FTM Resources in India

Discussion about transgender people in India usually centers around women, often referred to as hijra, kinnar, and aravanis (in Tamil Nadu). There are numerous support and advocacy organizations throughout India that assist women, but less obvious are the resources that are available to trans men.

indianmanWhile certainly not exhaustive, this guide to resources for transgender men in India includes information about helplines and support groups, mailing lists, and doctors and surgeons.

Also see: Trans Masculine Identities In India

The term for FTM in Hindi is Sadhin.1
Special thanks to @questioncurl and @FireboltX for contributing to this article.

Help Lines and Support Groups


Sahodari Foundation
A movement, a family, and a team of young transsexual people, volunteers and friends, Sahodari was founded by Kalki Subramaniam, a successful transsexual woman from Pollachi, Tamilnadu. Formally registered the organization in July 2008, Sahodari has been very active in transgender rights advocacy in India. The Foundation’s main objectives are:

  • To promote social, political, and economic equity and campaign for civil and legal rights of Transgender and intersex people.
  • To work for establishing social, economic, and environmental justice for Transgenders, intersex and gender non-confirming people and to eliminate oppression and exclusion based on such factors as race, ethnicity, gender, class, religion, legal status, sexual orientation, age, and disability.
  • To prohibit discrimination based on “gender identity or expression” and ensure that the entire range of transgender, intersex and gender non-conforming people are protected.

Web: www.sahodari.org


A sexuality minorities human rights organization for individuals oppressed due to their sexual preference, including Female-to-male/male-to-female transsexuals and other transgenders. We aim to help live their lives with self acceptance, self respect and dignity.
Helpline: see website
Web: www.sangama.org


Lakshya Trust
Support group for LGBT communities, AIDS awareness programs for MSM in Baroda, Surat and Rajkot.
Contact: Sylvester Merchant
Email: lakshya121@rediffmail.com

Parma Vadodara
Helpline, support group for lesbians, bisexual, transgender.
Contact: Indira Pathak/Maya Sharma
Email: parma@hotmail.com
Phone: 0265-5535610, Monday to Friday, 10 – 4p


Alternative Law Forum
Bisexual women, lesbians, MSM in general, transgender people.
Email: alforum@vsnl.net

Sexual health agency for men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender people.
Contact: Renu Appachu
Email: jagru@vsnl.net, jaagru@yahoo.com


Provides support for queer women, lesbian, bisexual women and F2M transgender people.
Helpline: 9744955866
Email: sahayatrika@gmail.com


Transpal Foundation
A volunteer-run, non-profit community support organization for transgender people, providing assistance to anyone troubled by gender dysphoria, plus support for SOFFA’s (significant others, families, friends and allies.)
Contact: Kiran
Email: transpals@yahoo.com, transpals@hotmail.com


Bombay Dost
Bi-monthly ‘Sunday High’ events related to LGBT rights and health issues and other regular events (picnics, outings, etc.)
Contact: Nitin Karani, Vivek Raj Anand, Girish Kumar P
Email: bombaydost2009@gmail.com
Web: bombay-dost.pbworks.com, www.bombaydost.co.in (magazine)

A Trans network of Indians across the globe. [Trans: Transgender, Transsexual, Intersexual and Gender Variant]. The Group meets monthly in Mumbai. Membership can be requested by writing to: sampoornaindia@yahoo.com. The network also keeps connected through a mailing list (see below.)

New Delhi

NEW! FTM Delhi
New group that meets up in New Delhi every month to discuss the problems and issues facing trans men in India.

