FTM Pumping Primer

ftmpumpDoes pumping work? Yes! There are numerous accounts of trans guys who have increased the size of their penis with a daily regimen of pumping. However, success with pumping depends on a high level of commitment and patience. For best results, pump twice a day, morning and night.

Measure Up

To measure the length of your penis, hold it straight out from your body and measure from base to tip. To measure the girth of your penis, wrap a soft tape measure around it to get a circumference measurement, or wrap a piece of string then measure that length against a ruler.

Cylinder Selection

Select a cylinder twice as long as your flaccid penis, and about 50% more in girth. (Example: If your penis is 1″ long and 1/2″ in diameter, then use a 2″ long, 3/4″ diameter cylinder.)

Warm Up and Get Pumped

Warm up by wrapping your penis in a warm towel for a few minutes. Simultaneously, soak the cylinder in hot water.

Dry everything off, then amply apply lube to your penis, as well as a small amount to the inside of the cylinder.

Position the cylinder to ensure a good fit and seal.

Pump to five pounds. Keep the pump on for as long as it takes for your penis to become fully engorged.

This shouldn’t cause pain or fill the cylinder completely. Check yourself frequently to make sure you’re not blistering or bruising badly (slight bruising is OK.) If you’re experiencing any pain, blistering or significant bruising, disengage the cylinder immediately. These symptoms aren’t the sign of permanent damage but you will need to take a week or so off pumping to heal up.

Advanced Pumping

Once you’re comfortable with basic pumping, you can experiment with increasing the pressure on the pump to achieve more length. Take a cautious approach, always being aware of any pain and bruising.

If you have a second, larger cylinder, you can try the Two Stage Pumping Method: complete the basic pumping technique, then increase the pressure to 15 lbs, disengage the smaller cylinder and attach the larger one.

Where to Buy Pumps

Videos About FTM Pumping

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FTM Pumping

Cheap ‘n’ Easy Transman Penis Pump


  • Toyneo says:

    Good article man, I need to find some place that has larger cylinders well longer i should say. The one you have above the largest cylinder is 4 inches in height. If you come across anything longer can you shoot me an email?

    Love the site btw 🙂


  • Joshua says:

    Hey Toyneo, check PumpToys.com—they sell custom cylinders. Also, Boston Pump Works (link above.) Happy pumping!

  • Ivan says:

    Hello Joshua! I would like to know if DHT cream used only topically make growth hair in the body and change voice. Thanks.

  • Joshua says:

    Ivan, have a look at the DHT for Transgender Men article for more about DHT. It’s a strong hormone, hard to get and expensive, therefore I don’t think there’s much reason to use it for hair growth and voice changes—testosterone and time should take care of that.

  • Max says:

    I’ve been pumping on and off for a number of years. I started out using a syringe system but rather than have a bulb pump to increase the pressure I just had a tube through which I sucked the air out…sure it did get a little hard to have to keep sucking all the time but it was effective for starting out and convincing myself I needed to spend the money on something a little more professionally made.

    What I bought was a clitoris cylinder (and pump) but found this to be uncomfortable as there was no flanging at the bottom, just straight up and down, also it wasn’t very big.

    My next purchase was an LA foreskin cylinder, unfortunately I can’t remember the size but am sure it would be comparable to Boston Pumps foreskin cylinder measuring 1 1/2″ x 5″. This I found to be a much better suited size and though it isn’t easy to maintain pressure as I can’t seem to create an airtight suction I just keep pumping to keep the pressure up. The length I can reach whilst within the cylinder is approximately 2/3 the length of the cylinder itself this will naturally be less once I remove the cylinder. Overall the growth I get from this (once cylinder is removed) is fan-bloody-tastic. Not only do I get obvious length but also substantial girth so much so that my penis looks to be just a very short bio dick.

    Having said that, I can’t guarantee anyone will gain the dimensions that I do simply because of the pressures I pump and the duration I sustain that pressure, this would naturally be greater than that of a beginner. Nor would it necessarily match those of an experienced pumper as we are all individuals who can/cannot tolerate discomfit to whatever degree and length of time.

    Most importantly if you do choose to pump, listen to your body, if it’s crying out in pain remove the cylinder immediately resting yourself at least until the next day. Also as was mentioned in Aaron’s film clip please be mindful of the length of time you are pumping, more than 45 mins can cause serious long term injury to your penis just as too much pressure can.

    Remember, this is your biological penis, whether you enhance it via meta or phalloplasty at some date in the future (or not) is a good enough reason to protect it, so you may still have the opportunity of possibly having the added pleasure it may give through these future surgeries.

    Happy pumping.

  • Dan says:

    I’ve been doing research lately because I have my heart set on transitioning and I’ve been diving into metoidioplasty more specifically because my therapist mentioned needing to pump before sex if I were to have phalloplasty. The idea didn’t really please me much so I thought, as long as I could get a decent size through testosterone, DHT treatment, and regular pumping, I’d be happy and so would my partner. So I guess I have two questions:

    About how large have people gotten using this method?

