Comments Policy

For the purposes of clarity, here’s where stands on commenting:

Please add comments! Comments add to our group knowledge. If you feel the urge to comment, please feel free to have you say.

You are encouraged to include relevant links in your comments. These add to the conversation and are useful to other readers. On the other hand, if you leave a comment with a link in it that has no relevance to the post you’re commenting on, your contribution could be be deleted.

Signatures in comments are not allowed. The comment form allows you to include a single link with your name, and that should be enough of a signature.

Hateful comments will be removed without response. Freedom of speech is not an absolute right and should be exercised with responsibility. Freedom of opinion remains an absolute freedom without restriction, but the right to express such opinions must occur within the limits and boundaries enunciated by law (and compassion.)

Before you comment, please pause and consider the value you are adding (or not adding) to, as well as to your own online reputation. As a permanent record of who you are and what you stand for, your comments have the ability to influence your online reputation, whether positively or negatively.

Fraud will not be tolerated. Fraudulent comments will be removed without notice and fraudulent commentators will be banned.

Vendors and manufacturers of products that target our audience are not permitted to use the site’s comments system to influence public opinion about their competitors. We will expose vendors and manufacturers who attempt to use comment marketing in this manner, whether they have directly posted the comments themselves or have asked or hired product evangelists or marketing companies to post comments.

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