Anjuman – Jnu Students’ Queer Collective
Anjuman seeks to initiate discussion on queer issues on campus.
Email: anjuman_jnu@yahoo.co.in

Tamil Nadu

Saathii – Chennai
Support/empowerment of all non-heterosexual and transgender people regardless of self-identification; awareness-raising of alternate sexualities and gender issues.
Contact: Dr. L. Ramakrishnan, Country Director (Programs and Research)
Email: saathii@yahoo.com, lramakrishnan@saathii.org
Web: www.saathii.org

A helpline for members of the transgender community, their families and the public.
Phone: 044-25990505

Mailing lists

A Trans network of Indians across the globe. [Trans: Transgender, Transsexual, Intersexual and Gender Variant]. The network keeps connected through a mailing list. The group also meets monthly in Mumbai (see above.)
Web: groups.yahoo.com/group/sampoorna

LGBT-India Yahoo! Mailing List
Web: groups.yahoo.com/group/lgbt-india

Outcome and preferences in female-to-male subjects with gender dysphoria: Experience from Eastern India.

Majumder A, Sanyal D. Indian J Endocrinol Metab. 2016 May-Jun;20(3):308-11.
This is a retrospective study of treatment preferences and outcome in 18 female-to-male (FTM) transgender subjects who presented to the endocrine clinic.

The mean follow-up was 1.6 years and only one subject was lost to follow-up after a single visit. All subjects desiring treatment had regular counseling and medical monitoring. All FTM subjects were cross-dressing. Seventeen (94.4%) FTM subjects were receiving cross-sex hormone therapy, in the form of testosterone only (61.1%) or gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist in combination with testosterone (11.1%) or medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) depot in combination with testosterone (22.2%). FTM subjects preferred testosterone or testosterone plus MPA; very few could afford GnRH therapy. Testosterone esters injection was preferred by most (72.2%) subjects as it was most affordable while 22.2% chose 3 monthly injections of testosterone undecanoate for convenience and better symptomatic improvement, but it was more expensive. None preferred testosterone gels because of cost and availability concerns. About 33.3% of our subjects underwent mastectomy, 38.9% had hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, and only one subject underwent phalloplasty. About 16.7% of FTM subjects presented with prior mastectomy depicting a high prevalence of unsupervised or poorly supervised surgeries not following protocol wise approach.

Notwithstanding of advances in Standards of Care in the Western world, there is lack of awareness and acceptance in the FTM subjects, about proper and timely protocol-wise management options leading to suboptimal physical, social, and sexual results.

Female to Male Surgery IndiaDoctors and Surgeons

List of Top Surgery Surgeons in India


Dr. Bilwani
Top Surgery
Gujarat Burns Hospital and Research Centre


Dr. Manoj Khanna
Top Surgery
Web: www.cosmeticsurgery-india.com


Dr. Shivaram Bharadwaj
Top Surgery
Web: www.apollohospitals.com/

New Delhi

Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research
Gender clinic with Surgeons, endocrinologists and psychiatrists.
Dr. Kavita Arora  – Therapy
Dr. Kotwal – Top Surgery
Web: www.sitarambhartia.org and gender.dysphoria.googlepages.com/home

Dr. Rajat Gupta
Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon
Web: www.sushmacosmeticandplasticsurgery.com/grsurgery.html
Top Surgery & Phalloplasty

Dr. Suresh Gupta
Top Surgery
Phone: 91-11-618077

Dr. Narendra Kaushik,
Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon at

dr-narendra-kaushik_150Olmec – The Transgender Surgery Institute
JD Block 2nd Floor 3c, Gate No 2 Ashiyana chowk, Lala Jagat Narayan Marg
New Delhi, Delhi, 110034, IN
Phone: +91 96500 23401
Top Surgery, Metoidioplasty, Hysterectomy, Phalloplasty. 15 years experience. View Phalloplasty photos here.
Web: www.transgendersurgeryworld.com

Dr. Manohar Lal Sharma
Top Surgery
Web: www.aestheticsurgeon.org

Dr. S.S. Sethi
Top Surgery
Phone: 011-91-11-5894

Dr. Selja Sen
Top Surgery

Dr. P.K. Talwar
Top Surgery
Phone: 011-91-11-6312

Dr. Sadhna Vohra
Top Surgery
Phone: 011 – 26021324


Dr. Khazanchi – Medanta Medicity
Top Surgery
Web: www.medanta.org


Dr. Prapul Chandra
Plastic Surgeon
RFF, ALT and Abdominal Phalloplasty


Dr. Sudhakar Krishnamurti
Top Surgery
Email: sudhakarkrishnamurti@rediffmail.com
Web: www.sudhakarkrishnamurti.com


Dr. Gurvinder Kalra
Asst. Prof., Department of Psychiatry, Sion Hospital
(Note: “Very enthusiastic about trans work.”)