    Will getting an erection work the same as a bio-male, or do you still have to pump before sex?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Jecx says:

    Hi Ive been pumping for a couple of months now and yes it kinda makes an erection during intercourse. .however since its not that long it doesnt fully go in my partner.. but the hardness and feeling is there..

  • jayson says:

    i was seriously thinking and having sex with a women with its pumped inside the cylinder and adding a penis enhancer with it. has anyone tried that?

  • Eli says:

    Would pumping make it harder to us a stp? Because you’re only enlarging the clitoris not the urethra right?

  • Joshua says:

    @Eli Correct, only the clitoris is enlarged. I don’t think it would cause any issues with STPing though. If it did, I’d say congratulations on your size 😉

  • theo says:

    What about pumping and piercings? i have two “foreskin” piercings and do not want to cause any complications. Does anyone have any input on this topic? I am new to pumping and have yet to even try it. Do you pump just the head or do you pump the hood tissue also?

  • Joe says:

    Has anyone tried using an extension that fits over top of the penis for better penetration during intercourse? Is that even an option?

  • Joshua says:

    @Joe The key to finding a good extender is to look for one that’s small. Someone pointed me to this model which customer reviews all pan for being too small. Might be just perfect for someone my size!

  • Taylor says:

    I was wondering if anyone knew where to find something close to 3” long and 1” in diameter. I know pumptoys sells custom cylinders, but I’m not trying to spend $110 on one just to start out. Any help is appreciated!

  • Joshua says:

    @Taylor Check out the 3 Cylinder Set here. The large cylinder is 3.825″ long and 1.125″ in diameter Just $28 for the set. Close enough?

  • daniel says:

    the 5 star pump you have advertised on here as high quality is pretty crappy actually. they just sent me a second broken one. i’m going to try to return it now.

  • Broken Dick says:

    I’ve been pumping for years and the other night a blood vessel burst, filling my cylinder (1 inch by 4 inch?) with blood. It was enough to make me rethink pumping. My gauge doesn’t have pounds on it for the pressure, just MM Hg in vac and inches of Hg in vac. Just did a quick conversion and 5 psi would be too much for me. 3.5 is do-able.

  • Chili says:

    Hello there! I made a homemade pump just the same as in the video above. I cut the top and rasped the edges to make them smooth, but I feel uncomfortable sharpness and pressure in my labia minora while pumping. What should I do, how should I make the edges less sharp?? I am considering to cover them with some kind of gum, but don’t know what to take…

  • Mitchell says:

    hey guys,

    i have been pumping and i think it has been affective but im not sure it might just be the testosterone but what is a good pressure to be at and how long do i need to do it for in sessions? and how many sessions a day would be good? i want to make sure i get the maximum penis size! please let me know!

  • Seti says:

    @Chili: I don’t know if your question has been answered yet or if you found a suitable solution.

    If you mean a DIY pump out of a syringe then just insert the plunger into the other end of the syringe’s barrel (that is, the end which you cut off). That way the rough edges won’t even touch your skin. Alternatively, use very fine sandpaper. Or try melting the cut edges carefully over a candle so that they get smoother. But don’t hold the pump too close to the flame. Keeping a good distance and proceeding slowly gives better results – you just want to melt the plastic a bit, not burn it.

  • Jasen says:

    Thanks for this helpful guide! I was browsing the PumpToys website and found that they seem to have recently started selling FtM-specific cylinders; they call them TSP pre and post-op cylinders. They seem a bit expensive, so I was wondering if anyone has tried them and how well they worked. I like the look of the stepped entry cylinder even though I am pre-op; the flared ones always end up pinching and not sealing right for me.

  • Robert says:

    I just recieved my pump in the mail today and was very excited. I just want to warn you guys about EXCITINGTOYS.COM They sell pumps but it takes then 2-3 months to send your purchase to you. They are on ripoffs.com so just watch out for this site. So after 2 months of waiting and complaining it finally arrived in the mail. So today is my happy pump day.

  • Mark says:

    Just put a piece of tape over the hole, and pull it back when you want release, why keep your finger on the hole till your done.

  • anonymousguy says:

    For the DIY pump made from a 20 cc syringe, how do you know what to pull the plunger back to? I’ve never pumped before and I’m trying to get ahold of a 20 cc syringe to try.

    Also what do you do once you’ve pulled the syringe back and waited to be more engorged? Do you push the plunger forward to release the pressure? How long do you normally keep your penis in the pump before relieving the pressure?

  • Joshua says:

    You pull the plunger back until it you feel enough pressure. There needs to be enough pressure to stretch the tissues but it shouldn’t cause pain. Once the pressure feels right, you can keep it there for 15 minutes or so. With the syringe pump, you’ll probably have to “reset” a few times over the course of that 15 minutes. (With a more robust pump and cylinder set, you can move around without the cylinder losing pressure.) You can order large syringes on Amazon, I believe. If not, a local pharmacy should be able to get one in, though they may ask some questions and require an Rx.

