What Type of Testosterone Do YOU Use?

In the U.S. and Canada, testosterone for trans men generally comes in just four flavors: Injectable T. cyp. and T. enanthate, T gel and less commonly, T pellets. Globally however, there are countless formulations and brands of androgens available for trans guys. (Know anyone on Omnadren or Jenasteron? They’re out there!)

If you’re on T, what type of Testosterone do YOU use? Log your answers is the community survey below.

Andriol PillsNote on oral testosterone: Contrary to popular belief, there are oral formulations of testosterone that pose no serious threat to the liver. Andriol (not available in the USA) is one such product that’s sometimes prescribed to trans men. It’s an oral T. undecanoate that has been used for HRT in at least two studies on FTM transsexuals. Both studies (1986 & 2011) reported it as an effective alternative to other T formulations, but the general consensus is that oral T. undecanoate doesn’t have enough bioavailability for FTM transition. It’s also expensive and requires daily doses. Nevertheless, doctors are prescribing Andriol to trans men, often as a pre-cursor to IM or gel formulations.


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