Dr. Dheeraj Kapoor
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute
Web: www.kokilabenhospital.com

Dr. Sanjay Pandey
GRS India Foundation For Gender Reassignment & Gender Issues
Top Surgery, Metoidioplasty, Phalloplasty (MLD, ALT)
Web: www.genderreassignmentindia.com

Dr. Neeta Patel
Top Surgery
Phone: (+91) 9867137294 (secretary’s cell phone)

Dr. Devendra Save
Psychiatrist, Karuna Hospital, Borivali W
Note: Appointments can be booked in person only.

Dr. Parag Telang
Designer Bodyz
Top Surgery, Hysterectomy, Metoidioplasty and Phalloplasty


1. FTM International
2. Sangama
3. Sanginii India Trust
4. Helpful commentators below – thank you!

Last updated: 07/15/16

Do you have any FTM resources in India to share? Please leave your comments below.


  • Ryan says:

    Thanks so much for this information! I am moving to India for a year in the Fall and had no idea how I was to continue hormone therapy. This list of resources shall prove to be very helpful. THANKS!!!

  • Joshua says:

    Glad this helps, Ryan! It’s by no means exhaustive though. Please come back and share any resources you discover while living in India!

  • kiran says:

    This list of resources shall prove to be very helpful. THANKS!!!

  • Joshua says:

    kiran, you’re welcome! Please do let me know if you find other resources for trans guys in India so I can keep this page up to date.

  • neeta says:

    what r u exactly looking for. we can talk if possible. my yahoo id is vivek_xes

  • akbar says:

    i am 24 m tamil nadu, chennai. i like change female.. my body status slim my head front side bald .
    after i change my hair growth improve or not


  • Sky says:

    I want to do a Top surgery in Bangalore. Could somebody please give me the details about it, like how much will it cost, doctor to consult and where, phone number, just everything in full details which requires to complete a top surgery.

  • Joshua says:

    @Sky This website provides information about FTM surgery in Bangalore, I hope it helps! Please post a comment back here if you find something better. http://indosurgery.com/sex-change.htm

  • Sky says:

    Thanks a lot for the information, Joshua. This is pretty much the one and only resource I have (the one you sent), but I will surely let you know if anything comes up in the future and please do the same…thanks to you again!!!

  • Joshua says:

    Hmm, I know this isn’t close to Bangalore but there’s also Dr. Bilwani at the Gujarat Burns Hospital and Research Centre in Ahmedabad.

  • Zack says:

    Please be advised the correct address for Dr. L Ramakrishnan is LRamakrishnan@saathii.org.

  • Joshua says:

    Thanks for helping to keep this information accurate, Zack! I’ve updated the email address above.

  • bizarro says:

    Hey, thanks for collating this info!

    I’m a member of Sampoorna and, in addition to my Indian FTM transition blog, Trans-Scription (http://trans-scription.blogspot.com), here’s some more:

    The Dr. Bilwani info you’ve provided is correct – I’ve met the man – quite good but not for me.

    Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research, New Delhi (http://www.sitarambhartia.org/) has their own gender clinic – surgeons, endocrinologists and psychiatrists and all the info’s up on the site.

    Dr. Khazanchi (http://www.medanta.org/DoctorProfile.aspx?Key=6) at Medanta Medicity (http://www.medanta.org/), in Gurgaon, Haryana (considered as almost a part of Delhi) – Plastic and Aesthetic surgeon. I’ve met him too but didn’t like the experience.

    Dr. Gurvinder Kalra, Asst. Prof., Department of Psychiatry, Sion Hospital, Mumbai. You can find him on Facebook. Very enthusiastic about trans work.

