Rise of the Butch Bespoke Tailor

Buck Angel Sharpe Suiting

Buck Angel in a custom Sharpe Suiting suit.
Photo BuckAngel/twitter

While there are countless online and brick-and-mortar stores that make custom suits, it wasn’t until about a decade ago that you could find formal clothes tailored specifically for trans masculine and butch folks. In the time since, several custom tailors targeting this market have opened doors, attracting huge community support and media attention from major outlets such as the New York Times and PBS. These businesses have been noted for tapping into the “buying power” of an underserved market and in this regard it’s probably safe to say that trans men are a secondary target customer. Nevertheless, many trans guys will find shopping with one of these tailors to be a more comfortable experience. If you’re in the hunt for a fine suit in the US or UK, consider supporting one of the rising butch bespoke tailors.

Fashion is a proclamation or manifestation of identity. – Kate Bornstein, artist and activist

Alan David Custom Tailor – www.alandavid.com
Handcrafted since 1926, Alan David Custom produces the finest handmade custom suits, formalwear, and shirts in New York City. They can perfect fit any body shape.  All custom garments are 100% hand-sewn and made with a full-canvas construction. Custom suit prices range from $1,095 to $1,895. Custom shirt prices range from $140 to $295. Your garments will arrive in 3 to 4 weeks.

Duchess Clothier – www.duchessclothier.com
Made-to-measure suits made with an understanding of the unique needs of genderqueer and trans bodies. Est. 2005. Portland, OR.

Bindle & Keep – www.bindleandkeep.com/men/
Custom tailors with a LGBT rep. Est. 2011. Brooklyn, NY.

Dapper Boi – www.dapperboi.com
Androgynous clothing brought to you at a wholesale price and made to fit a variety of sizes and genders. Est. 2015.  San Diego, CA.

Kipper Clothiers – www.kipperclothiers.biz
Well-fitting tailored suits and shirts for men and women alike. Est. 2013. San Francisco, CA.

Sharpe Suiting – www.sharpesuiting.com
“Custom constructed suits and dress wear with an intellectual approach and a classic feel.” Est. 2014. Los Angeles, CA.

The Butch Clothing Company – thebutchclothingcompany.co.uk
“Custom suits for gay women.” Est. 2009. Paddock Wood, Kent, England.

Need shoes? Check out Tomboy Toes. The company’s mission is to make sure women, trans men, nonbinary people and anybody else with smaller feet can find dress shoes without compromise. www.tomboytoes.com


Last updated: 02/23/17

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