FTM Packers & STP Packers

Cyberskin FTM Packers – Soft Packs

Cyberskin packers, also known as “softies,” are the most affordable packers on the market and are a great starting point for anyone new to packing. Cyberskin is very soft and malleable and as a result Cyberskin packers tend to have a shorter life span than the more durable silicone packers. Cyberskin is also very sticky feeling and these packers need to be dusted with potato starch or a similar “packer dust” to feel comfortable next to skin. In terms of coloring and shape, Cyberskin packers lack realism. Nevertheless, when it comes to bang for your buck it’s hard to go wrong with a Cyberskin packer.

Mr. Limpy Packer
Mr. Limpy – The Original Soft Packer!
3.5″, 5″, 6.5″ and 8.5″ lengths, all with 4″ girth. Starting at just $12.95 USD. Now available in Pink, Fleshtone and Caramel colors.
Mr. Limpy / Packy review.
Masho Packer
MASHO Realistic Soft Pack

Featuring a natural shaft hang and round-backed balls, MASHO takes budget packing to the next level. Length 4″, shaft width 1.25″. Available in 3 levels of firmness. $15.99 USD.
Packer Gear Packers
NEW! Packer Gear Packers
Affordale packer made from ultra life-like “Pure Skin” material, with good detailing.
Buy medium 4″ or large 5″. Vanilla only. Starting at 9.70 – $10.19 USD.
Sailor Soft Pack FTM Packer
Back in Stock! Sailor Soft Pack
4″ or 5″ long with 1 3/8″ diameter. Vanilla, caramel or coffee. Starting at $24 USD.
Sailor Soft Pack Review.

Silicone FTM Packers

For a bigger, bolder bulge go for silicone! Silicone packers are bigger, heavier and more sculpted than Cyberskin packers. You can expect more realism (including foreskin!) They’re more expensive, but they also have a longer life span. In fact, if you take care of it you may never need to buy another packer again!

Archer Packer by New York Toy Collective
Archer Packer

A super soft silicone packer featuring 85 realistic skin folds and asymmetrical realism. Expect 6 months of regular use. Length 5.25″, width at maximum point 2″, weight 6.7 oz. $56 USD.
Pierre Packer - New York Toy Collective
Pierre Packer – Uncut!

The most affordable uncircumcised silicone packer on the market! Available in 4 colors. Length 5.25″, width at maximum point 2″, weight 6.7 oz. $56 USD.
packers-mrrightBack in Stock! Mr. Right by Vixen Creations
Made of long-lasting, realistically textured VixSkin silicone, 5″ long x 1-1/4″ diameter. $60 USD.
Mr. Right packer review.
Private Packer
Out of Stock: Good Vibrations Private Silicone Packer

The Private Packer has a firm feel and shape with a veined shaft and round-backed, textured balls. The elongated lip at the base of the shaft helps maintain proper positioning. 5″ x 1 3/8″. $40 USD.

STP Packers

For a bulge plus stand-to-pee functionality, check out these STP packers. They’re made from high quality, durable silicone and feature a large receptacle for easy, leak-free use.

STP Packer
$5 Off!
Realistic Silicone STP

From Number One Laboratory/FormFunction. Length 6″, Cup Length 3″, Cup Width 1.5″. Colors: Peach, Olive, Caramel, Chocolate, Coffee. Made in the U.S.A. $55 USD. $50 USD.
Model A STP & Model D STP
Back In Stock!
Model A STP & Model D STP

From Number One Laboratory/FormFunction. Realistic STP Packers with round-backed balls that hang down and painted glans. Sturdy and easy to use. Model D: 4 1/2″. Model A (large): 5 1/2″, cup length 3″. Vanilla, Caramel, or Coffee. $78-$84 USD. Can be worn with the Slingshot STP Harness.
NEW! Sam STP Packer
Sam STP Packer

A semi-realistic stand-to-pee packer that can be worn in snug underwear like briefs or boxer briefs. Made of firm but flexible silicone and available in Caramel, Chocolate and Vanilla colors. $75 USD.

TransGuys.com has provided information about FTM packers, STP packers, FTM prosthetics, packing underwear, packing harnesses and straps since 2009. Read our reviews of Mr. Limpy (aka Packy), Good Vibrations Sailor Soft Pack, Mr. Right by Vixen Creations, Lola.Jake packers, Happy Valley Pack-Man.

For ftm pack-n-play / hard packers for sex play, see TransGuys.TV (adults only, NSFW.)

New to packing? “Packing” refers to using a means to create a male-looking bulge your the crotch. There are several ways to accomplish this, from home made pant stuffers, affordable FTM packers (aka packy, Mr. Soft, Mr. Softie, Mr. Softee, etc.), STP packers, and more expensive dual use “pack and play” penis prosthetics. Packers can be worn by simply being placed in snug underwear, or with specialized packing underwear or packing straps and harnesses. For many trans men, packing is a daily practice, while others only pack some of the time, or don’t pack at all.