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For many transgender men, being able to stand to pee (STP) is an important rite of passage that can help relieve some of the emotional and physical discomfort of being trans. Adopting this socialized male behavior can be liberating and make one feel more whole and complete.

Of course it’s certainly acceptable to opt for a stall instead of the urinal, and lots of cis gender men sit to pee, especially at home. However, they have the option of whipping it out at a urinal when the need arises. The simple fact is that not all men’s rooms have a suitable stall. You’ll often find it in a sorry state of disrepair, with the door precariously hanging off a single hinge, or worse, no door at all. This can be extremely distressing for the trans man who doesn’t STP.

Content ©  2010 Getty Images All rights reserved.Thankfully, there’s a wide range of products that trans men can use to STP. These range from do-it-yourself solutions that cost nothing to more elaborate pack ‘n’ pee prosthetics. This is a fairly individualized art and learning to STP usually requires a little training at home and sometimes trying out several STP devices before you find one that gets the job done.

There are a few downsides to trans male STPing, such as the expense of buying STP devices, jockstraps, sock jocks, suspensories and other harnesses, having to keep your STP device clean and preventing urinary tract infections, and for some, switching to briefs. Also, depending on physiology, skill and focus, STPing can be unhygienic. Don’t believe it? Just ask the Mothers Against Peeing Standing Up whose mandate is to “prevent unnecessary urine stream fragmentation.”

So, why do men STP anyway?

Well, squatting in a urinal would surely get some looks!

There’s a Baptist Pastor who claims that men in the Bible are specifically identified as people “who pisseth against the wall,” distinguishing them from women. It’s dictated by scripture people: STP is a god-given right!

Even though many cis gender men sit, and the men’s room is not a particularly discriminating venue, there’s a certain segment of society that thinks sitting to pee is effeminate and not what “real men” do. In Standing While You Pee: The Last Bastion of Masculinity? Klaus Schwerma asks,

Is standing-while-peeing an act of masculine identification, a symbolic exercise of power, an exercise of patriarchal power against women, a demonstration of the claims of masculinity and (phallic) male fantasies? Is standing while you pee an expression of masculinity?

Feminists have weighed in on the subject of STP too. Ten years ago, women in Sweden, Germany and Australia pushed to have all urinals removed from public restrooms. This was due in part to concerns about hygiene but “more crucially because a man standing up to urinate is deemed to be triumphing in his masculinity, and by extension, degrading women.” Oy!

Unraveling the ties between STP, masculinity and feminism is outside the scope of this article though, so let’s proceed.

How to STP

Perhaps the first place to start is seeing if you can STP without a device. Nathaniel of has preserved a helpful brochure on the subject. Check it out here: How to Pee Standing Up.

Learning to STP with a device takes some practice, and it’s a good idea to master the technique before strutting up to a public urinal. Start by practicing in the shower or while standing in your bathtub. When you’re leak-free and confident, move your training to the toilet. For those who aren’t using an STP packer, think about how you will carry your device, how you will discreetly setup with it, and how you will clean it when you’re done. Be patient. As vlogger and blogger charlesasher explains, learning to STP can be frustrating.

STP Devices

Copyright Joshua Riverdale, 2008.DIY STP Devices

The “Coffee Lid” STP is a free, simple and convenient solution. Simply take a large plastic coffee can lid or equivalent (ie. lids from yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.) and trim the edges off so that you’re left with a flat disk. For smoother edges and more comfort, you can sand the edges with fine grain sandpaper. When you’re ready to use it, roll it into a funnel and simply pee through it. Urine will bead up on the plastic so a vigorous shake will render the disk dry enough to slip it into your back pocket. Free, simple, convenient, though not entirely urinal friendly and perhaps better suited to STPing in a stall.

