ASLAN vs. ASLAN: A Packin’ Harness Shootout

Will the Real Mister Right Please Come Forward?

For Part 2 of The Great Packing Harness Roundup, I compared two products made by Toronto, Canada’s ASLAN Leather. ASLAN products are made with high quality, handpicked leather, with strict attention to detail, and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Mister Right Packing StrapMister Right Packing Strap

Now available in both black and white, the simple leather backed design of the Mister Right Packing Strap has a 1 1½” elastic waist band sits on your hips and wears discreetly under clothing. This harness is quite comfortable (due to the single strap), expertly crafted, and affordable at just $17. I feel much more secure wearing this over the Full Monty harness, and for less than $10 more than the Full Monty, the Mister Right Packing Strap is a definite upgrade.

The Mister Right Packing Strap was created as a companion for the Mr. Right packer made by Vixen Creations, so not surprisingly they pair up nicely. In fact, with its large ball support “cage”, this harness doesn’t work very well with the other packers I tested with. For example, you can drop a Mr. Limpy in, but with its smaller balls that don’t quite fill the cage you’ll eventually notice some wear and tear on the underside of the shaft due to friction with the cage straps. With the Mister Right then, you also need to be wearing Mr. Big.

Despite the comfort, quality and affordability, the Mister Right Packing Strap has its downsides. For example, I’ve (inconsistently) noted some friction and irritation from the leather against my dick. This surprised me because the leather is very soft, so it may have more to do with cock hypersensitivity (due to testosterone) than the harness itself. This harness also isn’t STP-friendly, and it has a tendency to ride up your waist a bit. A belt will help with this though, and note that all guys–trans or cis–have to adjust their junk sometimes.

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Mister Right Packing Strap - Jock StyleMister Right Packing Strap – Jock Style

The Jock Style version of the Mister Right Packing Strap provides extra security with two added leg straps that completely eliminate the migration problem that the original design has. Unfortunately, the leg straps just don’t fit my body well. I don’t know if it’s because of their length or the angle they’re sewn into the waistband with, but where they pass between my legs they feel like a guillotine around my cock! Not comfortable. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised though: a founding principle at ASLAN is to create gear for women’s bodies. I may have been born female bodied, but my body shape was never particularly female and has also changed through HRT, and the Jock Style harness doesn’t seem to account for the position and/or size of my dick. However, every body is different so as they say, your mileage may vary.

The Jock Style Mister Right Packing Strap is made with the same attention to detail and quality as the original, and clocks in at a reasonable $23.

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Available sizes for both models:

  • XS 26″- 30″
  • Sm 30″- 34″
  • M 34″- 38″
  • Lg 38″- 42″
  • XL 42″- 46″
  • XXL 46″- 50″

Notes: Unless otherwise noted, prices are in USD. For obvious reasons, the harnesses pictured are worn over underwear though most will prefer them worn underneath.

Have you tried an ASLAN Packing Strap? Please share your comments below.

The Great Packing Harness Roundup


  • jackson says:

    Thanks for doing the ” leg work” for us guys. Saves us money and frustration. I personally use bike brand compression shorts with a built in cup pocket. Holds things nice and safe but is awkward with my PNP. Can’t use a urinal with my current method, so ill be checking out your reviews for an appropriate alternative. 🙂

  • Thank you so much for providing a well written review of our packing harnesses.

  • Cruz says:

    Try the Mango harness. Its perfect with your boxers and even in briefs. Its backless, so it’s definitely stp compatible. It’s soft comfortable material that is adjustable,the leg straps are not sewn, so you can customize it to your fit. They also let you order it in different colors to match your skin color. It gives you a very realistic swing.

  • Jayce Creed says:

    Another idea is that you could just purchase a jock strap with a pocket for an athletic cup and wear the packer in said pocket. I’m in the USA and they carry them at most Walmart type stores or sporting goods stores for about 4 bucks.

  • KT says:

    Bought the jock strap version of this harness a few days ago along with a Mr. Softie packer. Since my packer wasn’t the particular one designed for this harness, there’s a bit of a loose fit. The cock itself is a bit too heavy and will jut out and downward from the leather backing creating an unnatural, disjointed look. To remedy this, I took a black hair tie to match the rest of the harness and a safety pin and pinned one end of the hair tie to the back of the harness through the leather backing creating a makeshit O-ring. Great harness!

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