DHT for Transgender Men

dhtDihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a metabolite of testosterone that’s recommended by some SRS surgeons to encourage genital growth in transgender men. DHT can be topically applied in a transdermal cream, but is not to be confused with testosterone cream or testogel/androgel. DHT is at least three times more potent as an androgenic compound and is therefore the preferred choice for FTM genital growth.

DHT plays a vital role in virilization. When a trans man injects testosterone, his body converts some of it into DHT. It influences facial and body hair growth, voice changes, sex drive, and growth of muscle and genital tissue. Unlike other androgens, DHT cannot be converted to estradiol, and it’s not anabolic, so it doesn’t build up in tissues, muscles and bones.

DHT for Dick Growth

For genital growth, a 10% DHT concentration, non-alcoholic cream is desired. A typical dosage is 20 mg administered three times a day. Rub the cream onto the glans, shaft and foreskin; it absorbs quickly. A typical length of treatment is three months.

Topical DHT shouldn’t drastically affect blood pressure or testosterone levels, but it may be a good idea to get blood work done while you’re using DHT. Observe your moods and adjust your testosterone dosage if required.

Getting a Prescription for DHT

To get a prescription for DHT, ask your doctor or endocrinologist for “10% Dihydrotestosterone cream.” If they grant your request, take the prescription to a compounding pharmacy. Be sure to specify that the cream should not contain any alcohol.

In North America, DHT had been available to compounding pharmacies through the PCCA. In July 2009, the PCCA announced that they were out of stock and that the manufacturer had ceased production of DHT. It’s unknown if there are other sources available. It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to get a prescription for DHT filled in North America at this time.

Buying DHT Online

You can buy a 2.5% DHT gel called Andractim online and without a prescription. However, this product is alcohol based and may cause a temporary burning sensation. It’s also important to note that DHT is a Schedule III Controlled Substance. In North America, it’s illegal to import DHT. Purchase at your own risk. If you do buy DHT online, check off “female” for gender on the order form, otherwise you’ll be required to purchase a prostate test kit.

Side Effects of DHT

Hair Loss

Despite being responsible for facial and body hair growth, one of the potential side effects of DHT is hair loss. DHT leaves a waxy substance at the root of hair follicles on the scalp that can inhibit hair growth. One possible solution is saw palmetto berry extract tincture, a natural herb that’s been shown to block DHT. The tincture can be mixed with water and topically applied to the scalp to prevent that build up in the hair follicle roots. Dosage is 30-60 drops daily. A one month supply of saw palmetto tincture costs about $25 USD.

Secondary Exposure

Like Androgel, DHT cream presents a risk of transference and requires diligence to prevent accidental secondary exposure to sexual partners, children, and pets. Washing well 1 hour after application reduces—but does not eliminate—chance of exposure. The only safe form of protection is zero exposure.

DHT Research

While there aren’t any clinical studies about DHT and transgender men, we can look to related studies for some guidance, particularly with regard to safety.

Transdermal dihydrotestosterone therapy and its effects on patients with microphallus.

All patients demonstrated growth of the penis during treatment. The mean increase rate (153%) in the first 4 weeks of treatment was higher than that (118%) of the second 4 weeks… In conclusion, transdermal dihydrotestosterone therapy is an effective and relatively safe modality in the treatment of microphallus.

A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized Clinical Trial of Transdermal Dihydrotestosterone Gel on Muscular Strength, Mobility, and Quality of Life in Older Men with Partial Androgen Deficiency

We conclude that 3 months treatment with transdermal dihydrotestosterone gel demonstrates expected androgenic effects, short-term safety, and limited improvement in lower limb muscle strength but no change in physical functioning or cognitive function.

Long-term transdermal dihydrotestosterone therapy: effects on pituitary gonadal axis and plasma lipoproteins.

…percutaneous DHT administration is a relatively safe modality of androgen replacement therapy as far as atherogenicity is concerned.

Absorption of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) after its intramuscular administration.

…suitable for long-term substitution therapy.

DHT offers trans men the potential for genital growth that exceeds the promises of testosterone therapy alone. While dedicated research is lacking, related studies and anecdotal accounts suggest that DHT is a safe and promising treatment.


  • Meiko says:

    Thanks for taking the time to write, test and report your experience.

  • Fred says:

    Please tell us what growth (length and girth) you experienced? Did you administer typical dosage of 20 mg three times a day? If you are in USA, could you recommend a doctor and/or pharmacy? Thank you.

  • Joshua says:

    Fred, I haven’t done my official final measurement, but I achieved about 1/2″ to 3/4″ of extra length. Not sure I got much extra girth though. It might not sound like much, but it could mean the difference between clearing my fly or not post-op, so I’m pleased. Yes, I used 20mg of 10% DHT three times a day.

    I’m not in the US. I obtained a prescription from my primary care provider here in Canada, and had it filled at a compounding pharmacy, with DHT sourced from the PCCA.

  • Key says:

    Hey Joshua

    I got the andractim gel online and found that if I use lidocaine ointment before I apply the gel it doesn’t sting at all. My question is, should I use it more than 3 times a day because it’s only 2.5%?

  • Joshua says:

    Lidocaine is a great idea! Someone on YouTube suggested Orajel. (Note: Anbesol has alcohol in it, apparently Orajel does not.) However, Orajel is not intended for genital use, while lidocaine is, so again, great idea Key!

    Given that the Andractrim is only 2.5% concentration, yes you could use more safely. Rather than increasing frequency (I found 3x day inconvenient enough!) I would increase dosage.

    It would be great if you could report back with your own anecdotal experience with DHT!

