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STP Packer Giveaway: Number One STP Sponsored by FTM Essentials

Posted on May 29, 2013 by

UPDATE: Congratulations Edward! Your entry was randomly selected and you won a Number One STP! We’ll be in touch via email to get your mailing address. is pleased to partner with FTM Essentials to offer a giveaway contest featuring the Number One STP. One lucky winner will receive one of these premium silicone STP devices from FTM Essentials!

Number One STP DeviceWant to win? Keep reading!

The Number One STP is made from a single piece of durable, bendable silicone. Lightweight and comfortable, the Number One STP’s realistic design makes it urinal-friendly.


  • Total Length: 6 inches (15.2 cm), Cup Length: 3″ (7.6 cm), Cup Width: 1.5″ (3.8 cm)
  • Colors: Peach, Olive, Caramel, Chocolate, Coffee
  • Materials: 100% high quality Platinum Silicone
  • Retail Price: $59.00 USD. Made in the U.S.A.

FTM EssentialsAbout FTM Essentials

FTM Essentials is a website where trans guys can buy packers, STP devices, packing straps and underwear, and binders. FTM Essentials is a subsidiary of Early to Bed, a feminist erotica shop in Chicago that has been serving the needs of the trans community since 2001.

How to Enter

Entering the contest is easy! There are two ways to enter:

  1. Leave a comment below that includes, “I’m Number One!”
  2. Reblog the contest post on Tumblr. (Make sure your contact info is clearly stated on your Tumblr page!)

Please note: Sorry, this contest is only open to residents of the U.S.A.

Good luck!

Contest Rules

Registration Deadline: June 15, 2013. Drawing will be held on or about June 17, 2013.
Prizes: One winner will receive one Number One STP.
Eligibility: Entries much be received between 9:00 am PST on May 29, 2013 and 11:59:59 p.m. PST June 15, 2013 (”Contest Period”). Maximum of two entries per person/email address, one via each contest entry method. Open to residents of the U.S.A. only.
Selection of Winner: Winner will be determined by a random draw conducted by on or about June 17, 2013 (from among eligible entries submitted during the Contest Period). Winner will be notified by e-mail on or about June 17, 2013. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received.

Ready to Enter? Add your comment below and/or head over to Tumblr and reblog this!

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138 Comment(s)

  1. Tay Says:


    I’m number one!

  2. E.A.D. Says:

    Having a stp would help with dysphoria greatly. Your site and tumblr are awesome. It’s heartening to see more ftm resources being available. I often don’t think it but I’m number one!

  3. Seth Says:

    This looks like an excellent addition to the STPs available!

  4. Anthony Doubek Says:

    Super cool! These are really interesting looking STPs, they look like they might work a lot better than some of the others on the market.
    I’m number one!!!

  5. Erik Says:

    This would be such a help not only image and dysphoria wise, but financially too. It’s expensive enough to transition, getting all the little things such as binders, packers, counseling, T… the list goes on and on just so you can begin to feel comfortable with yourself. Thanks for the opportunity! I am number one!

  6. Kyle Mournian Says:

    Dysphoria is my worst enemy, but in the end I always know I will be number one!

  7. Dare Says:

    Hopefully I’m Number One!

  8. Isar Says:

    I’m number one!

  9. sage phoenix Says:

    This would be awesome. I’m Number One!

  10. Jaden Says:

    I am number one! Need this so badly.

  11. Nico Says:

    I’m Number One!

  12. Aidenallover Says:

    This should help so much with Dysphoria. Despite lack of success with other stps, I’m sure I’m number one!!

  13. Seth Best Says:

    I am Number ONE!

  14. Aethan Seawright Says:


  15. jessica palguta Says:

    These are amazing!! Im looking at these and im lost for words lol… i want one it would make things alot better fir me because im number one!!!

  16. Sam Says:

    I’ve been through quite a lot the past year and have been struggling with finances in order to purchase an STP, but there’s no way I’m going to let that bring me down because, I’m Number One!