    Dr. Devendra Save, also a Psychiatrist, consults at many places, including Karuna Hospital, Borivali W, Mumbai. I don’t have info at hand, but the hospital can be looked up in the directory/yellow pages – appointments can be booked in person only. Trans friendly, but not too well networked – you’d have to do your own groundwork.

    Dr. Dheeraj Kapoor, top-notch Endocrinologist (to me and a lot of my own trans friends), Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute, Mumbai (http://www.kokilabenhospital.com/)

    Dr. Neeta Patel, sensitive and extraordinary Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Have yet to take permission to post her info online. Doesn’t do genital reconst, as far as I know. She’s just recently done my mastectomy, and I think she’d do MTF breast augmentations, too.

    Will get back as and when I have more info.


  • Joshua says:

    Brilliant, thank you so much for adding this information!! I’ve updated the article with the new resources you’ve shared.

  • bizarro says:

    Joshua, as promised, here’s contact info for Dr. Neeta – she asked that I give out her secretary’s cellphone number. Please note that one can be as candid with the secretary as one can be with the surgeon herself. I can personally vouch for that. Minakshi – (+91) 9867137294 (If calling from overseas, please note IST timing!)

  • Finn says:


    Does anybody know how to change your legal documents in Mumbai – like your birth certificate and passport from ‘female’ to ‘male’.

    I need help on this.


  • Joshua says:

    Finn, have you contacted the folks at Sampoorna? (Listed above under Mailing Lists.) Also, Kiran at TransPal (above, under Maharashtra) might be a good resource. I hope this helps!

  • sidd says:

    Hi, I’m 26, want to undergo female to male surgery, can anyone tell me which Dr. is experienced in India?

  • Joshua says:

    sidd, check out bizarro’s comments above. Based on those, it sounds like Dr. Neeta Patel in Mumbai is an excellent choice for top surgery.

  • Avantika says:

    I am FTM. I want to undertake top surgery in Chennai. Could you please tell me the details about the hospitals and surgeons doing top surgery in Chennai. I need Dr. Neeta Patel contact details.

  • Avantika, Dr. Patel’s secretary’s phone number is (+91) 9867137294. (This is listed a few comments above yours, and I’ve just now added it this article.) I hope this helps!

  • sam says:

    Is India a better place to do surgery?

  • “Better” is subjective—what’s “best” for one person may not be best for another. For example, India may be a better place for surgery if you live in India and don’t want to travel to another country. But there really isn’t a “best” surgeon or place for surgery—it really depends on your objectives and what’s right for you.

  • sam says:

    I want to undergo surgery FTM.. cant i shift to USA completely ??? Yes i am an Indian.. i realy dont know what to write I want to live, i want to lead a good life .. My gf always ask me a question why cant you come to my house and ask my father to marry me , she ask very innocent question which every girl dreams of.. She also has a dream , she loves me lot , she loves man inside me , she is not LB , but she is also afraid of her family, and i too love her lot , i will also not like if she will hurt her parents who r very conservative , but then we will have to leave each other. i am sharing with you because everday she tell me com sb pl take me from my house , ask my parents. we cannot run , i dont know what will be the future but i do beleive in god / fate / destiny.. I love her a lot.. and if you or any other guy will see her will definately fall for her she is such beautiful.. I love her.. wanted to share with you so i did..

  • Arya says:

    Hi, I’m female but i always feel like male inside so i want to start my ftm transition. I live in Mumbai. What should i do? What is the first step? Please help.

  • sam, do you mean you’d like to move to the USA? Unfortunately, I have no information about US immigration (I’m Canadian.) However, you do not have to leave India to transition. There are other trans men in India and services available, though I realize that none of this is easy.

    It sounds like you and Arya are in similar positions, seeking out transition in India. A good place to start would probably be to contact Sampoorna in Mumbai and/or the Transpal Foundation in Maharashtra (contact details are in the article above.) I’m sure that they can provide more detailed assistance. I hope this helps!

  • Sam says:

    Yes I am in process lets see how I will go ahead. I want to work outside India, this is what I was asking. If Arya want to contact he can contact me on my personal mail [edited]. I would try to help you Arya to the fullest.

