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How to Enter

Entering the contest is easy! Simply post a comment below about an unexpected benefit that’s come as the result of your gender journey—something positive that you didn’t see coming. That’s it!

Good luck!

Contest Rules

Registration Deadline: 9/29/16. Drawings will be held on 9/30/16.
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Eligibility: Worldwide entries from individuals who are 18 and older are accepted. Entries must be received between 12:00 p.m. PST on 09/15/16 and 11:59:59 p.m. PST 09/29/16 (”Contest Period”). Only one (1) entry per person/email address; entries with duplicate email addresses or multiple entries using different email addresses for a single individual will count as one entry.
Selection of Winners: Winners will be randomly selected on or about 09/30/16 (from among eligible entries submitted during the Contest Period). Winner will be notified by e-mail on or about 09/30/16. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received.
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  • Seth says:

    The most unexpected benefit I’ve experienced since transitioning is seeing the world with new eyes. Things that before wouldn’t cause happiness do now. I enjoy life to fullest now whereas before I felt like I was merely existing.

  • Noah says:

    The most unexpected & positive benefit of my journey so far has probably been finally feeling like I have a voice and feeling like I can help be the change when it comes to trans visibility. Before coming out, I felt like my voice didn’t need to be heard, but now I take pride in helping people see that as transgender individuals, we are visible.

  • Sebastian says:

    The unexpected benefit from my transitioning I’ve received is confidence and peace within. I was say before my transition I wasn’t sure who I was and wouldn’t stand up for myself. I would look in the mirror and question everything about me. After deciding to transition throughout my first year I’ve grown to love myself more and be the man I always envision myself to be. I can say I’m finally at peace I stand for who I am and am proud to be Sebastian a beautiful man and my heart is full and I’m so thankful to this transition that I can look in the mirror without any doubt or questions just acceptance.

  • Ray R says:

    The unexpected benefit of my transition so far has been the growth I have experienced internally. Transition has helped me better understand my physical disabilities and how none of my conditions define me but are a part of me. I’m just a regular man with conditions and transition so far has given me confidence to see myself past my conditions. A hard road but it’s my road, I’m owning it and doing my best. I always just saw me, as a person with conditions who was unworthy of living because of the way my body was brought into this world but transition has unexpectedly showed me I’m just a speck like everyone else and worth it, mostly for myself. I try to keep that in mind and continue on.

  • Oliver H says:

    The single most unexpected benefit I have experienced since beginning my transition is the knowledge of how courageous I can be. Everything else that may come seems so much less daunting in comparison to the road so far. I have confidence that I will make it through whatever else may come.

  • Max K says:

    The most unexpected benefit I’ve had from my transition is the realization of my own self-worth, which in turn has helped me form actual close relationships with friends, familes and lovers. An ability I lacked before.

  • Ray Person says:

    The most unexpected gift for me as been being able to find friends, not only friends but people that I can relate too on a deeper level because we care the same journey. This has helped a lot with my self esteem, especially when I get scared about my transition with all the medical issues I have. Bless our community, we keep each other alive.

  • Ethan says:

    The unexpected benefit I’ve had since transitioning is that it’s brought me closer to my family. I’ve found my voice again and can communicate more openly with them. I feel more understood than I ever have in my life. My mother see’s that I am alot more happy now than I was just 7 years ago. That means alot to her and I. Especially since her cancer diagnosis 4 years ago. Even thru her health problems she has been my rock and my biggest supporter.

  • Felix says:

    Unexpected outcome from my transition would have to be how far I’ve come with my fitness and general mental health. I went from being a depressed alcoholic to being a sober gym rat who goes to the gym 5/6 days a week. Depression still rears its ugly head now and then but nowhere near as bad as it used to be. I feel so much more positive and full of energy these days, finally I see a future for myself.

  • Eli says:

    An unexpected benefit has been gaining a new wonderful commintiy for which I feel passion towards rallying my efforts of activism. This has given my life more clarity and meaning, and as such I have never been so focused.

  • Kai says:

    One unexpected benefit from transitioning as a trans* person is a feeling of self worth and clarity, whereas before I hated myself and my body but have since learnt to love it a little more 🙂

  • Maxwell Davis says:

    An unexpected but amazing thing to come of my journey is a much closer and more understanding relationship with my father and one of my two brothers; I fully expected all 3 of them to be, if not purposely hateful, then at least unwilling to make the changes regarding my name and how to address me. They’ve been great about standing up to other family members, referring to me correctly even when I’m not around, and asking questions as well as educating themselves about what I’m going through. They’re an awesome support team and I’m so glad to be able to be closer to them like this

  • Liam says:

    The most unexpected benefit of transitioning has been being able to see how society views both men and women differently. This has helped me become the man I am today.

  • James Valentine says:

    My most positive experience is having younger transguys say my journey has inspired them, and that they feel more confident talking to their families, schools, friends etc.about coming out and starting their own transition. To think me, a boring old man, could help someone in their teen years just by being open about my struggle makes me proud. I love being able to give advise, even if that advise is just YOU ARE VALID.

