FTM Packers

The Packer Showdown

TransGuys.com’s inaugural product review takes an in-depth look at three different FTM packers: The Packy by Fleshlight, Mr. Right by Vixen Creations, and David by Lola.Jake.

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The Cliks CD Giveaway

TransGuys.com is giving away three copies of Dirty King by The Cliks! Winners also get an 8×10 autographed glossy of Lucas Silveira!

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Top Surgery Show & Tell

Join this collaborative showcase of FTM post-op chests! Create a video that’s 20 seconds or less and say 1) how long you are post-op, 2) what procedure you had, 3) who your surgeon was, and 4) how much your surgery cost. Post it as a Video Response!

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