  • Key says:

    Thanks for the info Joshua. I will definately report back. I started about 3 days ago and I forgot to measure first but i’m gonna go ahead and do that now. I’ll report back in about a month.

  • Oscar says:

    This is great and incredibly interesting to me. I have had significant growth from my T shots alone so hopefully I’ll be able to acquire this prescription (I live in the states).

    Thanks, again for posting this, Joshua.

  • MaxMan says:

    Hello Joshua.I would like to know if I use DHT cream only my genital parts it will be possible to growth hair in my face and my voice could be changed.Thanks.

  • Joshua says:

    Max, some of the DHT that’s topically applied will be absorbed into your system, so yes there’s a good chance that using DHT for genital growth will produce other masculinizing effects.

    I don’t recommend using DHT to acheive other masculinizing effects as there’s supposed to be a specific ratio of DHT to T in your system, so one probably wouldn’t want to be on it for long periods of time. It’s a good idea to get DHT levels checked in addition to T levels when using DHT.

  • M.C says:

    Hello Joshua, and thanks for this great article. There are a few questions I’d like to ask you about DHT:

    – Can DHT be taken only untill the penis has achieved a comfortable length, or must I take it for the rest of my life to maintain the size? I really hope that I can just take it untill I am satisfied, and then go off it with confidence that my penis won’t start to shrink back.

    – Did you experience any hair loss? Can hair loss be estimated based on genetics? If you did experience hair loss, did you do anything to counter it?

    – How long had you been on T before trying DHT? And how old were you when you started DHT? Are you still applying DHT?

    – This one is really important. If my penis has stopped growing from the T, and I start to apply DHT, will it start to grow again?

    – Lastly, does age effect hair loss probability? For example, if I apply DHT for a set number of months and I am 17 years old, will I be less likely to experience hair loss than if I were applying DHT as a 30 year old?

    Sorry for the multitude of questions. Don’t feel obliged to answer every single one, they are probably better suited for my endocrinologist, I just have a lot of trouble asking them. If you do happen to answer my questions, then hats off to you, you’re a life saver.

  • Joshua says:

    Hey MC, I’m happy to answer your questions. Some endos wouldn’t be able to answer these anyway…

    You do not need to take DHT for life. I haven’t come across any information that suggests that growth achieved with DHT goes away after treatment has stopped. (It has not in my case.) I wouldn’t take DHT for periods longer than 3 months anyway, for several reasons including…

    Yes, I experienced hair loss. I noticed it quite immediately. I started using the topical saw palmetto and that stopped the hair loss. However, I didn’t continue the saw palmetto after I was done the DHT, and I wish I had because the hair loss picked up again at that point and lasted a few more months. In the future, I will use the saw palmetto for an additional 3 months after finishing the DHT. I don’t think age is much of a factor with DHT related hair loss. Lastly, DHT is one aspect of hair loss, while genetics is another.

    I started using DHT when I was about 14 months on T, at age 35. I wouldn’t recommend using it until hormone levels are balanced (ie, after 1 year of T.)

    No, I’m not using it now. I used it for 3 months, and will use it again twice more, pre-op and post-op (if I op!)

    It’s possible that you will experience growth with DHT despite the fact that you’ve stopped growing from T. I say it’s “possible” not because of this fact, only because some of this is genetics too: not everyone experiences measurable growth from DHT. Also, I’ve heard plenty of guys say that they had growth spurts 3, 4, even 5 years after starting T, long past when it seemed like growth had stopped.

    Hope that helps!

  • M.C says:

    Yes, it does help. Thanks a ton for all the information, I copied and pasted it into a word document to save and reference in the future.


  • M.C says:

    Hey Joshua, after a couple of months I have come back to this article, and after re-reading my questions and your answers, another question came up.

    You said that you used DHT for 3 months, and plan to use it again for another 3 months pre-op. You were pre-op the first time you used it, so why would you need to use it again, for another 3 months?

    My question is: If I use DHT for a 3 month period, and then go off it and wait, and then use it for another 3 month period, will I grow even more? And why would I need to take a break?

    Either way, could you explain to me why you went on DHT for 3 months, stopped, and now plan to do it again (if you decide to have surgery)? I realize what the purpose of applying DHT is (genital growth for metoidioplasty), but I don’t understand the need for multiple treatments.

    Thanks a ton once again Joshua, I really can’t express my gratitude.

  • Joshua says:

    I don’t know that another 3 month treatment would provide additional growth or not, but I would use DHT again simply to ensure that I could get all the growth possible before surgery. No harm trying! I would take a break between treatments because the systemic build up of DHT can cause hair loss.

  • Cilene says:

    testosterone gel helps to dick growth too?

  • Joshua says:

    @Cilene I’ve heard that plain testosterone cream (compounded, not gel) can provide growth, but it’s just the same stuff that’s injected and generally speaking more T doesn’t equal more or faster changes. (In fact, too much can cause feminization.) DHT is a bit of a different beast and more effective for this purpose. Also, I believe there’s a warning in the Androgel leaflet that it should NOT be used on genitals. I *think* this is because of alcohol content, but don’t quote me on that.

  • Rik says:

    DHT is in the US. For the guy in the UK, perhaps you need to travel here to get it.

  • Joshua says:

    @Rik Do you know if you obtained DHT from a pharmacy that had it in stock, OR if it’s actually being manufactured again? What’s the DHT concentration that you obtained (%)?

  • Dee says:

    Could DHT be used as a replacement for T therapy. Why and why not? Benefits and disadvantages.