  • Arya says:

    Thanks for the sending imformation joshua And i want to say thanks to sam also for being so helpful. I’ll join sampoorna…it feels good to knowing that you are not alone…thanks once again guys….

  • samaritan says:

    Hi i m ftm please help me to find gender therapist in north india

  • If you’re near New Delhi, there’s Dr. Kavita Arora: http://www.sitarambhartia.org. For more options, I suggest joining the Sampoorna mailing list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sampoorna

  • samaritan says:

    Thanks. What will be the cost to bear hrt for ftm?

  • Hmm, hard to say, I don’t know what T costs in India. In Canada, I pay about $40 every 2.5 months (no insurance.) My guess is that it would be cheaper in India, where I think it’s available over the counter, but I’m really not sure. Sorry I can’t be more specific!

  • Sak says:

    I live near Mumbai. I’m on T for more than 1yr now (started taking them by myself since Dec 12). Would like to help who need info. Feel free to mail me anytime.

  • Thanks for your offer of help, Sak!

  • Tiger says:

    Looking for more information on transitioning in bangalore, I am FTM looking to transition.Any suggestions and advice is welcome, thanks Guys in advance

  • brandt says:

    Josh, quick update on Dr. Kavita Arora (New Delhi):

    From a friend: “Dr. Kavita Arora no longer works for Sitaram Bhartia and has her own practice. I got her number from the hospital however after i contacted her clinic i was informed that she no longer works with patients above 25 years.”

    Will follow this up with Dr. Arora and get concrete info for you so you can update the post. Perhaps you may not want to publish this comment; am ok with that 🙂


  • C.k Aaryan says:

    thank u so much for the information, i was searching from 1 month and this is really helpful for me. 😀

  • av1 says:

    I am a 14 year old ftm living in New Delhi and I haven’t told my parents about his yet. Is there any organisation working for -18 people?

  • DK says:

    I am a 17 year old guy living in Bangladesh. I want to start hrt and I tried to find a doctor in Bangladesh but none were willing to help me. If anyone has any information on starting hrt or gender therapists please contact me at dabirkhann7@gmail.com. By the way this is a great list thank you so much.

  • Sanu says:

    Hello, I’m Sanu, 31 years old, live in Bangladesh. From my childhood I never feel that I’m a girl or women. I hate my boobs, also hate the menstruation and want to undergo for ftm top surgery, total abdominal hysterectomy and hormone treatment. Can anyone help me by giving Dr. Neeta Patel’s e-mail address, picture of her top surgery work, cost for top surgery by her. And suggest an experienced doctor for hysterectomy, also the doctor’s contact number, e-mail address, surgery cost.

    Sak, is it possible for you to give me info about the cost of T and how can I get it in Bangladesh from India?

  • aadi says:

    Hi, I m female but I always feel like boy inside me. so I want to start my ftm transition. I live in new delhi. what is the first step. please help me.

  • Dev says:

    Hi aadi
    you should go to psychiatrist for taking gender identity dysphoria.
    You can mail me devsoni426@gmail.com
    for more information.

  • dev says:

    Hi av who is 14 yr old
    you can join sampoorna.
    And try to contact other ftms too.there are too many ftm in Delhi.

  • mnl says:

    plz help me I m a female of 30 but want to change my gender as soon as possible. I m in luv with a girl and her family too know about our relationship. after a long struggle they accepted us but asked me to hav the surgery as soon as possible. I have real life experience too I m living in my preferred gender since I was 12yrs. and most people have accepted me in my way as I m not the one who prefers sex change only for attractions to same gender but always have acted as the backbone of my family. I have completed my duties towards everyone and now want to live my life completely to say freely.

  • A good place to start would probably be to contact Sampoorna in Mumbai and/or the Transpal Foundation in Maharashtra (contact details are in the article above.) I’m sure that they can provide more detailed assistance. Also, be sure to read the comments above, lots of good information added by others. I hope this helps!