The Medicine Spoon is a cheap and effective plastic device you can buy at any pharmacy. You’ll find several designs with different sized spoons and tubes and varying plastics, but they all work the same way. You pee into the spoon end. Cut the other end off to provide a hole for the stream. The Medicine Spoon is small enough to fit into your pocket, cheap and is the basis for most STP packer designs, meaning: master the spoon and you’ll master most STP packers.

If you’re good with your hands, consider making your own STP packer. You’ll find complete instructions and helpful tips in the video Make an Ee-zee Pee-zee STP Packer as well as Charles’ Take on STP Devices:

Buy FTM Packers Online

Trans guys on YouTube have posted a ton of videos on DIY STP methods and designs using a variety of materials such as latex tubing, laboratory pipettes, and silicone baking sheets. Watch this Playlist of DIY STP videos for more details.

Also check out these guys’ pages for other DIY STP ideas:

  • Describes STPs made with medicine spoons, the Uspoon, TravelMate and Whizaway devices.
  • Simple and unique medicine dropper.

Commercially Available STP Devices

The Magic Cone is a disposable, biodegradable, waterproof cardboard cone that’s quite portable. 3 for $3.95 or 9 for $11. Note: The original merchant ( is now offline. You can still get the Magic Cone direct from the manufacturer.

The TravelMate is similar to a medicine spoon. This is a reusable, inexpensive and popular STP device that’s often used to make STP packers. Winner in the 2001 Medical Design Excellence Awards competition. $12.95 each.

The GoGirl
is an unfortunately named STP that’s very portable and inexpensive. The soft silicone does call for extra care during use to prevent leakage. $12.95

The SNEE-KEE is a reusable and portable plastic STP. Skin tones aren’t available yet. $12.95

There are a number of STP devices that work well and are easy to use but aren’t particularly portable. You can carry them in a knapsack, but not in your drawers. As such, they offer limited value to trans men. They’re included here for completeness, and also to help give you ideas about making your own devices.

Read a comparison review of the pStyle, Whiz Easy and GoGirl.

STP Packers


Copyright Michael Fitz, 2010.STP-Fitz is a new FTM-owned business based in the United States. After spending too much money on products that didn’t work and peeing on himself in public more times than he cares to remember, Michael Fitz started experimenting with various materials and designs in an effort to develop a device that would allow him to STP with confidence and in comfort. After seeing a video on YouTube where a vlogger suggested a baby bottle nipple instead of the coffee can lid STP, Michael bought a Good Vibrations “Sailor” Soft Pack, some tubing, and various baby bottle nipples and started playing around until he arrived at his final design. The baby bottle nipple STP-Fitz is his flagship product and there’s nothing else like it on the market. He also makes STP packers with medicine spoons and his products are available in 4” and 5” sizes, in vanilla, latte or chocolate colors. Prices range from $45 – $65. US domestic and International shipping cost is a flat rate of just $8.

Profits from the sale of STP-Fitz products presently go toward Michael’s top surgery fund. He plans to grow the business beyond his own needs and hopes to help fund other guys’ surgeries as well. In Michael’s words, “The transgender community, in my experience, doesn’t have a lot of ‘throwaway money,’ and in this economy I see so many of us struggling to put food on our tables and keep a roof over our heads. It bothers me that I can’t do anything to help…yet. Through STP-Fitz however, I hope to be able to assist in funding other transgender people’s surgeries.”

With STP-Fitz, you can STP with confidence and can pack all day in total comfort. Plus, buying from STP-Fitz is a win-win situation: You get one of the most innovative STP packers ever made, and you help Michael reach his goals of surgery for himself and other trans folks. Check out his full line of STP packers at

 Realistic Silicone STP by Number One LaboratoryNew! The Realistic Silicone STP by Number One Laboratory is made from a single piece of silicone that’s both durable and pliable and results in a lightweight, comfortable STP device. The realistic design enables stealthy use of urinals. $58

Want a FREE Number One STP? Enter to WIN by June 15, 2013!

