The Great Packing Harness Roundup

The Roundup Finale

Last week’s daily packing harness reviews covered a lot of ground, however there are still a number of other options out there to corral.


Homegrown harness concepts abound, and are a great option when you’re on a limited budget or find yourself unable to buy locally, order online, or are otherwise logistically challenged. For a plethora of DIY harness designs in addition to the popular Full Monty, check out the numerous how-to videos on YouTube.

Commercially Available Harnesses

ASLAN packing straps and the STP-friendly Tool Belt are excellent harness choices for those looking for a quality harness coupled with hassle-free online ordering. (Of course, if you live in the Milwaukee area, you can just drop by The Tool Shed.)

Another option is the Cock Sock made by Nick at The Transitional Male. Not to be confused with this cock sock, this is a design that’s been around for years through Nick’s websites as well as Babeland, but it isn’t if it’s currently available: Nick’s Gear Guy site is shutting down, and Babeland no longer carries the Cock Sock. Watch for updates about the availability of this product, and check out Butchtastic’s detailed review here.

Jock Straps for Trans Guys

Plain old jock straps remain a fine option for packing, especially in the absence of being able to procure more specialized products, but since they aren’t designed with trans men in mind, you may have to try a few brands and designs out before finding one that works for you. TuBOQ sells a few jock straps for trans guys that presumably have demonstrated sufficient packing functionality. Then there’s the FTM Jockwear line of jock straps sold through TranZwear. Designed specifically for packing, FTM Jockwear is going to be a better bet than picking something off the rack at your local athletics shop.

TranZwear Trunk with Floater

TranZwear Trunk with Floater

Strap-Free and Fabulous

Underwear modified for packing appear to be gaining in popularity, and with good reason: superior comfort. TranZwear is probably the biggest name in the world of “packernomic” underwear tech, with four patented designs, but there are some smaller enterprises out there that have been busy overhauling underwear for our packing needs as well:

Sent Packing are packing-ready boxer briefs, designed by an FTM and a Paris-trained couture designer. Sent Packing underwear are colorful and flashy looking, sweatshop-free, and made in small artisanal lots.

Packn it! are another flavor of packing underwear made by AJ. They feature a concealed inner pocket and sell for $16 USD. (These are currently only available through Facebook. Friend AJ to find out more and to order.)

In addition to Shock Jock enhancing underwear, Andrew Christian also has the Show It lineicon featuring a hidden “comfy cup” that lifts and presents your package to the front. As attested by one commentator, AC Show It underwear are great for packing, but are best suited to those with an athletic body type.

Caution: Your North American Bias Is Showing!

With the exception of the DIY Full Monty harness, all the products reviewed or mentioned in The Great Packing Harness Roundup are made in either Canada or the USA. With the high price of International shipping these days, they aren’t necessarily a great option for guys who live outside North America. So, I’d like to request some crowdsourced help here: Can you recommend a great packing harness product that’s available in other parts of the world? Surely there are ambitious guys outside NA’s borders making harness products for their fellow trans men. Who are you, and where are you? Please leave your comments below!

Final Words

Thanks for tuning into The Great Packing Harness Roundup! I enjoyed all this time I got to spend at the office in my underwear, and I hope that I’ve provided you with some helpful guidance in finding the right packing harness for you. I’d like to extend a thank you to The Tool Shed and TranZwear for providing me with products to review free-of-charge. Both are excellent businesses we can feel good about supporting!


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