  • dev says:

    hey mnl whr do u stay.
    let me knw.

  • cJ says:

    Hi i am born as eunuch i had done my top sergurey, m 21 now, i m not getting beard.I am thinking about to start Testosteron on my own.Anyone can help me.

  • Moomal says:


    I am 30 year old Female and want to go for FTM surgery . which surgeon should
    i go for surgery . And what about Dr Rajeev B Ahuja . Please mail me on moomal2008@yahoo.co.in

  • Moomal, you may find it helpful to join the Sampoorna mailing list (info is above in the article) to get feedback from others about surgeons. I’m not familiar with Dr. Ahuja but had added the name to my database. If you find out more information, please post back. Sorry I can’t provide more help!

  • varn says:

    i want to talk both of u sam n mnl. so can u?

  • sara says:

    i want to talk about ftm to u sam

  • ftm delhi says:

    Hi. Please visit http://www.ftmsexchange.in for info regarding Ftm surgeries specially in delhi

  • Awesome, thank you! I’ve added a link to FTMsexchange.in in the New Delhi resources above. Great to know these meetups are happening!

  • Gee says:

    Dear all,

    I underwent surgery with Dr Neeta Patel and she is terrible. I have spoken to many other guys and her results are the worst. Her nipple grafts fall off for a lot of guys and she doesn’t respond to crisis calls or emails. She has no clue what she is doing and leaves breast tissue and claims you can work out and convert them into muscle. This is a warning for any guy interested. She is all talk and no expertise and charges the most also. Dr bilwani has the most consistent results. In Bangalore, Victoria hospital has also recently started providing top surgeries.

  • laboni says:


    can anybody help to get ftm operation?

  • Hi Laboni, Check out the links and information in this article for information about who to contact and how to take the next steps. If you’re near Delhi, be sure to visit ftmsexchange.in.

  • ashu says:

    I am ashu i am a FTM from mumbai i want to join a supp group in mumbai and go through the top surgery ne1 yr whu can help me wit tis …

  • rudar singh says:

    i am a trans on T shots, looking for a good surgeon in delhi for my top surgery. please anyone help me by recommending good surgeon.

  • vijay says:

    Hi there selling the below
    – REELMAJIK a advanced kit 6″ prosthetic with paint job and black human hair colour with flex rod
    – color is M16, I am brown (Indian)
    – all the cleansers and glue and I purchased an extra strength glue.

    I have not used this for sex I have only worn it once with glue for less than hour then removed it. I feel it’s too big for me as I am a short guy. It’s a fantastic product and feels so real and the aesthetics are amazing!

    Email me on weirdalien_36@yahoo.com if interested or forward to your mates. If you know any website do let me know to post as I am new! Thanks Bruvs!

  • einstein says:

    Hi I m Eenu.. M looking for ftm process.. I came across about my lesbian thing in 2005, it took Me 10 yrs to decide about sexual transitioning.. M afraid if I loose everything.. my family , friends nd jobs… but m not happy inside.. something is bothering me day by day.. M looking for some best doctors in New Delhi.. for this help..

  • vishal says:

    Hi..guys..m an ftm..just done with mastectomy from mumbai..didn’t start T as yet..can someone please tell me how to go about the legal procedure on india..I want to get all my documents changed..Plz help!!

  • Shanky says:

    hi. this site realy help me to know about the place of srs surgery . but i want to know about cost of srs surgery. i live in delhi. pleace help me about cost.

  • Rishi says:

    Hello everyone, I’m FTM from West Bengal (SIliguri) I would like to start transitions, so if there are anyone who would like to share their personal experience or just talk to me, please feel free to contact me- premshiv10@gmail.com
    I m ready to help people with the best I can.

    Well, This looks really good. Thanks Joshua for putting up stuffs like these.

  • Rishi says:

    How to contact you Rudar Singh and Vishal?

  • ridhi says:

    What is the monthly expenses on testosterone in india?

