No One Gets Left Behind: Remembering Dr. Maxwell Anderson

Dr. Maxwell Anderson, August 26, 1956 – January 14, 2010, was a prominent activist for mental and transgender health for many years. He died at age 53 after a short battle with glioma, a highly aggressive type of brain cancer. With Robert Eads Day right around the corner, it’s fitting to also honor the memory of Dr. Anderson, who was one of Eads’ closest friends.

Dr. Maxwell Anderson

Max’s motto was, “No one gets left behind.”

A native of Chicago, Anderson moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (where he ran a transgender support group called “The Eden Society”) and then to Atlanta, Georgia in 1996. He obtained his PhD in Psychology and became a well-known therapist and grief counselor in the Atlanta area.

Dr. Anderson was a major part of the Southern Comfort Conference for over 20 years. Max and his wife, Corissa, also co-wrote a book called Gender Mirror.

Dr. Anderson’s probably best known for his appearance in Southern Comfort, the documentary about Robert Eads. At the time of his death, Dr. Anderson was working on a follow-up film, Southern Comforted: Lives Touched by the Documentary.

Dr. Anderson’s passion for helping others and his lifetime of achievements helped him win numerous awards, including the IFGE Trinity Award.

Watch Dr. Anderson’s last public speech at the Atlanta Rally for Transgender Rights, June 27, 2009:


Stills from Southern Comfort:



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