  • Brucey says:

    Just wanted to say that a ‘Chinese cupping set’ works very well as a cheap alternative to a pumping set. You can get a set with a few cylinders for under $10. You can manually pump up to a comfortable pressure and the cylinders are detachable as well. Only downside is that it doesn’t have a pressure gauge – though you can use common sense!

  • Good tip, man, thank you!

  • Ali says:

    On thing I’d say as an improvement on a syringe which you have to hold the pressure on, is a small empty plastic bottle.

    You want one which has a slightly larger diameter than your dick, say if mine is a little over 3/4″ I’d use one with a 1″ hole and you want to make sure it’s not too sharp and that the plastic is not too stiff but also not too soft either (a drinks bottle probably wouldn’t work, but things like a small shampoo bottle will – just make sure you clean out all the chemicals.

    All you have to do is lube up, squeeze the bottle gently and put yourself inside of it, then release the pressure.
    You want to start with less pressure and increase if you need to, as it’s harder to control than say, my actual pump is. remember, you only need to displace a small amount of air to increase the pressure dramatically.
    To release yourself, you can simply squeeze the bottle again.

    This is IMO an improvement over a syringe as you can just leave it on without needing to hold it there.

  • Davey says:

    link for Dr. Kaplan’s Pumps is no longer valid. link to boston pumpworks is dead too. you may need to just repost new sites.

  • Ari says:

    on a related note: what tips do you guys have for strapping a silicone cock once your own dick has had significant growth? I’ve found my old terra firma harness is uncomfortable when I get hard, and don’t love the feeling of strapping it up high so my actual dick sticks down. also, none of my silicone cocks have holes in the base so tucking myself in there isn’t an option. please let me know if you have any tips!

  • Hey Ari, you might try swapping the harness for something strapless, like Rodeoh underwear, or a DIY underwear harness (cut hole, reinforce with stitching–consider not using the plastic reinforcement ring that some suggest, it can be uncomfortable.) No straps, no dick guillotine!

    I haven’t seen any cocks hollowed out in the back available in a few years it seems, but that’s another customization that you could do yourself: Heat a spoon and melt out your hole in the back using the back of the spoon. (You may want to try this on a cheap prosthetic first, and use good ventilation!)

  • Anon says:

    Maybe a stupid question, but how do you release the cylinder of the pump once it’s on? Pulling it off would probably be incredibly painful so surely that can’t be the way and I haven’t seen anything about a pressure release?…

  • Not a stupid question! With the pump kits, the pump has a valve that releases the pressure. With a DIY syringe pump, the pressure fades gradually.

  • Tim says:

    Question: so the same syringe that I take my T with I can use instead of throwing it away and how does it release again? By itself? I wanna try pumping today my Dic seems like 1/2 so I wanna try something. Also the left over T in syringe can you put on your Dic to help growth?

  • I use a 3ml syringe for injection and there’s no way my dick could have ever fit into it. But maybe you’re using a different type of syringe. There needs to be enough space in it for your dick to expand in it.

    No, your leftover IM testosterone is not formulated to be absorbed topically so it will not help with dick growth if applied to the skin.

  • Hollee says:

    I am female and happily married to my husband we have both decided it would be fun for me to have a little cock. Im a bit jealous of his and love the thought of him sucking me off like he gets sucked off. I’m unsure of the best way to grow my tiny clit. Has anyone had significant results from just pumping? No meds? While my guy likes the thought of me having a dick is cool, he isn’t really up for the full effects that testosterone might leave me with. Plus its so expensive and I don’t know that my Dr would prescribe me something just so I can jurkmyself off for fun. Any insight, tips or anything is greatly appreciated! Y’all have a great day.

  • The results won’t be as big without T/DHT but yes, pumping alone could work well for you, Hollee, lots of women do this.

  • Nikola says:

    Is there a way to extend a finished phalloplasty? a gain of 1 cm or 2 cm in length would be awesome. is there anyone who tried something?

  • B. says:

    Is it a usual thing for it to be immediately painful when attempting to pump when one is wearing jewelry? A glans piercing and two horizontal piercings on the shaft. I know the cylinder is large enough to hold the jewelry itself so I dunno where the issue is but it’s driving me batty.

  • Hey B. This might help, from Piercing Bible:
    “Q: Is it okay to “pump” the clitoris with a VCH?
    A: You would definitely need to wait until the piercing is well healed (6 weeks or longer) before engaging in pumping. But after the healing time, it shouldn’t be a problem. Though even after a piercing is initially healed, you need to be more gentle with it than you will after you’ve had it for a more extended period of time. You just need to “listen” to your body and any tenderness or soreness is a signal that your piercing isn’t ready for that particular type or level of activity yet.”
    Note: Dropping the link for info purposes but acknowledging the author’s recent history as non-trans friendly.

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