  • Damu says:

    Hey im from india new delhi
    ftm can u please tell me which one best in new delhi or europe spain nd how much is cost please

    Testosterone is gud ?? Or bad

    If some guys re from new delhi th lets meet nd make a one group… If u dnt mind my email adress is damuchadha [AT] gmail [DOT] com I’ll come in india 9 nov..

  • SHIVA says:

    Hi this is shiva from chennai. I would like to go for FTM surgery. Can any one in chennai or tamilnadu ahelp me on this

    I so badly want to do this ASAP

  • divya says:

    Shiva if u know any details about ftm in chennai tell me

  • dhanu says:

    hi frnds im in coimbatore. i hav all mens orgens to by birth but im fm brought up. now im 25 i lav my gf and she is also which posible to hav a new life futr. pls hlp me a way to bettr one. hope u understand u all my plm. i hav small testis and penis

  • Alamelu.P.S says:

    Hi This is Alamelu from Tamilnadu, Trichy. I am FTM. From my childhood I feel like a man inside me. Most of all I love a girl for 5 years I want to marry her and she is waiting for me. I am 25 yrs old.

    Because of this I got frustrated and I want to live a life with my girl friend and I dnt want to lose my life.Please help me . I am suffering. Tell me the best doctor in India and cost.

    I have a doubt. Could a FTM can give a birth to a child if I marry a girl?

  • Alamelu.P.S says:

    Hi Shiva
    If u get a best doctor pleas let me know.

  • SHIVA says:

    Hi Dhivya and Alamelu…send me a private text or a mail to my inbox…may be we can try together…
    Pmpshiva@Gmail. Com

  • Alamelu.P.S says:

    Hi Shiva
    I have sent u a personal mail to ur mail id that u have given.

  • SHIVA says:

    Hi Alamelu, Did not receive any e-mails.

  • Karma Center for Counselling is a safe and open space to talk about issues or your wellbeing. We are Queer Friendly Therapists. You can look us up on http://www.ementalhealthindia.com and book an appointment.

  • Siddharth says:

    Hi guys, I had one question to ask that how much does hysterectomy in Mumbai costs? Who is the best surgeon to be contacted in this matter? If anyone here has any kind of information then do let me know as it is on an urgent basis.

  • Austin says:

    Dear All,

    I’m an Transman, pre- operated FTM. I’m 26 years old.
    I’m an Indian, currently living in United Arab Emirates.

    I would like to know the contact details of the THERAPISTS or PHYSICIANS in INDIA (who are specialized in dealing with GENDER IDENTITY DISORDER) WORLD-WIDE recognized, those who can give me the recommendation letter to proceed with my SURGERIES and also HORMONES intake.

    Kindly, send the details to austinuwin@gmail.com or reply back.
    Your reply is much appreciated.

  • Hello Austin! Check out the comment a couple up from this one, it includes a link to queer friendly therapists in Delhi!

  • Austin says:

    Hi Joshua!
    Thank you so much for your valuable reply

  • saranya says:

    Hi shiva diviya alamelu did you got any info about ftm in chennai

  • Sonu says:

    Pmpshiva@Gmail. Com

    Saranya, shiva, alamelu, hope this will help you, if you need any more help u can alway mail me on sonu.singh1113@Gmail.com
    Dr. Sudhakar Krishnamurti
    Top Surgery
    Email: sudhakarkrishnamurti@rediffmail.com
    Web: www.sudhakarkrishnamurti.com

  • Vivyn Joseph says:

    Hi.. Guyz
    Im Vivyn (ftm) i live in Bangalore, if anyone need any kind of help (how to come out, mental stress any type of issues and you need to talk to someone you can always mail me on Vivyn.Joseph@Gmail.Com i will be very happy to help you.
    Love – VJ

  • Vivyn Joseph says:

    Saranya, shiva, alamelu, hope this will help you all , if you need any more help u can alway mail me on Vivyn.Joseph@Gmail.Com
    Dr. Sudhakar Krishnamurti
    Top Surgery
    Email: sudhakarkrishnamurti@rediffmail.com
    Web: www.sudhakarkrishnamurti.com

  • Vivyn Joseph says:

    Hi guy, hope everyone are doing gud,if anyone need any kind of help, u can always mail me at Vivyn.Joseph@Gmail.Com at any time… Remember life is beautiful…

  • Vivyn Joseph says:

    Guy I want to know how is MS Ramaiah Hospital Bangalore for FtM, top surgery..