Stand to Pee by Home Grown is a medicine spoon with latex tubing that will fit into your packer. It’s not clear on the website but it appears that the packer is not included. Ships from Australia. $30.

FTM STUD is another STP packer design that comes in two dick sizes, as well as three varying sizes for the spoon. Unlike other similar STP packers, the FTM STUD’s spoon is coated with a special rubber coating for comfort. The FTM STUD uses latex tubing for a softer appearance to your package. $40 – $45.

Pee3 by DJ Knows Dick is a popular STP packer that features a medicine spoon, tubing and packer. $35 – $65

Man-go Pack n Pee Prosthesis is another STP packer with a unique spoon shape, tubing and packer. $69.95 – $74.95

STP Packer Reviews


Whether or not one STPs is certainly no measure of the man, but for those who want to, or find themselves in situations where they have little choice, the wide range of STP devices available can help solve the logistical problems while also alleviating some of the anxiety that many guys feel around public bathrooms.

We’d love to hear from you if you have suggestions for STP designs or techniques, comments on the devices you’ve tried, and especially if you’re aware of more International options for buying STP devices and STP packers. Please leave us a comment below!

Further Reading

Unless otherwise noted, all prices are in USD. Convert to your currency with


  • Oscar says:

    Joshua! “GoDude!” Your articles are ALWAYS so thorough and well-researched.

    I def resonant feelings of STPing being a rite of passage. It was extremely important to me to be able to do so, if even just once or twice. But I think it was so important for me to do so because I wanted to assert my male-identity in that all-male space. And when I first started T, I wouldn’t pass all the time. STPing put that question of my gender out of people’s minds. “He must be a dude. He’s peeing in a urinal!”

    But now that I have all of those secondary masculine characteristics — facial hair, deep voice, etc etc — I don’t feel the huge urge to STP. Not being able to do so easily and naturally creates some dysphoria for me. But so does sitting.

    Ehh — the life of a transman.

    However, I’ve been wanting to try the Go Girl and have seen them at a bunch of Pride’s this summer.

  • Michael Fitz says:

    Nicely done, Joshua. 🙂

  • Jayke says:

    Michael, Go dude! Michael is doing great things for the FTM community with nipple STP’s. I’ve heard great stuff from guys using it.

    Thanks for updating!

  • Jayce says:

    Go Dude! Loved the article and found it very informative. Thanks!

  • Austin says:

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  • Devin says:

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  • Derrick W. says:

    Fellas, great article and products! Go, Dude is not nearly enough to say to thank y’all for getting this information out to the masses and give all of us some possibilities for being true to ourselves. Cheers!

  • Adrian says:

    Go Dude! Great article, man. I love running into these kinds of straight up, informative, concise resources online.

  • PunchandJudy says:

    “GoDude!” – I am finally making my move, so to speak. Thanks to the reviews and resources on this site, just ordered the Mr. Limpy packer and a 3 pack of Travelmates. I went with the limpy because I want to start off small to get comfortable. I saw a great video on Youtube of a British FTM converting a Mr. Limpy into an STP – you should check it out. I hope I win the contest!!!

  • Phoenix says:

    GoDude! I haven’t yet invested in one of these but can see the many advantages…for one, getting in and out of the washroom in record time.

  • GoDude!

    Thanks for encapsulating years of trial and error, experimenting and invention. At my age its a relief to have a sit on the man-throne and being a non-smoker it can also be my only excuse for extra breaks, but to all those who feel a need to STP… GoDude!

  • Nicholas says:

    Go dude! Thank you for this extensive article. You’ve really put my mind at ease about STP and gotten me interested in giving it another go.

  • Nick says:

    I am the owner of Gear Guy Gear. The FTM STUD is going to be returning Week of July 19, 2010. Supplies are being gathered now. As always, I offer 3 receptacle lengths that are geared towards Transguys of different stature and weight.

