Curated videos created by and made for trans men.

FTM Transgender Jamaica

Trans Men: Back to Jamaica

BBC Newsbeat follows two transgender friends on a life changing journey to one of the most transphobic countries in the world. Steffan and Romario, both now living in the UK, travel back to Jamaica to reveal their new identities to their families.

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Transition Through the World

Transition Through The World

Ever wondered what it’s like to transition in different countries around the world? Or, have you longed to see more videos on YouTube from trans vloggers who live in the same country as you? Check out Transition Through The World.

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Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort – Full Movie

Southern Comfort is a feature-length documentary about the final year of Robert Eads’ life, his battle against ovarian cancer and prejudice, and his short love affair with Lola, a trans woman.

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FTM Transgender History

This video introduction to FTM transgender history features Joseph Lobdell, Jack Bee Garland, Dr. Alan Hart, Reed Erickson, Billy Tipton, Michael Dillon, Robert Eads and Lou Sullivan.

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