  • SHIVA says:

    Saranya…send me a mail to pmpshiva@Gmail. Com…will discuss about this since we both are from Chennai…

  • SHIVA says:

    Saran.I sent you a email5 with the contact number

  • Alamelu.P.S says:

    Hi vivyn , I sent a mail to u.

  • Krish says:

    Hi saran , my mail id is allushri@gmail.com and u give ur contact num let’s talk

  • Krish says:

    Guys dnt get confused . This is Alamelu but posted a comment in the name of krish.

  • Austin says:

    Hi Guys,
    Can you pls provide me the contact details of therapists located in chennai.
    I would like to get recommendation letter from them to proceed with my transition further.


  • Dork says:

    Hi! 17 ftm from Mumbai, India!! Looking for trans friends. It gets lonely being trans and some friends wont hurt. I’m hoping to get top surgery this year or the next year. Please please please if you’re reading this and want friends too, email me!! I’m pretty friendly, I assure you.

    My email – dorkinator56@gmail.com

  • Daniel says:

    hi guys. i m Daniel from kolkata west bengal.. i m 24year old.. when i m 8yr old that time to still im feel like a boy.. i always like girls.. i want to change my sex as soon as possible.. i in wrong body i hate my body.. plsss help me.. tell me Best Ftm surgery Dr details? .. any Dr available in kolkata?? and what was the cost of ftm surgery?? plssss help me

  • avishakta says:

    any doctor/hospital do ftm surgery in culcata (kolkata)give me details plsssss.. rlp me
    i need a help. ..

  • manu says:

    hii all i m 24 from the childhood i live like a boy nd never feel that i m girl i have a gf n wnt to marry wid her wnt ftm surgery can u tell me who is the best physiciatrist in gwalior (m.p) i really want to know pls help me out of this

  • shivarasul says:

    hi friends, im shivan. i need help. i want to change into guy. im in my 3rd yr of engg. i dont have any frnds. im always alone. someone pls reach out to me! please i dont know whom to contact. i want to undergo T and later gender reassignment surgery. is it possible? will i ever be happy? im in chennai pls reach out to help me!!!

  • Thank you for reaching out, Shivan! Yes, what you seek is possible! There are a number of other trans guys in Chennai, and some contact info can be found in the comments on this page. See comments by Shiva, Sonu and Akbar. You might also find assistance and information from these two Facebook Pages:

    I hope this helps!

  • Adi says:

    Hi guys,

    I am transman from india.I run helping group for transman in India. I live in Mumbai. If anyone wants to connect for emotional help or surgical help. You are most welcome. We have total 85 transman in our group from all India. You can connect me on Facebook first. My account name is Evid Adi.

    With love,


  • Shivprasad says:

    Hi Shivan send me a private text or a mail to my inbox…
    Pmpshiva@Gmail. Com
    Let you know the procedure in Chennai

  • Zanskar says:

    Hello, I am a transman from hyderabad. Do you know any organisation in hyderabad which helps trans people?

  • PV says:

    Can anyone help me in finding FTM chest binder.??
    from where I can get them.
    I am from Delhi.
    Send me link of the websites or tell me address of the shop to buy that.

  • Ridhi says:

    Joshua you have been a great help for me. From the links that you sent me I started my hrt treatment. Anyone seeking information for starting testosterone in india and especially in kolkata can whatsapp me in 9062722573

  • Ridhi, that’s awesome!! Super happy for you! Thank you for letting me know, and for offering to assist others!

  • Arjun says:

    Me too have same problem…you and have same thinking… can you contact me please…i want to speak with you personally….my mail id gun.rocks.india@gmail.com… please contact me sam..its my future

    Can you tell me the details about sam to contact….please help me….

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