TranZwear Custom Kit Giveaway Contest

UPDATE, Oct 31: Contest now closed. Congratulations to the winners, Armondo (#30) and Jay (#33)! We’ll be in touch shortly about your prize. and TranZwear are pleased to offer a fun contest with fantastic giveway packages for TWO lucky winners! Each winner will receive one of the following build-it-yourself kits from TranZwear.

Packing 101 Kit

  • 1 Mr. Limpy packer
  • 1 TKW PacknStrap Packing Harness
  • 1 Packing Boxer Briefs or Trunks
  • 1 Bottle of Cyber Packing Dust
  • Free worldwide shipping

STP 101 Kit

  • Mr. Fenis1 STP in color and size of their choice, or the Mr. Fenis, a portable non packing STP
  • 1 TKW PackNStrap STP harness
  • 1 pair of boxer briefs or trunks with a TW PackRight Harness sewn inside to hold your STP
  • 1 bottle of Cyber Packer Dust
  • Free worldwide shipping

Want to win? Keep reading!

About TranZwear

TranZwear is fast becoming the first name in packing underwear designed for trans men. TranZwear takes high quality, brand name underwear and customizes them to offer a high level of packing and STP comfort and security. TranZwear products are hand-crafted and made to order, with numerous options for customization. You can choose from briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks in a variety of materials, colors and sizes (including plus sizes.) If you’re looking for packing-friendly swimwear, jockstraps, harnesses, or chest binders, TranZwear has you covered! TranZwear is trans-owned and operated. readers will be familiar with TranZwear, as their packing underwear were featured in our Great Packing Harness Roundup.

How to Enter


Entering the contest is easy, but you have to be creative! Together, we’re going to build a story about a lost packer. To enter the contest, add one or two sentences to the following story:

There and Back Again …or The Story of How I Lost My Packer

Annoyed, I left the party and walked down the street in the rain. It wasn’t until I was a few blocks away that I realized—with a fair amount of panic—that my packer was… GONE! It must have fallen out of my harness, but how, when and where were questions not yet answered. Standing under a street light, I gathered myself. “Think, man, think! Where could it be?!”

Add your story contribution via the comments section below, and don’t forget to read the other entries before yours because the story has to flow, y’know?!

Please note: Sorry, this contest is only open to those who are 18+. By adding a comment and entering the contest, you are legally acknowledging that you are 18 or over. Also, adult content in your story submission is NOT permitted.

Good luck!

Contest Rules

Registration Deadline: October 29, 2012. Drawing will be held on or about October 30, 2012.
Prizes: Two winners will each receive either one Custom Packing 101 Kit OR one Custom STP 101 Kit by TranZwear.
Eligibility: Entries much be received between 9:00 am PST on October 12, 2012 and 11:59:59 p.m. PST October 29, 2012 (”Contest Period”). Only one entry per person/email address; entries with duplicate email addresses or multiple entries using different email addresses for a single individual will be disqualified. Entrants must be 18 years old or over. Entries must not contain adult content.
Selection of Winner: Winner will be determined by a random draw conducted by on or about October 30, 2012 (from among eligible entries submitted during the Contest Period). Winner will be notified by e-mail on or about October  30, 2012. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received.

Ready to Enter? Add your story contribution below!


  • Charley Burton says:

    My heart began to race. This had always been my worst nightmare and now it was happening. Slow the mind down I thought. What do I need to do next?

  • Aidan says:

    I started to retrace my steps, trying to figure out how it could have rolled down my legs without me noticing, and just picturing it bouncing across the ground.

  • Cristiano says:

    So I took a long breath and tried to remember all the details from the moment that I had arrived at the party. First things first… As I entered the place, I saw my beloved friend.

  • Lyrik says:

    I strolled over; careful not to strut too much because my friend always accused me of “eyes-on-me” syndrome. He insisted that this very syndrome is the reason I chose a packer that not even underwear a size too small could conceal.

  • EJ Hudz says:

    I casually looked around, trying not to be too obvious. My friend asked me what was going on, he thought I’d headed home? ‘What can I tell him’ I thought, without him realizing I was looking for my missing packer. Then a thought crossed my mind…what if someone found it?!?

  • Cal says:

    I swept the floor with the rythmic darting of my eyes along a grid pattern until I covered the entire path I had sauntered earlier in the evening. I began making my way back to the bathroom but my search into the next room was halted as an erruption of laughter left me standing frozen in a wave of panic.

  • Bet Power says:

    I felt so strange, suddenly not like myself at all, missing my manhood and recalling why I felt annoyed at the party earlier that night. It was because …

  • Max says:

    A bunch of bio guys had, as guys have a tendency to do, been bragging about how big a man they were, while I’d felt awkward, out of place. But as I turned the corner a wave of relief swept over me like a tsunami as I came face to face with…

  • Tom H. says:

    A rousing game of drunken Apples to Apples. “What’d I miss?” I casually asked one of the gasping, heaving girls nearby. She looked to me, eyes streaming, and choked out, “The card was ‘Touchy Feely’… someone threw down ‘Helen Keller!'”

  • Damian S. says:

    Briefly forgetting my disastrous dilemma I joined in with an enthusiastic chortle. To think of the preposterous possibilities at the source of laughter that had been racing through my mind previously seemed asinine now. Penile packer puppetry, a literal game of ‘hacky-sac’, a perverse game of ring toss..

