Lola.Jake Giveaway

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  • Oscar says:

    Why do I think I should have one? Hmmm… well, financially speaking, I’d love one because I’ve purchased others (that were cheaper because of my income) and they never worked out. I work for the Corporation of National and Community Service and they think because we’re helping those in poverty, we should experience living in it! I don’t know how I feel about that, but I tremendously love what I’m doing, so I guess it makes up for in a lot of ways.
    Otherwise, I feel like I’ve come to this point in my transition where… I pass so well otherwise (just trimmed my beard this morning) that the lack of a bulge is increasingly socially frustrating. I used to wear a packer because I had yet to develop other secondary masculine characteristics, like the beard, voice, body contour… etc. Now, I feel like I feel the need to be consistent and not out myself when I’m dancing with a guy at the club. How do you explain you’re trans with the bass blasting? Hahaa. 🙂

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