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Today’s installment of The Great Packing Harness Roundup goes beyond straps into the very comfortable world of packing underwear with a review of three products from TranZwear ®.

TranZwear takes high quality, brand name underwear and customizes them with one of four patented pouch designs to offer a high level of packing comfort and security. No more straps, velcro, or safety pins—just drop in your packer and you’re set!

FTM Packing Underwear - TranZwear Trunk with Floater

TranZwear Trunk with Floater

TranZwear products are hand-crafted and made to order, with numerous options for customization. You can choose from briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks in a variety of materials, colors and sizes (including plus sizes.) And then there are the pouch designs:

The Floater allows your packer to move naturally in your drawers. The pouch is sewn into the waistband of the underwear, allowing your package to swing free or “float.” (Recommended for heavy exercise and contact sports.)

The Snuggler is sewn into the waistband as well as into the seam lines, providing a more secure fit with minimal packer movement. (Recommended for heavy exercise and contact sports.)

The Natural secures your packer with a specially crafted 1 1/4″ rubber c-ring, plus a small pouch. The Natural provides access to your packer through the front opening of the underwear and is therefore STP-friendly.

The Commando features the rubber c-ring and pouch on the outside of the garment, simulating the effect of not wearing underwear.

For my review, I tested out three different pairs of TranZwear packing underwear:

1. Trunk with Floater

These are super comfortable, made in India, 95% cotton, Hanes underwear. The Floater pouch is very soft, and both its construction and the stitching affixing it to the waistband looks professional and durable. These deliver the goods with a great fit and worry-free packing at an affordable price.

I tend to pack small and I noticed that my packer shifted to its side inside the Floater pouch pretty easily, requiring some manual adjustment throughout the day. A smaller pouch would remedy this. Because TranZwear products are truly custom, those who pack small can request a smaller pouch when placing an order.

Buy now from TranZwear for$14.95

FTM Packing Underwear - TranZwear Athletic Trunk with Snuggler

TranZwear Athletic Trunk with Snuggler

2. Athletic Trunk with Snuggler

These Jockey brand sport trunks are made in Costa Rica with a polyester/spandex blend. The material is moisture resistant making these trunks ideal for sports and active lifestyles. The Snuggler pouch design limits packer mobility. In the tradition of TranZwear, this model offers extreme comfort and secure packing.

I still experienced some sideways shifting of my small packer within the Snuggler pouch, but less than with the Floater. Again, those who pack small can request a smaller pouch when ordering.

Buy now from TranZwear for $17.95

3. Shower Brief with Snuggler

FTM Packing Underwear - TranZwear Shower Brief

TranZwear Shower Brief

These nylon/spandex bikini briefs are made by Schiesser Aqua, a well-respected brand from Germany. They feature an inner drawstring and zippered pocket, plus a mesh pouch inside to hold your packer. The open-sided pouch design allows you to pack right or left. The TranZwear shower brief is designed for use in gym locker rooms, showers and pools, and is well-suited to this as long as you’re comfortable with a more exposed style.

My tests suggest that packing down with this model may not be ideal, depending on your packer, and body size and shape. Packing down, I noticed gaps between the brief and my body, near the packer, providing some limited view from the side of my private region. I was able to almost eradicate the problem with some junk adjustment, but not enough to make me feel secure enough to strut across a locker room. Without a doubt, the shower brief is a more exposed style than the other models tested, and I’d say they require a host who’s already quite comfortable in near-nude male spaces. They’re very comfortable though, and do their job of holding your packer well. The sporty material suggests that they’d be a good option for active guys looking for a more revealing underwear style.

Buy now from TranZwear for $16.95


As a first time user, I’m impressed with the general concept of packing underwear, and TranZwear executes their products extremely well. While I experienced some packer shifting during my testing, I didn’t once feel like I’d accidentally lose my packer, and I loved being to just drop in my packer and go with limited fuss. TranZwear products truly live up to the brand promise of “packing with confidence.”

In addition to packing underwear, TranZwear is also the only B2C retailer for the TKW line of packing jock straps.

Also worth noting is TranZwear’s support of the LGB/Trans community. A good example of this community spirit is a recent donation to the important Lyon-Martin Clinic of San Francisco.

Notes: Prices posted are USD. FREE shipping to US addresses on orders order $25. Plus, save 5% on orders over $60.

Have you tried TranZwear packing underwear? Please share your comments below!

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