  • IJ says:

    To me the most unexpected benefit has been my growing self esteem and courage. Even a year ago I never would have believed I’d do the things that I do now. I also have more friends than ever before and I’m finally doing what I actually want to do with my life.

  • The most unexpected benefit is being someone elses voice. I am going through my transition doing my best to help others as well, if it helps them to move on with their transition then that is the best unexpected gift I can give while being happy.

  • Carol Ferringer says:

    I am at complete harmony with myself finally. I am not depressed or suicide any me

  • Will says:

    For me one major unexpected benefit to coming out and transitioning has been the improvement in my relationships with family members and friends. I feel much closer to people now that I can be more honest about how I feel and what I’m going through!

  • Rob says:

    My grandmother, who is accepting but old-fashioned, has no idea what to guilt me about. My sisters wear too much make-up and too little clothes; my dad needs to get remarried and settle down. But me? She’s got no idea; I’ve ruined all of her schemas. It cracks me up.

  • Byron Kimball says:

    My hair. Always thick, always bushy and getting in my face. Now sheared short enough to where getting it ready takes less than five minutes. Instead of my pre-transition routine of blow drying it, conditioning it, and then brushing the many, many tangles that somehow bred out of it, I literally just need to run gel through it with my fingers now if I want to look semi-sharp. That’s it. Done. And I now get to experience one of the world’s greatest minor pleasures- a breeze running through my scalp.

  • Ali says:

    The most unexpected benefit is recognizing that strength comes with femininity and that masculinity is so, so fragile. I recognized how much it took to build myself up to transition, and how the balance of masculinity and feminity is what made me feel so much more comfortable.

  • Davis says:

    I never realized it but my life has felt like it was on pause after puberty. Finally the play button was pressed and I feel like a real person. I did expect I’d feel more confident but the level of difference and continuing changes were very unexpected.

  • Eli Knight says:

    The most unexpected outcome of my transition is that I’m better and happier without my family but have found plenty along the way that support me, emotionally, more than they did.

  • Mike says:

    I’m new to my transition into man hood and honestly the most exciting thing is for what is below the belt to show what’s in my head. It’s the most empowering thing I have ever seen.

  • The most unexpected benefit in my transition has been my self consciousness of my body image. I had lots of issues with my body pre transition, and I was never happy with my body because I never looked cut and muscular. I figured I would keep these high expectations for my body after transition as well, thinking I would never be happy with my body unless I got a six pack and top surgery, but I feel myself becoming more and more comfortable with my body every day, even to the point where I can walk around my apartment without a shirt on and enjoying pictures of myself where I’m in my binder. For the first time in my life I am starting to love my body for what it is instead of what it could be.

  • James Lines says:

    My journey as a trans man has sure been an interesting one. From weird conversations in the bathroom to rewriting my history so that I am still stealth I could only say one thing that has been interesting and actually positive about this whole transition. I have an advantage, you see. Not only am I able to never have an awkward boner, ever, I’m also able to last longer in bed than any other man.

  • The biggest blessing from my transition is that the war with my body is over. I feel so much peace

  • Victor says:

    The most unexpected benefit for me was realizing what I wanted to do with my life. Before transitioning I’d lost all my motivation to study and I was just doing whatever it was easiest to do just for the sake of doing something, because I didn’t have any plans and I didn’t see myself capable of achieving anything. Once I started transitioning and I saw I had a future worth living I quickly figured out the career and the kind of life I wanted, and I realized I was perfectly capable of achieving those things. Other than that there haven’t been many things, positive or negative, that caught me by surprise. But figuring out what I wanted to do with my life in a matter of a couple of months was surprising.

  • Shannon Beattie says:

    My unexpected benefit to beginning my transition, has been finding new friends and support groups. I’m pre everything but I’m saving up to officially start the physical journey. I’m very open about my gender now that I’ve talked to and met others who understand and are going through the same journey. I haven’t talked to my family about transitioning yet although I believe they already know or have some idea. I think it’s very important for anyone to find friends who they can talk to and lean on for support.

  • Tyler says:

    My favorite part of my journey initially was the increase in sex drive. Now farther into my transition is the confidence I have in my body and in the world in general.

  • Aden says:

    The greatest benefit of my journey has been finding the ability to love myself for who I am so that I could find someone out there who loves me just for who I am. I am truly lucky to be born the way that I was so that I could experience life the way that I have. I’m so grateful for my gender identity journey.

  • Max says:

    I did not expect to suddenly feel that much better about my body during that journey – I was able to play with my sports team on a regular basis again, “just” because my friends on the team startet calling me by my slightly altered and now “male” name. I was much more flexible and seemed to have more stamina all of a sudden. Just because my body suited me better that way.

  • Jessy says:

    I feel “less crazy.” I never realized how much my mental health was suffering because of dysphoria. I struggle with bipolar disorder among other things and have done a lot in keeping all that in check, however, the dysphoria was the biggest trigger of my intense episodes.
    Now that I pass and am recognized as a man in my day to day….I finally for the first time know what it’s like to truly be enjoying my life. Its a relief for both me and my partner, and it’s only getting better!

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