    Prices (not changing from beginning – Money Order/Cashier Check)

    $35 for the 3.5″ Flesh tone
    $45 for the 5.5″ Flesh tone

    For those who have latex allergies, I have alternate tubing but still the smaller bore 3/8 OD/1/4 ID, not the monster tubing the others use. All latex tubing swells after prolonged contact with soft packer material. With larger bore, this can cause a semi-erection and makes your STP more visible, which is not good when you are at work, church or public where decency is required of you.

    Last, you have the option to buy one FTM Cock Strap ($5 w/purch then $10 for ea. after) and FTM Cock Sock ($8 w/purch then $12 for ea. after) at a discounted rate when purchased with the FTM STUD with any added at regular price, which is pretty low anyway.

    I hope this helps the guys on this site better understand the items I make.

    The Gear Guy

    PS: I recommend the owner of this site putting up the same warning I will have and Hudson @, has under the Mango link. Countless Transmen have never gotten what they paid for and no emails from any of them have ever been answered. The owner will not answer you for any reason.

    I have saved all emails I have received from people who are out a lot of money (some hundreds of dollars) who now have an FTM STUD. I also have a personal friend who purchased his Mango in September 2008 [yes, 2008] and has yet to get it, get a refund or hear a word from the Mango maker, Brett L. PhD

    Just an FYI, when you order anything from me and provide your cell number, allowing texts from me, I keep you updated on the progress of your order, which means, you have my cell number.

  • I just bought materials to make an STP, I mastered just the spoon a while back but had problems with the length of it in my hand. Going to cut the spoon in half and attach neoprene tubing to the end so I can bend it in half to conceal it. I am super excited to try it.


  • Euan says:

    I would like to try one if I have the extra cash in my pocket 🙂


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    GODUDE!!!!! you guys rock for doing this. major props!!! 😀

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    Go Dude this is a great option thanks!

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    Alot of prostetics are wonderful, but most of them lack the ability for STP. It’s annoying. Somebody make one that’s inexpensive! Godude!

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  • stevienix says:

    nicely done ..tried a few of my own inventions ..half teh fun in getting it right

  • Aryn says:

    Standing to pee is the right of passage I have not yet experienced due to fear and anxiety. Having a more reliable product than what I have tried in the past would immensely curb my dysphoria that arises when I am in the space of a men only restroom. This looks to be a great product! GoDude!

  • Gabe says:

    I remember as a kid I used to think it was SO funny reciting the alphabet and leaving the letter P out, then when asked “where’s the P?” i’d say “running down my leg!”
    yeah…not so funny now I’m an adult 🙂
    Australia needs these kinda resources like “GoDude”
    International shipping and money conversion is a real pain in my hairy T bum.

  • Julien says:

    Good to know – we made our own, with mixed results. Time to look for one that’s a little less leak-friendly. GoDude!

  • Samuel Clarke says:

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    GoDude!! Thanks for the info and for the give-away. I have been looking for something that works that is more compact than the P-style. I currently use the P-style at home and use a stall and sit when in public.

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    “Go Dude!” I just started therapy for transitioning about a month ago. This was really helpful thanks guys!

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    i wanna stand to pee too D:

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    “Go Dude!”
    I remember when I was little I almost had it mastered to pee standing up but my parents weren’t too happy about that. Seems I need to step up my game again via STP. Haha

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    GoDude! hey I am a new out FTM and do not have the courage to use the mens washroom but i have heard good things about this.

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  • Eli says:

    I’ve used the Travel Mate – it works pretty well, but I have to wear boxers make sure I can use it comfortably and quickly. I just took a 16 hour car ride and eventually gave up on it altogether, though – it just takes a lot of time and messing around to get to it. Still looking into other STP’s.

    Go dude!!

  • Chris says:


    Thanks for writing up on this. For the longest time I wasn’t comfortable with even attempting to use a STP device because the thought of possibly getting piss all over me was somewhat…annoying. To know that there are other STP devices out there is awesome! Thanks again!