  • Joshua says:

    @Dee First, be sure to read the excerpts above (highlighted in blue) from the journal articles. There’s some info there pertinent to your questions. I’m not an endo, but I don’t think DHT is suitable as the sole source of HRT for trans men because I imagine that it’s necessary to get a full spectrum of testosterone for optimum health, not just certain metabolites. Secondly, DHT is pricey and hard to get. It’s also transdermal (representing an accidental transference risk) and needs to be applied several times a day (read: inconvenient.) Personally, I wouldn’t want to use DHT for longer periods than three months because of the high likelihood of hair loss. I think it has it’s place for male enhancement, but only as an adjunct, not as the sole FTM HRT medication.

  • Joshua says:

    Regarding Rik’s comment above about DHT being available in the US: I contacted Rik via email for more info and learned that he obtained DHT from a pharmacy in the US that happened to still have some in stock. Given that DHT is not common and is no longer available in North America, Rik got very lucky! The only hope of buying DHT in North America (with a prescription) is if you can find a pharmacy that still happens to have some in stock, like Rik did.

  • Jecx says:

    Joshua: Thank you so much for your posts! I am 1 year on T shots now and wanting to use DHT however my doctor is unsure of DHT? Do you know where can I get some w/o prescription. Is the site to buy andractim safe? What else can you recommend?

  • Joshua says:

    @Jecx: Yes, my doctor had never heard of DHT either, but he wrote me the prescription when I brought him journal articles and information about it. The only commerically available DHT gel is Andractim. Because it’s a controlled substance in Canada and the US though (just like T is) it’s illegal to import it. They didn’t reply to my emails, but lots of guys order it without problems. It’s wise to know the risks though.

    Unfortunately, I have no other recommendations for obtaining DHT at this time.

  • Dr K says:

    The age management company I work with has a compounding pharmacy in the States and we prescribed it for our patients. We don’t sell it to anyone except our patients however. If your interested go to our website and if you want to become a patient let me know. I will give my email then.

  • Jecx says:

    Josh: I finally got DHT..from mexico thou.. not in North America .. ill probably use the cream in conjunction with pumping. How long did it take you to see growth? ..

  • Mitchell says:

    Hey Joshua, I asked my therapist about DHT cream and she said that it is Illegal in Canada how do i do what you did? What do i specifically ask for? Could you please let me know so that i can get it and started with using it right away?? Thanks

  • Joshua says:

    Mitchell, your therapist’s comments are inaccurate: DHT is not illegal. It is however a controlled substance that requires a prescription, and it’s illegal to import it. Here’s the problem: you can get a prescription if your doctor is willing, but you probably won’t be able to get it filled because there’s currently no manufacturer supplying Canada (and the US.) You’d need to locate a pharmacy that already has DHT in stock, and since DHT isn’t common, that’s going to be a long shot. Your only other option is to buy 2.5% DHT cream online, it’s the stuff that’s surgeon recommended and used in research settings, BUT it’s still illegal for you to import it! Unfortunately, this is the state of things at this time.

  • NeoN says:

    hi i am takeing propecia to prevent hair loss, witch is working, but i was wondering if it might stop dick growth as well,? and if i were to try DHT cream would i need to stop propecia? any info will be good thanks

  • Joshua says:

    @NeoN: Hmm, it’s a little “chicken and egg,” I think. Propecia will block your body’s production of DHT, and can inhibit certain aspects of virilization, like facial hair, and maybe dick growth too. If you add DHT to the mix, you’ll won’t know how much it will increase your systemic DHT levels, which if elevated enough could further contribute to hair loss. I don’t think I’d mix the two.

  • Seti says:

    Hi, first of all, thank you for this site, looks great!

    Just for clarity’s sake: do you mean 20mg of DHT 3x/day or do you mean 20mg of the DHT-cream (which I don’t really think, though, as it seems it would be difficult to figure out the correct amount of gel?)?

    I’m currently in Europe and Andractim is available here, so that’s why I’m asking. I have a bunch of questions, hope that’s OK (of course, you don’t have to answer all of them!). I’m afraid they’re a bit special.

    You’ve mentioned pausing the application: due to concerns about building up high DHT-levels? Isn’t DHT eliminated naturally, anyway, and does it really take weeks to let DHT-levels drop to ‘normal’ levels?

    Do you have any information about what kind of (range of?) elevation of DHT-blood levels we’re talking about here?

    In transguys with hypertrophy of the clitoris already present before starting on T, could the effects of DHT differ, e.g. be diminished? I’m not sure but I think the micropenis treatment is only possible up to a certain age? Of course, there are differences regarding both conditions but I’m wondering if this still could be a factor to consider?

    A doctor (surgeon) told me that in his experience clitoral growth only takes place during the first 6 to 9 months of HRT (with T). Others say that it keeps growing.

    Is the prevention of hair loss under finesteride solely due to the inhibition of converting T into DHT and the resulting lower DHT levels? I thought the exact mechanism hasn’t been established yet and that finesteride seems to protect the root somehow, perhaps similiar to the saw palmetto extract?

    Loads of questions and I could come up with even more!

  • Joshua says:

    Thank you for your questions, Seti! Here goes…

    My dosage was 20mg of DHT topically applied three times a day. My pharmacist wisely packaged the cream in syringes which made dosing really easy: at 20mg / 0.2ml, one line = 0.2ml = 20mg.

    DHT is naturally processed, but since you’re adding additional DHT, above and beyond what one would get from a normal T dose, I think it makes sense to cycle it. And, from what I understand about cycling DHT, it does take a couple of weeks to drop. (Though admittedly, most of the information I’ve found relates to those recognized male at birth, not trans men.)

