Finding Community Online Part 2: Forums and Social Networks

Forums and social networks enable people to come together around shared interests and causes. For transgender people they can also be an invaluable source of community. Part 2 of TransGuys’ Finding Community Online series highlights a selection of forum and social networking sites for trans men.

Forums for Transgender Men

FTM Surgery Support Forums
A collection of searchable discussions that are focused on FTM transsexual surgery information and surgery support for trans men.

Support forum for trans men from around the world.

A virtual meeting place where all kinds of conversation can take place in an environment that is trans friendly.

Laura’s Playground
This community has been around for several years, and the FTM sub-forums are very active.

Another older community, Susan’s FTM section is also quite active.
The scope of this community is larger than the name suggests, and you’ll find a good dose of FTM discussion going on, including a number of private, invite-only sub-forums.

The Transgender Boards
An open transgender community discussion forum providing help, support, and information to transgender people and their significant others, family, and friends.
German-language support forum for FTM transsexuals.

Social Networks for Transgender Men

TransQueer Nation – A popular private network for Transgender, Gender Queer, FTM, MTF, Androgynous, Gender Fluid, Non-Binary / Non-Gender Identifying, Transsexual, Pan sexual, Questioning, Queer, Spouses, Partners, Allies, Friends and GLBTQ Supporters. (75% of the citizens of TQ Nation are Trans Guys).

Beef Heads – Fitness, weight lifting, nutrition network for trans guys.

FTM Mentors
This is a unique community where members can search for a local FtM friend to either mentor or to find an FtM to turn to for support.

There’s a very active community of FTM vloggers on YouTube. Sadly, YouTube’s Group features have been poorly implemented and aren’t used by very many people. Smaller FTM communities are also developing on other video sharing sites such as Vimeo.

Like YouTube, Facebook’s Group features are lacking and the result is a dense mass of transgender related Facebook Groups with little or no activity. While you may need to sift through a large number of defunct Groups, you’ll also find Groups for trans guys that have memberships of 1000+ and a high level of engagement. There are also numerous Facebook Pages for transgender related websites and brands.

LJ hosts a number of FTM communities such as FTM International’s FTM group, TransCanada, and TransToronto.

FTM Dating Sites

A free online dating and social networking community for the transgendered community, MTF and FTM transsexuals, transvestites/ cross-dressers, drag queens, drag kings, female impersonators, male impersonators and everyone else who loves the trans community.

This is an adult dating site for FTM (transgender female-to-male and trans-masculine guys) and the people who adore them.
An online dating community focused on creating quality relationships, be it friends, short or long term relationships. Offers a positive space for LGBTQI and heterosexual dating.
Find FTM singles.

Do you know about other forums and social networks for trans men? Please leave your comments below. In particular, it would be great to see this list expanded with International, non-English speaking forums and social networks.

Also see: Finding Community Online Part 1: Twitter, Finding Community Online Part 3: Mailing Lists

Last update: 10/19/15


  • Jesse says:

    I run a monthly group here for Transmasculine guys who live in Connecticut. We have a member’s only online discussion group on google groups. Our link is:

    This list is a great resource, btw! Thanks!

  • Joshua says:

    Thanks Jesse! I’m going to do another post in this series just for mailing lists, including Google Groups, and be sure to add yours. There are enough mailing lists/groups to warrant a dedicated post, plus I see them as a little different from forums and social networks in terms of functionality.

  • Ian Sparks says:

    There is also which is pretty active with guys from all around the world, also with non trans male and female allies/partners.

  • Father Mike says:

    Hi Josh:

    As someone who has dated FTM guys, I am so glad to have found this list! I am a super supportive ally of the trans community.


    Father Mike

  • Joshua says:

    I’d already updated the link above, but hadn’t removed the Ning reference to The Men’s Room. Thanks for catching that, Jayce! While I was add it, I added two new Ning networks for trans guys: Frat Bois and Beef Heads.

  • feetapala says:

    Hi guys,

    My name is Alex and I am from Stirling in the UK. I have the other day discovered this forum and I like it very much.
    I am a little bit shy so I wont write much about myself but maybe when I will get more confortable, you guys will get to know me better!
    My main hobbies are astrology and watching movies. I also love outdoor activites but the temperature has been terrible for the last weeks or so here in Stirling.

    I was wondering if anyone else here is from the united Kingdom too?

    I am glad to have joined this forum!
    Have a nice day!

    PS: Sorry if this was posted in the wrong section. I could not find the right one!

  • Keltik says:

    Hey Alex, you should try the FTM UK forum, theres a few of us from Scotland there.

  • Ry says:

    There is also FTM Lover, a dating site for ftms and those who love them.

  • Boi Sadie says: is a personals site, is popular, and has both FtM and genderqueer categories. You can then specify you want to meet cisgendered women, FtMs, MtFs, genderqueers, or any combo.

  • Boi Sadie says:

    (addendum to the above)

    meant to add about, with regard to transguys, the only thing that really wouldn’t work would be transguys looking for cisgendered men. Would be a good fit for transguys looking to date cisgendered women into transguys, or transguys looking to date other trans folks.

  • Aaron says:

    Im the creator of FTM Dating Network. Just created it last March and have over 500 members.

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