  • Ashton Riley says:

    GO DUDE!!! Great article, I learned a lot more from it than i had already known. I think that the STP devices are really helpful in assisting us guys with working into our right of passage (standing to pee). Thanks 🙂

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  • baracudaboy says:

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  • Aikio says:

    Go dude-s! Great article. Nice to see all the info, reviews, links and advice in one place.

    If you want to stand and pee then you have to try stuff till you find what works for you.

    This year I gave a class on DIY stp packers. Sourcing the supplies was a challenge.

    The right size of Latex tubing is becoming harder to get at my local, medical supplier. So are spoons. Most pharmacies will give you free samples. All you need is the time and tools to cut and sand them. Not all spoons fit the tubing.

    I bought some replacement plumbing from Djknowsdick. (He makes a great product. He’s been doing it for a long time. My first stp packer is one of his. He’s helpful and reliable. Plus his prices are awesome.)

    note: one trick is to use some plumber’s or medical tape to secure the spoon onto the tubing. This prevents pop-offs.
    Always make sure your hookup is tight before you whizz.

    Finding the right packer to modify is another challenge. Any dildo can be made into a STP – but read some articles on why that $100, hard silicone, 9 inch, purple glitter, sex toy may not be your best choice at the company urinal.

    Ok so what to buy? When starting out or budget minded, for 15 bucks Mr Limpy is the most affordable choice. Has four sizes but it’s only available in pink. Ugh. Plus it gets grungy real fast. It’s super easy to plumb and it will fade to a greyish color. Fine for practice and stall use.

    Personally i care about the color and feel of my packer. So do a lot of my POC pals.

    Mr Right does come in 3 colors- some like em and some really don’t. At 50 bucks,they ain’t cheap either.

    My newly found, favorites are GV Soft Packs. Feel good, fit good, look good and they got the colors right. They’re truely awesome and amazingly priced! $24-28.

    Only a few places have them. Early To Rise has the best prices and selection. They are great at keeping stuff in stock or getting what you need. Their shipping is fast. The staff is awesome!

    I ordered some GV packers for me, my friends and the workshop participants.

    We plumbed them with either the Dj spoon tubes or the ones i made from tubing and baby bottle nipples.

    Note: Don’t get slow flow nipples or the kind with air holes. Buy fast flow, silicone ones. In both small and large sizes. You’ll need to try both. Maybe buy with friends as they come in multi-packs.

    Came across that idea from a guy who taught me a better method of plumbing. He said to use very small, silicone baking funnels. I was unable to find any. Seems they don’t make them anymore. The nipples have worked better than spoons for some folks.

    More about the GV Soft Pack. It’s mostly cyberskin. It has a small core of regular silicone. If tampered with it breaks up, into small little pieces that get everywhere and stick to the dick. In class we found out what a mess it makes when you plumb it.

    Save yourself the mess and hassle- get a pre-plumbed Gv (it’s a Stp-Fitz) from Early to Rise.

  • Max says:

    God, this would make my life so much easier… Go, Dude!

  • STP-Fitz says:

    The Fleshtone can also be found at: as well as

    The Tool Shed carries the stp versions of these as well as stp version of GV’s “Sailor” packer.

  • Danny says:

    I finally made my own out of a regular packer and some tubing and a baby nipple. It was cheaper that way cuz I got the packer on clearance. All you do to get the hole through it is heat a screw driver tip jabs right through. The tubing is fish tank air tubing cheap and effective and then the nipple at the top which I put water proof silicone to hold it together it is now awesome!

  • Nick says:

    Thanks for mentioning my FTM STUD. I now offer several receptacles, different types of tubing, including Silcone for those with latex allergies and two colors!

    FTM STUD colors and lengths:
    The 3.5″ FTM STUD (the average size of the flaccid male penis for men up to 6 feet tall – this is based on actual studies.) Colors: Flesh Tone & Caramel (Pretty much the color of its namesake.)