  17. jessica palguta Says:

    Ps i lost my job which kinda sucks becuase the money i had saved up for an stp i had to use but hey im still trucking because im number 1

  18. jEN Says:

    “I’m Number One!” and I can go number one with the STP :)

  19. James Says:

    I’m number one!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity guys :)

  20. Kriss Murray Says:

    I’m Number One!! And I need an STP!!

  21. sammy Says:

    i’m number one

  22. justin adkins Says:

    This STP looks awesome, Id love one!

  23. shannon Says:

    I’m number one

  24. Drew Beers Says:

    I’m Number One!

  25. Al Says:

    My dysphoria has been heightened again recently. I’m lucky to have a good support system who’s helped me see that I’m number one, whether or not I believe it at that moment!

  26. Alex Leyva Says:

    I am number one.

  27. Will Williams Says:

    I’m Number One!

  28. w Says:

    I’m number one.

  29. Maxton Says:

    I’m Number One!! I Neeeeeeed it,lol. Would help my life so much.

  30. pfan89 Says:

    I’m Number One!

  31. Kit Says:

    I’m number one!!

  32. Alex Fitch Says:

    This would be my very first STP. Even if I dont win, I know it will be going to someone that really needs it.



  33. Ra Sweitzer Says:

    You bet ur sweet buns I am number one!

  34. Rylie Says:

    I’m number one!!

  35. Ray Says:

    I have always believed in team effort. Sports, work, home with family, and so many more situations…I’m amazing at being part of something with any team, but little do they know, I am number one :)

  36. Gabriel Says:

    Best of luck to all of you. I hope I’m number one, but if I’m not, enjoy!

  37. Tyler Adin Says:

    Help a homeless brother out! After trying so hard to save up for an STP and then losing my job because of being trans which in turn made me lose my apartment, I could really use this for when using public restrooms or for when there aren’t any restrooms. I know I can pick up my pieces and rise above because I AM NUMBER ONE!!

  38. James CK Says:

    I’m number one! Awesome give away

  39. Emmett Says:

    I’m number one!

  40. cody Says:

    I am number one

  41. sam Says:

    i’m number one! :)

  42. Rae Says:

    I’m number one!

  43. Gavin Says:

    I’m Number One!

  44. Ryan Says:

    I’m number one!

  45. Skylar Says:

    I’m number one!

  46. Jude Says:

    I’m number one! I really hope this goes to someone who needs it.

  47. SysyCyana Says:

    I’m Number One! I’ve been looking for an STP and settled for this one, but I don’t have the money. It would mean the world to me if I won! This contest is a great idea for trans* men and others who identify as male who cannot afford the STP. Thank you so much for giving us all this opportunity!

  48. Nick Says:

    I’M NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!

  49. Kris Williamson Says:

    “I’m number one!” This would be great to help me feel more comfortable in the outside world. I can’t yet afford surgeries or amenities. Thank you for offering these things in your contests so I have a chance at obtaining them. Thank you for helping the community out.

  50. Robbi Says:

    I am number one!!!! Just like on Spongebob, Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen!!!

  51. Shane Cole Says:

    I’m number one!

  52. Johnny Ji Says:

    What a great looking STP packer. Good luck to all! I’m number one!

  53. Ray Person Says:

    I’m Number One!!

  54. Kizanth Anderson Says:

    I’m number one!

  55. Christian Todd Says:

    I’M NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think this is the best looking, comfortable looking, easy to conceal STP I’ve seen before.

  56. Mel Says:

    I’m Number One!

  57. Finn Says:

    I’m number one too!

  58. Sam Says:

    I’m number one!

  59. stephen Says:

    I’m Stephen and I’m Number One!!

  60. james Says:

    I’m number one!

  61. RJ Says:

    I am Number One. Where’s my treehouse?

  62. Jay Says:

    This looks great and the price is great!!! Having an STP that’s affordable is great and will help so many of us to feel better about ourselves when packing, too. I’m Number One!!!