  • Shane k says:

    A few rounds of the game go by till on my turn i pick up a card that says ” I hate when I lose my” My eyes grew big and i remembered why i came into this room. I jump up and run out the room leaving everyone in the party with a strange look.

  • Daniel B says:

    Everyone at the party were behaving like jerks. They were all trashed by the time I got there. I decided to get on the dance floor. The idiots didn’t like my style and called me gay.

  • Max says:

    Since I *am* gay, I wasn’t too bothered by this comment. However, a friend overheard the guys using it as a derogatory term, and stepped in to eloquently educate them on the inappropriateness of their behavior, saying:

  • Evan says:

    I had overheard a group of people laughing and talking about how awkward a transitional male had appeared in a shopping mall change room. I was about to say something corrective to them but then changed my mind and quickly stole away but that is besides the point…. I was on a mission to find my missing appendage and the laughter in the other room was centered on a young golden retriever chowing down on something……

  • C. C. says:

    …familiarly squishy and flesh toned. However, I was relieved to hear an accompanying, un-phallic-like squeak and continued my search.

  • aiden allen says:

    I quickly turned around and franticly searched for my little buddy worrying if someone had found him. I ran as fast as i could back to the house and burst threw the door yelling “Charles! Where are you??!?!”.

  • Christian Lynch says:

    As i was searching i started to wounder how he was feeling lost cold and alone probably being handled by strangers. “ugh” i thought “not good” and i kept my eyes peeled on the ground then a strange feeling made me look up and i discover….

  • César says:

    .. that I’m being smirked at by Andrew from the mail room at work. “You don’t happen to be looking for this, are you, Carlos?” he asked me as he held up my limp and dusty cock…

  • Molly says:

    I sputtered in shock as I turned beet red. “Um?!” I would have lied, maybe tried to laugh it off, but Carlos took one look at my panicked face and rushed over, concerned. “Dude, it’s cool. I’m just glad I found it, and not one of the tool-bags Evan brought with him. Here.” He handed me my packer and…

  • Shay says:

    I quickly snatched it and thanked him, I almost lost my mind for a moment there. I’m just glad I got my mojo back, if I had lost my packer my confidence and my pride would of been gone.

  • CJ says:

    …bent down to whisper “I have the brown one”. I looked at him with shock. The only thing I could say was…

  • Davy says:

    The only thing I could say was, “Think you can recommend a good packer harness?” After all this frantic search party for my precious confidence booster wasn’t an ordeal I’d like to repeat.

  • krys says:

    But before he could answer, one of the girls I had been eyeing earlier that evening walked around the corner and did a dead stop and stare..I forgot that I was still holding it! Seeing the terror in my eyes Carlos quickly….

  • Preston Noland says:

    Yelled out “fire” and ran out the door grabbing the girl and dragging her along with him. So there I was left standing holding my dusty dick. I thought…

  • Mel B says:

    “Now’s my chance” and I stole around the front of the house quietly. Hoping to quickly make up lost time, I stuffed my packer in my pocket and took off down the sidewalk.

  • Liam says:

    I was on a mission to find the nearest empty lot , so I could re-adjust my “junk”. I can’t tell you how many strange looks I got! However, I can’t blame them. I’d stare too if I saw a guy with a dick on his hip!

  • Dawson S. says:

    As I looked down, I realized my second serious mistake of the night: skinny jeans. I knew I couldn’t keep walking around with my manliness bulging out in my pocket, of all places.

  • Adam says:

    Suddenly I heard a strange noise behind me. I turned around to face a gigantic, drooling dog with my dick and balls dangling from his jagged teeth.

  • Jess H says:

    To my dismay Evan came running up from behind and jumped between me and the drooling dog, he paused then shouted “sit. Beast. Sit” as I thought this was gonna get bad I covered my eyes. When I opened them Evan was crouched down beside the pup giving his belly a scratch, “I got u covered again mate” my eyes gleamed, could I be this lucky after such a bad run in the first place…

  • Armondo says:

    Good doggie, I crooned, slowly reaching out, hoping against hope to retrieve what was left of my manhood. But the dog was not so quick to release its prize and with a growl it tossed my pack in the air, caught it in its toothy jowls and ran into the darkness.

  • Lance McDaniel says:

    Now running in and out of bushes I couldn’t help but to think what would happen should that dog find its owner with a dick without an owner. Also trying to figure out how anyone gets anywhere in skinny jeans like these.

  • Aj says:

    Without thought I frantically ran after Beast, with my luck I would never retrieve my manhood and the worse part about all this I could barely see where I was going. As I chased Beast I came across what seem to me as walking trashcans…

  • Jay says:

    I looked to Evan and said “Call him back, quick”. Evan tried but Beast was happy just out if sight in the dark. We looked at each other and separated to try to find him.

  • Joey Gerardino says:

    Then suddenly I hear my text message go off. It said it was my close friend Mike. It read this, “Hey Jim, You need to come back to the party! They are throwing this skin like dildo like a football and trying to catch it in their mouths!” FUUUUUUUUUU

  • Chris says:

    I feel panic rising in my chest, this is not going well for me. I start making my way back to the party, hoping I’ll find the beast with my mangled packer,I really hope that the dildo Mike mentioned belongs to someone else…

  • Merlin says:

    This had happened before, but this time there was not the mortifying yet comforting sensation of the packer pressing at my ankle against a tightly rolled cuff. I was going to have to go BACK there and go packer hunting to boot!

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