Trans Men: Back to Jamaica

FTM Transgender Jamaica

BBC Newsbeat follows two transgender friends on a life changing journey to one of the most transphobic countries in the world. Steffan and Romario, both now living in the UK, travel back to Jamaica to reveal their new identities to their families.

Watch now to learn more about what it’s like being a Jamaican man of transgender experience.

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What advice would you give to transgender men and women living Jamaica and the wider Caribbean?
You are not alone in your strife. There are many others like you who face similar struggles. Find or build a support system if you can, even if it consists only of online interaction. Isolation is dangerous and having a support system will vastly improve your mental and emotional health. Also, in whatever you do, stay safe. We all desire full self-expression but be mindful of your social context. Visibility is important but please remain as safe as you possibly can.

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