on accomplishments in trans advocacy while simultaneously highlighted gaps in services and support that still need to be bridged.

When: May/June
Where: Cape Town, South Africa
Cost: TBD

Trans* Wellness & Wellbeing Conference
This new annual conference was founded by people of transgender experience for people of transgender experience and allies, with the goal of presenting workshops that speak to the wellness and the well being of our community.

When: November
Where: Los Angeles, CA
Cost: FREE

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