  63. VarickT Says:

    Do want!

  64. shay Says:

    This would make life just one step easier…

  65. shay Says:

    I’m number one!!!

  66. Alistair Says:

    I’m Number One!

  67. mike stanley Says:

    I’d love to win the number one STP! I’m number one!

  68. Khayru Says:

    I’m number one and I need to go number one!

  69. Andrew Says:

    I’m Number One!

  70. Terrance Says:

    I’m number one!

  71. lucas j Says:

    I’m Number One!

  72. aaem Says:

    I’m number 1!

  73. nye hill Says:

    I’m number one :)

  74. Christopher T Lee (on FB) Says:


  75. Kaden Dennis Says:

    “Ftm Essentials Is Number One” and helps me to be Number One. “I’m Number One!”

  76. nick david mason Says:

    im number one!!!! i coudl totally use an stp right now

  77. Jay Page Says:

    Im number one!

  78. Andrew Says:

    I’m number 1!

  79. Mj Says:

    I’m number one

  80. Sonam Ben Says:

    50 years old, transitioning the way I can cuz I’m Number 1!

  81. Chloe Says:

    “I’m Number One!”

  82. Marek S Says:

    I’m Number One! with one of these funnel packer STP hybrids

  83. Jai Imhoff Says:

    One time, I came home and found my packer in pieces all over the living room floor with my roommates dog chillin on the couch; he looked up at me, panting with a big grin on his face and his tongue hanging out. I could have sworn I heard him growl within a bark, “I’m number one!” That dog has quite an ego and just made #1 on my hit list. After taking a moment to evaluate the situation I realized I couldn’t be mad, so I flopped onto the couch in a belly wrenching full of laughter while playing with my roommates dog. Lesson learned; never leave your packer lying around or your dog may use it as a chew toy. :/

  84. Jeremiah Says:

    I’m Number One!

  85. damien montoya Says:

    Hope to win, tired of sitting to take a leak.

    I’m number one!

  86. Kaden Says:

    This would make my life so much easier!!! I’m Number one!

  87. Johnny J. Says:

    if i win this every time i take a piss i will hold my index finger up in the air so anyone that’s watching will know i’m number one even if it’s just me i’m reminding

    it will be glorious

  88. Joe Says:

    I’m number one!
    After a lifetime of hiding who I am, I have finally been able to come out and be myself – so I now can honestly say, I AM NUMBER ONE!!
    I may be unemployed, broke, and verging on homeless, but I am STILL happier now than I ever was before!

  89. Zach Says:

    My name is Zach and I’m Number One!

  90. Noah Says:

    I’m Number One!

  91. Liam Gallagher Says:

    Just graduated college, and now I’m 6 months on T. I’m number one!

  92. Dylan Says:

    I’m number one! this is amazing!

  93. Jason DeRita Says:

    I’m number one!

  94. Corbin Says:

    Having an STP would greatly help me overcome my fear of public restrooms, I’m number one!

  95. Mal Meyer Says:

    I’m number one!

  96. Jaytee Starr Says:

    I mean clearly, I’m Number One!

  97. Ilan Reshon Says:

    This is the first packer that has STP functionality that I think would actually work for me. Hope I’ll soon be saying, “I’m Number One!”

  98. Franky G. Says:

    I’m number one!

  99. Nat Says:

    I’m Number One!
    This STP would be amazing :)

  100. Cryst Says:

    ….and 5-6-7-8… “I’m Number One!” “I’m Number One!” “I’m Number One!” “I’m Number One!” “I’m Number One!” “I’m Number One!” “I’m Number One!” “I’m Number One!” “I’m Number One!” “I’m Number One!” “I’m Number One!” “I’m Number One!” “I’m Number One!” “I’m Number One!” (end scene)

  101. Mel Says:

    I’m number one!!!