    The 5.5″ FTM STUD (the average size of the flaccid male penis for men over 6 feet tall and great for very heavy guys with extra pubic bone padding, NOT recommended for anyone who wears XS or Small underwear, under at least 5’10 or very thin – you will look like you have a hard-on.) Colors: Flesh Tone & Caramel.

    The Receptacle choices as of 2011:
    100% Silicone Nipple/Cup in 3 sizes: Standard Width Clear with regular depth bowl, Standard Width Green with shallow bowl, Small Width Clear for very small guys and very experienced guys. (An FYI from the make your own guide above regarding the nipple receptacle: The flow doesn’t matter – the end that has the flow opening, where the infant sucks fluid or cereal out of the end of the nipple, is cut off. Just make sure you buy the wide nipple – again, flow does not matter.)

    New Medium: This is the medicine spoon found in most drug store chains. It’s great for beginners or anyone else.

    The Big Guy: This medicine spoon is hard to find but has a wider bowl. (If anyone reading this remembers the first guy who posted a how to make an STP from the late 90’s, FriffBoy, it was the one he used.) Great for bigger guys and beginners. The aforementioned with the special coating known as the Slim-Line Receptacle.

    Available in 3 lengths: This is a smaller 3/4″ width slender round medicine spoon. (Very hard to find). It starts out clear. I cut into 3 different set lengths. For those who have used it before and need a custom length, I will cut into any length under the max length. After cutting, beveling the cut end, sanding then inserting 2 step down vinyl stems to accommodate the tubing width, the entire length of each is dipped into a thick rubber coating that, when dry, is inert (safe.)

    The Tubing: Regular Latex, Sulfur-Free Latex, Low Protein Latex for minimal latex allergies. 100% FDA approved Silicone for those with moderate to severe latex allergies.

    Extras: Any holder I make is offered at a deep discount when ordered with the FTM STUD. This discount applies to the first holder ordered at the time. All extras are at regular price

    New in March 2011: Cleaning brushes in just the right length and width for each receptacle I offer.

  • beck says:

    question: the fritz, are you walking around with the packer and tube on or are you carrying the tube and having to go through taking the tube out of your pocket, pulling your pants down and then sticking the tube in to stp? im just wondering how it all works because when you walk up to a stall you can’t be messing with a tube and removing the packer. I’m sorry I’m uneducated on stps, never had one, never seen one. I would like to wear packer/stp that I can just unzip and go. please help.

  • Noah Gingras says:

    GoDude! 😀
    I read the whole article and enjoyed every bit of it. I’ve always wanted an STP (secretly) but I can’t afford one (same goes for binders) due to having no job, so it’s hard. Although, I manage to TRY and pass when I’m out in public. Anyways, love what you’re doing. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • jon says:

    I’m puzzled as to why this guide to STP provides a link to a “misandry” website full of women/feminist hating idiots. Anyone care to answer?

  • Jessica says:

    I’m not a ftm, just a curious girl trying to learn more about the transgender community. This was very informative.

  • Gendercloud says:

    While I’m not personally invested in the need to STP, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to anything you see on the MAPSU website – their response to someone advocating women S-ingTP was this:

    “MAPSU Responce: This isn’t exactly a counter point. While there is some value in being able to pee standing up in such situations where there is no toilet, this is pretty useless. I think that women should spend their idle energy thinking about how to better fulfill male sexual needs, not trying to learn now to urinate standing”

    I don’t know what their opinion would be on transguys who want to pee standing up. Maybe they think there’s no such thing…

    Gendercloud – eagerly awaiting my first soft packer!