    For information about DHT blood serum levels, see the diagrams from this journal article, under “hormonal and biochemical effects”: http://jcem.endojournals.org/content/86/9/4078.full

    The effectiveness of DHT with regards to trans male penis enlargement depends on the number of active DHT receptors in the genital tissues. Over time, these receptors “burn out.” (This is why treating microphallus with DHT is less effective in adult males.) When a trans man injects T, some of it is converted to DHT and acts on those receptors. Since there’s a limit to how much DHT the receptors will process, it’s logical to think that the longer one is on T, the less effective DHT will become as an option for enlargement. And, this is also why the most growth from DHT will happen very quickly, while subsequent rounds of treatment will be less effective, if at all.

    I have heard many, many anecdotal accounts of (penis) growth spurts years after starting T, and after hysterectomy. Certainly though, the majority of growth happens in that first year.

    From what I understand, Finasteride works by blocking conversion of T to DHT , via inhibition of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. (I wouldn’t touch the stuff, personally.) Saw Palemetto works similarly, but when used topically on the scalp alone, it specifically targets the DHT that accumulates at the root of hair follicles.

    Hope this answers your questions!

  • Seti says:

    Hi Joshua:

    Thanks for the explanation.

    Hm, maybe cycling DHT could address the diminishing susceptability of the androgen receptors, too? Number and ‘density’ of receptors shouldn’t be always constant, as up/down regulation of the receptor’s expression takes place? So that things pick up a bit again when resuming DHT. While anecdotes are not evidence, growth spurts after hysterctomy could point in the same direction.

    I’ve no idea what my DHT-levels look like. I could try to get some blood-work done and maybe could share my observations here on the topic. If you guys out there are interested, that is.

    Personally, I thought that hormonal treatment of microphalli was only effective up to a certain age because growth of the tunica albuginea isn’t possible later in life. Or maybe other structures are involved, too. That’s why I was wondering if a pre-existing condition of clitoromegaly would mean that further growth under HRT and/or DHT-administration is limited.

    I know that finasteride blocks 5-alpha-reductase, but I thought that it’s effectivity in treating MPB was thought to have other underlying mechanisms here. Prevebting the accumulation of these waxy deposits which sort of suffocate the follicle. OK, I’ll have to read up more on the subject.

    Maybe I can get hold of an endocrinologist or urologist who would answer some of the questions. I know they’re a bit of the beaten track.

    Thanks again.

  • Joshua says:

    I’m not certain. In cis gender men, the body compensates for the extra DHT by down regulating the androgen receptors, but I don’t know exactly how this is expressed in trans men.

    Since I have blood work covered here in Canada, I looked into getting my DHT levels checked. Unfortunately it’s a rare blood test, not covered, and very expensive. (Samples are shipped on dry ice to… Idaho, interestingly.)

    Growth of the tunica albuginea later in life is highly disputed, but those in the jelqing/pumping camp will tell you it’s possible.

    I’m guessing that trans men also have a lower number of DHT receptors (or perhaps less active receptors) than cis gender men, which would limit results.

    I’m not aware of other underlying mechanisms behind Fin’s effectiveness.

    I have found very few medical professionals who know anything about DHT, but that’s a conversation I’d love to have with a trans knowledgable endo!

    Ultimately, some guys will have success with DHT and others won’t. For me, it was worth the expense to try, given that even a 1/2″ of growth could mean the difference between clearing my fly or not STPing post-op. I’ve had what I consider success with it, and I plan to do one more round of treatment to see if I can squeeze any more results from the effort.

  • Seti says:

    Why should transmen have lower numbers of androgen receptors (both T and DHT activate this receptor)? After all, the receptor’s genetic code lays on the X-chromosome and ciswomen have a higher sensitivity to T than cismen.

    DHT blood-levels aren’t really considered to have much clinical significance so I’d guess that’s why nobody knows a lot about the topic. I’ve got blood work covered, too, but I’d probably have to explain to the doc why I’d like to get DHT done.

    Individual genetics always play a mayor role when it comes to differences.

    Sadly, there aren’t many trans knowledgable endo around.

    Do you think application of DHT post-meta would make sense?

  • C says:

    Just wondering, if I applied DHT cream to my hips & thighs would it lower estrogen and reduce female pattern fat storage?

  • Joshua says:

    Hey C, DHT doesn’t convert to estrogen, and in cis gender men supplemented DHT can cause a shift in the body’s estrogen/testosterone ratio, with a change in body fat distribution as a possible result. In those assigned female at birth however, I’m not certain that DHT alone would be as effective as “full spectrum” testosterone in this regard. DHT is expensive and long term studies are lacking. Any effect on body fat distribution would be lost once the DHT is stopped. Also, we can’t really pick and choose what we get from hormones, so there would likely be other androgenizing effects from the DHT as well. (It’s unclear if that would be acceptable to you or not.) While DHT can be obtained without a prescription in some parts of the world, a better course of action might be to get a prescription for testosterone. (I say “might” because I don’t know what your full intentions are.) I would also recommend a cautious course of action since hormones have such a big effect on physical and mental health.

  • SXYDEZY says:

    hey josh,

    I’ve got a question: I’m a married 32 yr old woman (not lesbian), my husband uses testosterone gel 5% everyday, he suggested i use some on my clit everyday for sexual purposes i have been using the gel for 2 months now and my clit has grown triple in size even looks like a tiny penis, which i really like now i feel obsessed to make it bigger. i wanna do this without masculizing effects. i wanna stay looking and sounding like a woman. i do pump my clit sometimes. should i switch from test gel 5% to DHT cream. please help.

