The Packer Showdown, Part II

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Part II of’s Packer Showdown takes an in-depth look at two different FTM packers: the Sailor Soft Pack from Good Vibrations and the Pack-Man from Come As You Are.

With The Packer Showdown II, we didn’t set out to find a “Best in Show” FTM packer. Instead, we  looked at each of the packers’ pros and cons, and let you to decide what’s important for your needs.

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Sailor Soft Pack

Sailor Soft PackPreviously called the GV Soft Pack, the Sailor Soft Pack is sold by Good Vibrations. This popular FTM packer is made of Cyberskin, and comes in two sizes (4” x 1 3/8” and 5” x 1 3/8”) and three skin tones: (a pinkish) Vanilla, Caramel and Coffee. The shaft is slightly detailed, with a stiffer inner core. The Sailor Soft Pack is very flexible allowing you to pack however you like, and also making it unsuitable sex. It’s designed simply for use as a prosthetic packer. The head is quite small, with a slight indentation for the urethra. The Sailor Soft Pack’s rounded, creased scrotum is a bit lumpy looking, and completely flat-backed. It’s latex-free, and has a tacky texture that will require liberal powdering. The Sailor Soft Pack is lightweight and unfortunately unbalanced. The penis is too heavy for the balls, causing the penis to pull forward in every packing strap and harness tested. It’s durable enough for the price, but don’t be surprised if it rips within a year or two of regular use. It provides a realistic, medium-sized bulge.

As mentioned, the Sailor Soft Pack’s unbalanced weight was problematic when testing with packing straps and harnesses. It’s probably best used with packing underwear, especially those with a smaller, more snug pouch that can hold the packer in place.

The Sailor Soft Pack is a popular choice for converting to a STP device.

The Sailor Soft Pack is an economically priced FTM packer that’s similar to the Packy in materials but larger in size. Despite the unbalanced weight, it remains one of the most popular packers on the market, noted for its realistic bulge and natural feel.

Buy online: Good Vibes – $24 – $28 USD (2 sizes)

Win a Free Packer! has partnered with Good Vibrations and Come As You Are to giveaway two FTM packers. Enter to Win Now!


Pack-ManTemporarily named Mister No Name, Pack-Man is a silicone FTM packer made by Happy Valley and sold by Come As You Are, Canada’s co-operative sex store. Pack-Man is sized 3″ x 1 1/4″ and comes in Vanilla and Chocolate tones. The detailed shaft is stiffly positioned downward and unsuitable for packing up or to the side. CAYA lists Pack-Man as strap-on compatible but it’s not really because of the stiff downward angle. Like the Sailor Soft Pack, this is a prosthetic packer. The head is average-sized and slightly elongated, with a prominent urethra. Pack-Man features a rounded, creased scrotum and while it’s mostly flat-backed, there’s an inch or so at the bottom where the testicles are rounded at the back. It’s phthalate-free, and has a texture that isn’t very tacky, requiring only minimum powdering. Pack-Man is heavy, but with a balanced weight, and firm and durable. It provides a realistic bulge but one that may be on the small side for larger guys.

Pack-Man works with the Aslan harnesses, but it’s not a great fit: it’s a little small for the Aslan pouch. Pack-Man is best suited to the DIY Full Monty Packing Harness (with strong elastic to handle the weight) and DIY packing underwear, such as slightly modified Shock Jocks.

If you’re a do-it-yourself type, Pack-Man can be converted to a STP device.

Pack-Man is a great alternative to the Packy (aka Mr. Limpy) for those of use who prefer smaller packers but want something a little heavier and firmer than the Packy. Plus, it’s available in two skin tones where the Packy is only available in pink. Since it ships from Toronto, Pack-Man is also a nice choice for guys living in Canada. Priced at $40 CAD, Pack-Man is a welcome addition to the marketplace, filling in nicely when the Packy doesn’t suit your needs.

Buy online: Comes As You Are – $40 CAD

Big thanks to Good Vibrations and Come As You Are for providing these packers for review!

Other FTM Packers and Prosthetics:

Win a Free Packer! has partnered with Good Vibrations and Come As You Are to giveaway two FTM packers. Enter to Win Now!


  • abc says:

    What about the Masho?

  • Joshua says:

    Yes, the Masho looks like another nice alternative to Mr. Limpy. There are a couple of other packers I have my eye on too. Packer Showdown III is coming!

  • that guy says:

    ok so its been a few weeks and i had a minor setback with the sailor. um its ripping slightly where the shaft meets the balls.
    however i talked with GV and i got a brand new one.

    but for those who cant exchange i fixed mine very easily-
    so the rip occured as stated above and this was like tearing at the point where the shaft goes through the hole in my pete packwear jockstrap.
    i figured i gould add a glue or something to get it back together, but what type. had to not be hard epoxy or bulky. so i used a glue that can be found pretty much anywhere.
    SHOEGOO. is a rubber based glue to glue soles back to sneakers and rubber to rubber and whatever. i used to use it to glue foam latex together when i worked in movies.

    the fix- you need 1 tube shoegoo, 1 toothpick, rubber band.
    once you pop the seal on the goo tubeit will ooze out a little. take the toothpick and roll it inside the glue until you get a good drop (not alot! a little goes a long way with this stuff), and roll it onto the tear spot on your packer. be sure only to apply to the tear area. once done glueing, let the shaft fall naturally and place a rubber band around it to get the glue to adhere nicely.
    takes around 45 minutes to fully set.

    repack in your shorts and roll out like the stud you guys are!

  • Damien says:

    Im a 4”11 trans guy and ive looking for the right packer for the last 3 years. I tried mr right, GV sailor, mr limpy and did not work for me. I received the masho and fell in love with it. It is not too big. Shaft is the same as the small limpy but smaller balls and in 3D. Id say it is the perfect packer for small guys. ive always had problems because i felt that those where too big for my body but not the masho. Id say that if you order it, take the ”firm” because it really isnt that firm. it’s between thelimpy and sailor.
    So yeah im very happy with that one and I highly recommend it to small FtM

  • Fleuve says:

    There is a new sex toy company called New York Toy Collective. They created two silicone pack and play cocks (the Shilo and the longer Mason, both with a bendable/posable rod inside and double-density silicone), as well as two silicone soft packers (Archer and Pierre : circumcised and uncut). All cocks come in four skin tones (and a few “fierce” colors for the Shilo too). (Plus an interesting innovation : separate balls called the “Love Bump” (on a sort of cock-ring with a bullet vibrator) to add to their pack-and-plays, or any other silicone strap-on of similar diameter.)
    I wonder if anyone at Transguys has tried one of their products?
    No one online has ever reviewed the NYTC packers yet, which is a shame because they seem more compact / discreet than most (very important for me), are very realistic, mid-price range (55 bucks), and Pierre is (as far as i know) the only uncut packer available on the market.
    (I am not advertising for them : i’m just a young broke trans guy who would like to find reviews of those interesting products before splurging on them myself.)
    Thanks for this overall very informative website!

  • We haven’t gotten our hands on any of the NYTC packers yet but plan to!

  • Jay Kalel says:

    What’s terrible and that I have noticed is how people are taking advantage of Trans people charging hundreds to buy packers when the cost to produce is really not that expensive. They know how much they want these products so they shot the prices right up . They are not made to your design they are made in bulk just in different colors . It’s a shame that its just about money to them when it’s actually real lives they are effecting .

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