  • DylanWikifoo says:

    For anyone interested in a very reliable variation on all of the above, I’ve been making and selling my own design to help me save for much needed revision surgery. Visit my website for more information or visit my YouTube channel and look at my most recent STP video =)

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  • Miki says:

    Hey! I’ve experimented with an STP made of a water bottle. It’s really not that good, though it was an ok ‘first home made’ STP. Do you have any websites to recommend buying medicine spoons and latex tubing? This site is great!

  • weston says:


  • den says:

    Hey all
    Jumping in here late with STP info. As Joshua has mentioned my gear in the Great Packing roundup, carries 5 different types of STP;s, as well as non packing STP’s for those who want to try out a style before plunking down $40+ for the packing STP. I also have a variety of harnesses that hold your STP doubling as a packer harness as well. Our new RingMaster is IMHO the best harness out there for both packing and STP, and it’s the best seller out in the community as well. Check out what we have and I am more than happy to answer any questions about the styles and differences. Just ping me at

  • Jay says:

    Do you guys know anything about this site that says they’re making a prosthetic stp and everything all in one for $229. I think it’s a scam. Please let me know. I’m pretty sure its fraud.

  • Joshua says:

    @Jay Since you think it’s a scam, I removed the link to the website. The website’s domain name has a faked registration, so yeah, this doesn’t seem very legit.

  • What a GREAT article! I’m sharing it all over the place! Oh and . . . “GoDude!” You know I want a GoGirl! 😉

  • Elias Aleczander Ferdinand says:

    I think this product is absolutely fabulous. It’s difficult being pro-op and after looking into this I’ve been incredibly interested. The convenience and sense of being just “one of the guys” when out and about, is overwhelming. All I can say is “GoDude!”

  • Rachel says:

    I’m just looking for device I can use to pee standing so I don’t have to pull my pants down outside in the cold. Does the medicine spoon work well?
    Also, Go Girl should really make a flesh toned Go Dude STP as should all the companies that make pink,purple, and blue FUDs. As a female, I don’t care what color the device I might get will be. I’m just trying to not be freezing when I have to pee when I’m in the woods with no bathroom. I’m sure most other outdoorsy females are the same way so these companies should be more mindful and cater to trans-men’s needs or make a separate ftm product basically the same product but in more urinal friendly colors.
    There is another STP device called the SheWee which has good reviews on Amazon for $20 which might also be a good practice device for guys.

  • Rachel says:

    Doh! I just saw that the SheWee is listed.

  • Spenser says:

    Did not see FreeTom, EZP, or PeeCock listed here – are they US only?

  • Quite right, Spenser! This article is more than 5 years old and pre-dates FreeTom, EZP and a number of others. I’ll work on an update soon, and will also remove products that are no longer available.

  • dawn says:

    Have any trans guys experimented with standing to pee without a physical device? I have experimented with waterproof bandaids with and without a small tube style stp device, by taping from the bottom of my inner labia minora together from the bottom around to the top near the clit (not trying to offend pple so don’t hate, just trying to be clear) to get the appearance of a micropenis. I found it worked better without the tube because the tube would come out of place while moving around and was uncomfortable for sitting and bending. I’m considering experimenting with an amonia free latex body paint to seal over the area and wondered if any other people have tried anything like this. The reason I was trying to do this was to have a quicker easier and more comfortable way of being able to stand to pee. I don’t like to have a device in my pocket that i have to put in place each time, and wash, and it could fall out and be found by a coworker or housemate. I also haven’t found an stp that is comfortable to wear for long periods. Anyway I am just curious and hoping to hear from other people who have tried anything similar. I like to stand to pee but I don’t want to take significantly longer than it takes me to sit to pee which I can do very fast.

  • Jacob says:

    Am i right in thinking that the STP Packers can be used/worn as a normal packer but also double as something you can use to urinate with (then shake off and put away in your pants a.k.a like a guy would do if he was born male?)

  • Yes, that’s right Jacob, an STP packer is a packer that also has STP functionality. There are also plain STP devices, which can be used for STP but are not packers; they’re usually stored in your pocket.

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