Shock Jock Enhancing Underwear

Packing Goes High Tech, LA Style

Once again, I find myself at my desk in my underwear writing another review for The Great Packing Harness Roundup. Today’s installment covers Andrew Christian’s Shock Jock enhancing underwear, or more specifically the Shock Jock Flirt Boxer.

Andrew Christian Shock Jock Flirt Boxer

Andrew Christian Shock Jock Flirt Boxer

Shock Jocks are designer underwear that include an inside pocket along with an “Active Shaping Technology” foam cup insert for bulge enhancement. These Los Angeles-made underwear come in different cotton/spandex blends, in a variety of color combos, and feature an extra wide silver waistband. They fit small and are best suited to athletic body types.

The cup has male detailing in the form of a subtle cock outline and it looks very natural in your pants. Some trans guys will find the cup alone completely satisfactory for packing. However, without much behind the cup, it will depress with close body contact. (This doesn’t bother me at all and I usually don’t pack when I wear my Shock Jocks.) To get around this, you could stuff something like a sock behind the cup, or remove the cup altogether and slip a small to medium sized packer in instead. These underwear have a snug fit so they’ll keep your packer secure even though the pocket has an open side. Also, don’t dust your packer with anything—the natural tackiness of it will help keep it in place in the Shock Jock pocket.

Shock Jocks are no-fly undies and are therefore unsuitable for use with STP devices.

Andrew Christian Shock Jock Enhancing Underwear

Shown with Active Shaping Tech cup (no packer)

Shock Jock underwear are super comfortable and very well made. They’re more expensive than the other products reviewed for The Great Packing Harness Roundup ($25 – $43 USD) but they’re not an investment I regret: I count them among the most comfortable underwear I own (along with TranZwear packing underwear) and I expect that they’ll have a long shelf life given the quality.

While AC’s Active Shaping Technology was likely not designed with transgender men in mind, Shock Jocks are nonetheless an excellent strap-free option for packing.

Check out all the styles of Shock Jock underwear here.

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