  • Montana says:

    Hi Joshua..
    congratulations for the website…

    I’ve been reading it and it’s very encouraging that a hormone can be a penis bigger.

    I’m a biological man and I wish to increase my penis too..
    do you know about any case of penis increase with a biological man?


  • Nathaniel says:

    Hey Joshua, First of all Just wanted to say your website is extremely helpful and awesome.

    Also, I was just wondering, do you think you can get DHT into the UK?

    Also do you think it’d be okay for a 16 year old to use DHT? I’m planning, if it’s even possible, to get it at the same time I’m old enough to start T.

    What are the best hair-loss treatments for it that won’t effect the growth, because MPB is deff in my family :[

    Okay, Thanks.

  • Joshua says:

    I don’t know whether or not DHT is restricted in the UK. I wouldn’t use DHT until you’ve been on T for at least a year because I think it’s wise to see how your body adjusts to T before adding DHT to the mix.

    I don’t know what the best hair loss treatments are. I’ve only experimented with topical saw palmetto myself, and I had good results. If you have MPB in your family, it’s likely that you will lose hair with T alone, never mind DHT. Not all guys will go bald on T, but I think it’s safe to say pretty much all trans men lose some hair when they go on hormones.

  • Joshua says:

    @Montana Theoretically, DHT will increase penis size in natal men IF they still have active DHT receptors in the penis. These receptors typically burn out after puberty, but it varies and some adult men will still have active receptors. If you try DHT, it would be a good idea to cycle it, say 2 weeks on 2-3 weeks off, because you don’t want your body’s natural production to get “lazy.” Also, jelqing can help too. Nothing to buy, though you have to be dedicated about it.

  • Joshua says:

    @SXYDEZY They say you can’t pick and choose what you get from androgens, so I recommend caution since you don’t want masculinization. Cycling would be a good idea, so that T doesn’t build up in your system. You could try DHT but it’s a more potent androgen and could result in hair growth (and paradoxically hair loss) plus other side effects. Plain T and pumping is probably a better idea in this case.

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  • MasMojo says:

    Hi Guys: I just found your site tonight in my search of more info regarding why DHT was stopped from being made and stopped being imported to the US. I’m glad I found this site but why was it stopped?

    @Dr. K, I realize your post is over 2 years old but I did check out your website. I would be interested in becoming a patient providing I can afford your services. I’m a 41 yr. old male (was intersexed so I too seek size gains in my condition), I also have the lack of libido, a constant lack of energy, & regular foggy headedness your (Dr. K’s) site speaks of. Not to mention loss of muscle, etc. It would be great if your clients are still bring prescribed the DHT cream from your compounding pharmacy.

    I’ve been taking 100Mg T a week for a very long time. Started when I was 19 and been taking it off and on ever since. I didn’t know about the receptors in the skin … I sure hope I have some (a lot) left. :0/

    FYI for the rest of you: I’d never heard about DHT cream until the other day, but with just the T injections & pumping alone I got up to a full 4″ but I got lazy about it and it did shrink back down. The next best results I ever got… again T injection weekly and jelqing. I joined a mens size gain forum and did all the exercises they listed. This would be post-op for guys doing the metoidioplasty. Do these and you’ll be good. Don’t though and you might end up kind of like me. My doctor didn’t tell me to do anything after my surgery where he cut the suspensory ligament to give more length. I didn’t know I needed to do stretching exercises afterward. Apparently he didn’t know to tell me this either. :0(
    But many years later T, jelqing, something the site called “oriental stretching”–this technique was a great help too. I gained a surprising amount of girth, 3/4 of an inch girth & 1.5-2″ length, but guess what no T= loss in size for me anyway. Also, if you stop – you shrink back to starting position.

    Well, gotta get some shut eye. Night guys. Happy pumping / jelqing to you.

    MasMojo – a guy who walked into Dr. Meltzer’s office back in 93′ and was told by him, “You are the John Holmes of all the guys I’ve ever seen!” I replied, yeah, but 1) I was born intersexed so I had a bit already going on there and 2) I used a pump for quite some time before coming to see you. He said, “You used a penis pump! Do you mind if I share this info with my colleagues so we can spread the info to all their tg male patients. I’m not saying I was the 1st in 1993 person to think of it, & in a way via Dr. Meltzer get it to the T-guy’s community, but sometimes I wonder who did. That would be weird to hear my regular name in a reply to that question. 🙂 I’d be like, No way. & you’d be like, Way. & I’d be like, No way bro… That’s me!

  • Joshua says:

    Thanks for your comments! I think DHT production was stopped due to a lack of demand. It’s just not commonly Rx’d.

    You can contact Dr. K directly through the site that was referenced.

    Thanks for your recommendations re: jelqing and pumping, and especially for getting that pumping info to Dr. Meltzer, and thus out to the trans guys community–much appreciated!!

  • steve says:

    I’ve been doing foreskin restoration for quite sometime now and have had some success. I stumbled on your site here and found some the information very interesting. Any idea if DHT would help promote foreskin growth? I don’t really need the rest to grow any but I guess that would not be too bad of a side effect. Thanks for any information you may have.

  • Joshua says:

    steve, I don’t have solid info, but there are DHT receptors in foreskin, so I’d say it’s possible that DHT would help with foreskin restoration. Best of luck!

  • Montana says:

    Where to get DHT 10%?