  102. Oliver Says:

    I’m number ONE :D

  103. Jack Says:

    As hard as it may be, I need to keep reminding myself that I am number one! Not every other person in the world who is out there to spread hate. It’s time to put me first.

  104. brianna (caedyn ashcroft) Says:

    This would help me greatly in my transitioning point. I’ve never won anything before but maybe this time I Will be able to say I’m number one!

  105. Edward Says:

    I’m number one. Maybe I can finally get an STP. I have never been able to afford one. I’m number one!

  106. ralphael esangbedo Says:

    hi my name is ralph im have alot of bottom disphoria dont have alot of cash try to find work saving up for top surgery just struggling this stp would be really helpful i will be so happy thank you and i’m number one

  107. Andy Says:

    I saw the new prototype of the Number One on tumblr and am impressed by it.

  108. Max Says:

    Definitely interested in this STP. It looks realistic and seems of very good quality.

  109. Lou Says:


  110. Kevin West Says:

    I’m Number One!

  111. james mullen Says:

    It’s my birthday lol would be a great present! I’m number 1

  112. Tyler Says:

    Amazing! This would make a huge impact on my life.

    I’m number one!!!

  113. EJ Hudz Says:

    I definitely need one of these and I am number one!!

  114. Ross Beck Says:

    This would be super helpful, it gets awkward going into female bathrooms…
    with an STP i could go into the male restroom confidently!

  115. Sage Logan Says:

    I’m number One!

  116. Shane Says:

    I’m number one!! :) I could really really use this.

  117. Ronnie Daniel Says:

    This would help me out a lot and I am number one.

  118. Alistair Says:

    I’m number one!

  119. Michael Says:

    I’m number one!

  120. Andrew Says:

    I’m NUMBER 1!!!!!

  121. Cole Says:

    “I’m number one!”

  122. Tyler Says:

    Looks awesome! I’m number one!

  123. stephanie Says:

    I’m number one!

  124. Andy Says:

    I forgot to say “I’m Number One.” So here it is :)

  125. Andy Says:

    I’m Number One!

    I don’t know how specific it has to be.

  126. Thom Says:

    I hope I win. I’m Number One!

  127. Blake C Says:

    I’m number one because I believe in myself. I’ve learned that in order to make other people happy,I have to make myself happy. Also in order to help others I have to help myself before I can help others. My daughter taught me that. She is the most selfless person I know.

  128. Leo Says:

    After having to move back in with my parents for the summer, it has been rough, but I need help from trans* folk and supporters to remind me that I am number one!

  129. Ben S. Says:

    I’m Number One! And I go “#1″ a lot! This is why I so need this outstandingly cool STP! Saving up enough money to buy that sucker would take me quite a while, considering I make very little moolah. But a guy can dream….it would be the first thing I’ve won, other than a bag of walnuts at a local community raffle (which was ironic, considering my scrotoplasty failed miserable, so I’m left without my own nuts!) Here’s hopin’ I win! I’m Number One! (dangit!)

  130. Zak Says:

    I haven’t really tried anything STP-wise because a lot of the DIY methods I’ve seen seem just a little too involved or complicated, but this looks really straight-forward. Would love to give it a try…would certainly make it a lot easier to find somewhere to comfortably pee on my college campus. I’m number one!

  131. Tristyn Says:

    I’m number one!

  132. David Says:

    I need a group of people to follow me around singing about how I’m Number One! I think it would make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. And then I could give them all presents and hugs as thanks you’s and what not.

  133. Jonathan Says:

    I’m Number One!

  134. Mason Says:

    Yes..yes please! I’ve tried the medicine spoon, the nipple, the “she-wee,” and everything else under the sun. Nothing has worked for me. I hope this one might work!

  135. Devon Says:

    I’d love to try this product out – oh, and “I’m number one!”

  136. Pierre Says:

    I’m Number One!

  137. Alex Says:

    I’m number one!

  138. Corbin Says:

    I wish everybody the best of luck but I really hope that I’m number one!