Finding Community Online Part 1: Twitter

There’s no disputing the positive influence the Internet has in disseminating essential information out to population groups such as transgender people. Social media websites make it possible to connect with others in meaningful ways regardless of geographic location, giving today’s trans-questioning and transitioning folks a distinct advantage over those who came before.

Twitter is just one place online where you’ll find an active and passionate LGTBQI community, and it’s well-worth plugging into. Assembled below are links to lists of Twitter users that have been hand-picked for your interest. Click the link to view the list members. You can bulk-follow these users on Twitter from the resulting page. These lists are regularly updated.

tweepml24 FTM

tweepml24 Conferences

tweepml24 LGBTQI

tweepml24 Bands, Musicians

tweepml24 Superheroes

tweepml24 Trans

tweepml24 Writers

tweepml24 Bloggers

tweepml24 Sex-Positive

tweepml24 Toy Stores


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