  • Joshua says:

    @Montana: Unfortunately, raw DHT has become very difficult to find in North America (not sure about elsewhere.) The manufacturer over here stopped making it a couple of years ago and now the only way you can get it is to find a pharmacy that already has it in stock (because they can’t order it.) So even if you have a prescription, you may not be able to get it filled. I keep tabs on this issue but haven’t heard anything new in some time. The only DHT I’m aware of that’s obtainable is Andractim, but it’s only 2.5%.

  • Ed says:

    For Josh, As for 5 alpha DHT and its manufacture and availability in the U.S. it appears you track this and that it is no longer made in the U.S. due to lack of demand. As for a 10% DHT cream, if one went to Mexico, would one find it there and if so, are there clinics or compounding pharmacies over the border that might make a DHT cream? Clearly one cannot bring it into the U.S. It appears that perhaps only in Mexico, Asia or Europe might a researcher find 5 alpha DHT to compound. I welcome any thoughts. Ed

  • Thanks Ed. I’ve heard that DHT cream (not sure of %) is available OTC in MX. Conceivably one could go to MX for an extended vacation and obtain and use DHT legally while there. I imagine that researchers have different sources than consumers. Many DHT studies have just used straight up Andractim Gel.

  • chace says:

    The best place to buy raw dht powder In order to compound it yourself it best to look into getting them from china. Its cheap to manufacture there 100g is like $260. Get a measuring scale for grams, get dmso as a solvent and carrier and youre good to go.

    Just google androstanolone (dht) 100g powder and you will find so many chem sites from china selling it just be carful. […edited…] You usually get it mailed to you within a week. Once you get your powder get it checkeck out In a lab.

  • cory jacobs says:

    Does DHT really work?

  • @cory Does DHT work? Yes and No. It worked for me but I know others who got nothing from it. It depends on whether or not you have active DHT receptors left in your dick. Those receptors burn out with age and with T use. For this reason, I recommend using DHT earlier on in transition, say after a year or so of being on T (after your body has adjusted to T.) And younger trans men may get better results than older guys.

  • fish says:

    Hi, if you’re still responding on here – wondering if the clitoral enlargement from the cream is permanent? Even if you decide to come off it? Clitoral growth is my No. 1 priority out of all the masculinising changes, so I’m curious as to whether this is the most effective way to achieve that.
    Also, what ratio of water to saw palmetto were you using?


  • Yes, growth is permanent, as much as T growth is. (Going off T can make things shrivel a bit, though the tissue is still there.) DHT should only be used for a short time.

    The most effective way to achieve growth would be to use DHT not too long after starting T, for about 3 months. (Say, 6-12 months after starting, make sure the body has adjusted and T levels are stable.) Most of the growth will happen in the first 4-6 weeks. Also, get a dedicated daily pumping regimen going.

    To reduce hair loss from the DHT cream, I rinsed my hair daily with 30-60 drops of saw palmetto tincture in about 1-2 cups of water.

    Hope this helps!

  • Cy says:

    I have a problem that I can’t seem to find a solution to.

    I’m trans, and I want DHT to make my penis bigger so that I can have a metoidioplasty in the future. But the problem is that I don’t want to take T. I don’t want hair growth or a deeper voice or any of that – just a bigger penis. I know that’s an unusual case, which is why I’m trying to find out if DHT is the right choice for me.

    Also, I live in the US, so how would I even get any if compounding pharmacies no longer manufacture it? Would Andractim be a good substitute?

  • Hey Cy, yes, you could use DHT. If you cycle it (ex. 8 weeks on, 4 weeks off) you can avoid other masculinization. I know of a few people who went this route (both trans men and cis women) and were pleased with the results. No guarantees though. And there’s also no guarantee that the growth you’ll get will be sufficient for metoidioplasty (especially if you get urethroplasty and would like to STP.)

    The compounded DHT is not available. Your only option would be Andractim. It is a good substitute, the only downsides are: it’s illegal to import, it’s only 2.5% DHT, and it has alcohol in it. It’s all that’s available though.

  • leo says:

    Hello I am Italian, is available here dht Andractim, a few years before the intervention of metoidioplasty I wanted to take it, but I did not understand what I have and put WHERE, that is, on the clitoris, but on everything including the glans?
    It burns so much? It also goes well 1 time a day? Are being treated for several years already with testoviron 250mg.
    Salve sono italiano, quì è disponibile il dht andractim, qualche anno prima dell’intervento di metoidioplasty volevo prenderlo, ma non ho ben capito quanto devo metterne e DOVE, cioè sul clitoride, ma su tutto compreso il glande?
    Brucia tanto? Va bene anche 1 volta al giorno? Sono in cura da diversi anni già con testoviron 250mg.

  • @Leo Yes, apply the Andractim Gel to the shaft, pull back the foreskin and apply to the glans as well. The alcohol content causes the burning. Applying Lidocaine or Orajel can help alleviate this. Because Andractim Gel is 2.5% DHT, I recommend applying it a minimum of 3x day, up to 12x a day.

  • Damien says:


    I saw on one of the comments that you could get the DHT 10% in Mexico. Do you happen to know where or the name of it? Since I live in Mexico I would like to give it a try

  • Hi Damien, I have heard that it’s available over the counter there but that’s all I know. I was in MX earlier this year but didn’t have the chance to look into it further. If you find out, can you please post back? Thanks in advance!

  • Kris says:

    Thanks so much for all the info you provide Josh!

    I have been on T for 4 years now and want to try DHT gel. I know that starting earlier might have been better but I figure better late than never. I was just wondering if I should wait till after my upcoming complete hysto to start DHT or if I should start it now and have my hysto afterwards? Do you think it would make any difference as far as possible growth? Thanks again for all you do!

