FTM Trans History Time Line

This time line features key historical events involving FTM transgender and transsexual people. It is by no means complete, and is lacking in non-American content, but the time line is intended to grow over time with user contributions.

To suggest a time line event, please leave a comment below with full details, including dates.

Note: The time line takes a bit of time to load, please be patient.


  • Rock Jocelyn says:

    I was born female in 1963 and after women won the right to play baseball in Little League Baseball through Title IX in 1974, I played in 1975 on the Boston Red Sox little League in Coventry Rhode Island. I began my transition in 1996 with my legal name change in 2000 and relocation from the east coast to California a week to the day after 911. I’ve raised 3 children and have 2 grandchildren that I am Papa too.

    I transitioned at Contra Costa ARC as a Program Coordinator for adults with developmental disabilities. At the same time I transitioned I also worked as a drug and alcohol counselor at REACH Project Inc. I was the first transgendered person that had ever worked at either agency. I’ve been a drug and alcohol counselor since 2003 and worked with ARC for over 10 years.

  • lee says:

    Diego Sanchez- Barney Frank’s aide first out transgender Capitol Hill staffer

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