  • Glad you found this helpful, Kris! Good question… I would wait until after the hysto because your hormones could get a bit wacky and that may not be the best time to “dick with the mix,” as they say. I hope your surgery goes smoothly!

  • Anon says:

    I spoke to my dr today about taking DHT, and he said there was recent research showing that steroids applied to the genital region increased risk of cancer. Have you heard or read about this?

    He recommended against my using DHT for this and said if I chose to do it anyways against his recommendation that he’d want to monitor by ob/gyn health closely. I’m skeptical as I’ve heard fear-mongering over the years with T also, but he is quite experienced with trans male healthcare. Thoughts?

  • Firstly, was your doctor familiar with DHT specifically? (Most are not.) And the research done on DHT?

    Increased cancer of what? Prostate? That won’t apply here (assuming you are not intersex.) Plus, there’s also research that shows that blocking DHT increases prostate cancer risk.

    What I would do is ask your doctor for references to that research (in a non-challenging way—docs generally don’t like being challenged!) so you can see it for yourself, then I would also provide your doctor with the research papers listed in this article that show that DHT is safe to use, particularly the first cited article that shows it’s safe to use on genitals.

    I was not monitored by an ob/gyn, but I did have bloodwork done the first time I used DHT. The second time my doctor deemed that unnecessary.

  • Anon says:

    Yes, my doctor was familiar with DHT (specifically Andractim) and knew that it wasn’t really available in North America anymore. I don’t know what he was referencing specifically; I believe reproductive cancers? (And in my case prostate cancer would not be a risk.) He said that there was recent research that steroids shouldn’t be applied to the genitals.

    It really felt like fear-mongering to me, but he is very experienced with treating trans men which is why I was really thrown and wanted to give him some benefit of the doubt. I have trouble believing an ob/gyn exam to monitor possible changes in terms of abnormalities from DHT is absolutely necessary.

    When I next speak with him I’ll ask for research references and pass them along to you, if you’re interested.

  • Dave says:

    Hi Joshua, in your opinion what is the best cycle for using the dht/andractim gel to achieve optimum growth and inhibit hair loss? Also, will a shampoo such as alpecin caffeine shampoo(designed to stop hair loss) be sufficient or must it contain saw palmetto? I would like to use this gel for 2 or 3 months but don’t want to lose any hair or have any other bad side effects.

  • While I did experience some hair loss, using saw palmetto stopped it in its tracks, so I don’t really think cycling DHT is necessary (especially since it’s not known how that will affect desired growth.) Most people are going to get their growth within 8 weeks anyway, so a 3-month course will be sufficient for growth and shouldn’t cause too much hair loss, especially with saw palmetto.

    I didn’t look into general hair loss shampoos, so I can’t comment on that. Why I went with saw palmetto is because it’s proven effective at blocking DHT build up. Look up the ingredients of the shampoo you are considering to see if any of them are known DHT inhibitors. If not, the shampoo is unlikely to help. (Saw palmetto extract shouldn’t be too hard to find at a natural pharmacy or health store.)

  • dave2 says:

    did you notice something in your chest area while using dht on your dick?

  • As in pain in my chest? No. Is this happening for you? Might be a good idea to mention it to your doc.

  • Aiden Campbell says:

    I have an appt with a Dr coming up in January. I hope to see if I can get a Rx for DHT along with my normal T Rx. I just hope it is still available.

  • Elliott says:

    Saw Palmetto is supposed to affect the prostate in order to prevent hairloss…. I’m confused as to how do you think this helped you?

    DHT use–monitor it, but I give 2 thumbs up….

    And as always, appreciate the run-down.

  • Good question, Elliott! Saw palmetto is used in a lot of anti-hairloss shampoos because it blocks DHT from building up in hair follicles, which contributes to hair loss. This is a great article that goes into more scientific detail: Beards, Baldness and What’s in Your Pants

  • Shaine says:

    I had limited clitoral growth and have been on T for 3+ years now. I asked my old doctor about this cream and she said it was anecdotal evidence and not worth me trying it. I’m frustrated though b/c other transguys I know have way more growth than I do. Ideas?

  • Sorry to hear of your frustration, Shaine. I would venture to say that most primary care doctors don’t know anything about DHT. It’s often just lumped together with T, when it’s actually a bit of a different beast.

    There’s enough anecdotal evidence to say that DHT will work for some trans men. If growth is important to you, you could consider bypassing your doctor on this one and ordering online. You’d know within 6-8 weeks if it’s working for you.

  • SSS says:

    If you over 50 does the andractim gel still help increase penis length/growth. Just need to know before wasting my time and money. All info received thus far from posters does not mention age.

  • That’s a good question. In cisgender men, androgen receptors “burn out” with aging: they decrease in number and sensitivity. Presumably, these receptors also burn out in trans men, through aging and exposure to testosterone. I would theorize then that the best candidates for DHT genital growth are younger trans men in the early stages of HRT. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that older trans men or trans men who have been on HRT for a while wouldn’t experience growth. It’s hard to say for certain as there is very limited data on the role of androgens in regulating female genital tissue structure.

  • tj_nyrican says:

    I want to try it for 3 months but I am worried about my wife who is cis female. Do we have to give up sex for 3 months?

  • Your concern is valid: accidental transference is a risk. I don’t know that abstaining from sex is absolutely required, but that is the route that I took to mitigate the risk.

  • hassan says:

    Hi JOSHUA. you r doing great job bro. I stay in India. I have read the article and everybodys concerns and your suggestions. i’m confused now from where to begin the treatment for myself. so I thought it would be better if I ask you personally. I want to tell you that I have less facial hairs. I have never tested for T levels. I want to have thick beard. and can you suggest me where to apply DHT cream and of what %??? thank you

  • Thanks for your question, Hassan! I’ve heard of people applying topical DHT cream to their faces to increase beard growth, but whether it’s effective or not would be largely dependent on genetics, I think.

  • hassan says:

    Thanks Joshua. Can you mail me so that whenever i have a question i can ask you?

  • nibu says:

    hello joshua
    i am a resident in endo from india, i have a few patients of 5 alpha reductase deficiency, in whom we think that DHT will really work. But we are unable to procure it from india, and unable to find out a place any where in the world from whom we can reliably buy.
    can you help me and my patients with any valuable knowledge
    regards and thanks in advance

  • Jimmy says:

    Hi JOSHUA. you r doing great job bro. I’m actually trying to make 10%DHT Cream, I have been using phlojel, but the powder isn’t dissolving into it properly. I don’t think the levitating process is working properly, I have been using a mortar and pestle to try and make it fine as possible and slowly adding the phlojel, following instructions i found online, bk.., after I am finished when applying I still have some grittiness and when the phlojel drys there are white specks every where….
    would you know what i could use to get it to mix into phlojel without having any grit..???

  • PieQueenA says:

    I’m a 40+ YO woman in WA state who simply wants clitoris growth for personal and sexual reasons. Not a transman but you all have XX chromosomes like me…and checking bodybuilding boards won’t yield much fruit.

    I’m not automatically worried about
    head hair loss; very strong hair genes in both sides with no bald males in my bloodline. I have thick, coarse hair the stylists love. But, is DHT so brutal on follicles that I should be concerned?

    Also, voice deepening. I already have a deep voice for a female (runs in the fam) and couldn’t sing soprano if you paid me. Should I be worried? I may pursue a voiceover career…

    Other options? What about DHEA or pregnenolone cream? I don’t want to raise or twist my estrogen profile either. I’ve never had children so my lifetime estrogen exposure already worries me.


  • John says:

    what is T ?

  • I have heard from many women now who have been interested in DHT and clitoral growth. Baldness… mother’s side is good too? I had no idea what my family hair genes would yield, and had very thick hair prior to testosterone. DHT still did a number on me and it was noticeable very quickly. The saw palmetto I used did seem to help though. Hair loss is a risk, but it’s tough to say how much of one. Voice deepening probably wouldn’t be much of a risk with DHT. I believe that function is more handled by Testosterone. I don’t know too much about DHEA or pregnenolone; they’re both restricted substances here in Canada. I would be extremely cautious with them since they impact hormones. (I can’t see how they would contribute to any clitoral growth.) Pumping could be another avenue you could explore.

  • J says:

    I’m post-metoidioplasty but only recently got my hands on Andractim/DHT (didnt get a chance to use it pre-op), will I still see results from use of DHT? I’ve also heard that DHT can increase inner labial size, but what tissue that was my former inner labia was wrapped around my penis to increase girth, so I’m not sure where to be applying it and also if there’s any risk to me doing so.

  • Pre-op or post-op shouldn’t matter, it’s more about whether or not you still have active DHT receptors. You can apply it to your penis, no risks re: labial tissue. Hope it works for you!

  • J says:

    Reporting a month back, it seems that DHT has been producing minimal effects, and even then I can’t tell if it’s placebo. I’ve been applying it to the head of my penis (after pulling the foreskin back), and all around the foreskin which was formally labial tissue. I seem to look about the same as I did before use of DHT, plus the alcohol component has left some irritation near where my urethral exit is (I had UL).

    How long does it take to start seeing noticeable growth? I’m using Andractim 2.5% 3x a day, applying a dose about the size of a pea each time.

  • Thank you for reporting back! It sounds like you are doing all the right things. Changes should be apparent within 3-8 weeks. It’s possible that you don’t have the required active receptors. Or, you may just need more time with it.

  • Charlie says:

    This article is awesome josh.. Question Is the 2.5 percent version much worse than the 10? Or can you just adjust the dosages to get the same results? I’m from America so I have to order 2.5 online I suppose.. I’m 23, born male with good genetics for beard growth but all I have is very light vellus and transitional hairs all over my face would applying this dht maybe help and maturing these hairs my test levels are normal range.. I know i should have more growth by now I’m thinking low dht levels may be an issue for guys like me too.. very interesting topic thanks!

  • Thanks Charlie! I’ve never used the 2.5% gel, and didn’t use DHT for beard growth, but my understanding is that you could apply more of it to increase the amount of DHT you are taking. Hope it helps!

  • Sami says:

    Hey Joshua, can you expand at all on the saw palmetto tincture rinse? I’m imagining something like you pouring it over your head while massaging it into your scalp… do you then rinse it out, or allow it to dry?

  • Sure, thank you for your question, Sami. I mixed the tincture with water in a yogurt container, leaned over the tub and poured that over my head slowly, working it into my scalp with my hands. I did not rinse it out, I left in in. It did seem to work quite quickly at slowing down hair loss so I recommend its use with DHT.

  • dogus says:

    Hey Joshua, i bought some Andractim gel at all saints clinic online and my question is, is it supposed to have some tiny bubbles in the gel? that is not the case with my testogel which is totally transparent.

  • I’m sorry, I don’t know!

  • Zayne says:

    Hey! Does anyone know how I can get in contact with Dogus up there to see if he still has that second tube of Andractim? I’ve been telling my Endo about DHT for three years now, and she just decided to write the prescription for me but, no more DHT! D,X

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