The Packer Showdown

FTM Packers’s inaugural product review takes an in-depth look at three different FTM packers: The Packy by Fleshlight, Mr. Right by Vixen Creations, and David by Lola.Jake.

Also see: The Packer Showdown, Part II – Sailor Soft Pack vs. Pack-Man

Packing is a pretty personal thing, and not all guys looks for the same qualities in a dick. For that reason, The Packer Showdown didn’t set out to find a “Best in Show” FTM packer. Instead, it simply highlights each of the packers’ pros and cons and lets readers to decide what’s important to them.

The Packy

The PackyThe Packy is a generic packer that you’ll also find under the names of Soft Pack, Mr. Limpy and Mister Softie. It’s made from a realistic, proprietary elastomer (elastic polymer) blend called Real Feel Super Skin™ (aka Soft Skin, Cyberskin.) Regardless of the model and material name, these are all the same product, manufactured by Fleshlight. The Packy is available in four sizes (3.5″, 5″, 6.5″ and 8.5″ length, and all with 4″ girth) and three colors: Pink, Fleshtone and Caramel.

The Packy can be worn with a harness, or in tight briefs without a harness. It works particularly well with the FTM Solutions strap. It’s a little too small for the Aslan Packing Strap: because the balls don’t perfectly fill the Aslan pouch, the shaft bends over the front strap and eventually leads to wear of the packer. Despite this less than perfect fit, the Aslan is still a comfortable option.

At 3.5″ and just 5.75 oz, the small, lightweight Packy provides a comfortable and discreet bulge. The shape and detail of the glans is quite good, given the budget price. The symmetrical balls are detailed with creases but are not very realistic looking (the word “novelty” rings true here.) The material is sticky, but with a dusting of potato starch or baking soda becomes very soft. This inexpensive packer is a great choice for making a STP device with.

On the downside, The Packy’s squeeze is a little too squishy. The color can be inconsistent model to model: sometimes quite pale, sometimes overly pink. Also, there’s no variation in color between the shaft and glans, and the balls are flat-backed. You can find The Packy for under $15 at several outlets, but don’t expect it to last forever. The soft material can degrade pretty quickly, with regular use leading to small cracks within a couple of months.

The Packy offers great bang for your buck. It’s a comfortable packer to wear and creates a bulge that won’t cause unwanted attention.

The Packy wins the Best Head Award!

Buy online: Fleshjack – Mr. Limpy $12.95 – $18.95 USD (4 sizes)

Mr. Right

mrright1Mr. Right is a VixSkin™ silicone packer made by Vixen Creations. It’s available in pink, caramel and chocolate colors, and comes in one size: 6″ long x 4″ girth. Most descriptions of Mr. Right state the length as 4.5″ – 5.5″, but base to tip, my model comes in at 6″. There was a previous model that was smaller and softer.

Mr. Right weighs in at 7.5 oz and fits perfectly in the Aslan Packing Strap (which was designed for Mr. Right.) It’s a little too heavy in the FTM Solutions strap. The material is less sticky than The Packy, but still benefits from a light dusting of potato starch to make it softer. Mr. Right can be modified into a STP device, but the longer shaft and higher cost make it less suitable than The Packy for this purpose.

The bulge is more obvious than that of The Packy, due to the extra length, but not offensively so. The detail of the shaft is nice, but with Mr. Right it’s all about the balls: the detail of the scrotum, with it’s two differently shaped and positioned balls, is superior looking to anything else this reviewer has come across. Plus, the firmer silicone makes for a great squeeze.

The “pink” Mr. Right that I reviewed was more of a greyish, beige tone, and it doesn’t look realistic. The bland shape and size of the glans further suffers from being the same lifeless color as the shaft. Those fantastic balls are sadly flat-backed (though if you wear Mr. Right with the Aslan Packing Strap you wouldn’t feel round ones anyway.)

Mr. Right is a mid-market packer that’s durable and should satisfy guys looking for a mid-sized bulge. While the aesthetics of the cock itself are lacking, Mr. Right’s balls pack some serious punch.

Mr. Right wins the Best Balls Award!

Buy online: Babeland – $60 USD



David is a premium packer made exclusively by Lola.Jake, a 2-person owned company based in California. In 2007, their parent company Too Sticky bought out PNP Prosthetics and launched Lola.Jake as a manufacturer of custom-made FTM prosthetics. They corresponded with trans men for more than a year about the development of their product line, and continue to collaborate with customers on new features, such as 3D balls and foreskin.

All Lola.Jake models are made of a blend of five platinum silicone materials, the premium in prosthetic manufacturing. Each prosthetic is hand poured into a mold, cured for several hours, then carefully painted with details such as a darker glans and veins on the shaft. As much as 15 hours of work goes into each prosthetic. Lola.Jake is looking at automating some of this process, which would allow them to lower prices. Also worth mentioning is Lola.Jake’s exchange program which rewards customer loyalty with a 30% discount towards a new prosthetic for their returned model.

Lola.Jake currently have patents pending, and are poised to expand into a larger market. They continue to research and develop their product line with the goal of creating the ultimate prosthetics for trans men.

Like all Lola.Jake models, David is available in four colors: vanilla, caramel, coco and espresso. It’s a smaller packer, measuring 3.5″ long with a 4.75″ girth and weighing 6.5 oz. David creates a nice bulge that’s not too big and not too small. It’s slightly larger than the bulge of The Packy, mostly because David’s shaft rests directly on top of the balls, while The Packy is more easily adjusted to the left or right. The weight of David feels perfect.

david2David comes with a tab that enables you to affix the packer to your skin with a medical grade adhesive. This tab is not ideal if you plan to wear David with a strap: it creates a bit of an awkward bump above your bulge. However, Lola.Jake can easily customize this on request and create your David without the tab. Just ask!

David’s silicone blend creates just the right amount of firmness for a top notch squeeze. Worn in the FTM Solutions strap, you can feel David’s 3D balls swinging slightly against your inner thighs. You won’t get this sensation from a budget packer! The connection between the balls and shaft looks durable and feels amply thick. David has a larger head than both The Packy and Mr. Right, with a nice ridge. More importantly, David’s glans is painted a different color from the shaft.

You could turn David into a STP device (and there’s a 2″ hole already started in the back from the manufacturing process) but it’s a rather expensive model to start poking holes in. Ask Lola.Jake to customize your order with a longer hole if you plan to convert David into a STP device.

At first, I was taken aback by David’s shininess. Applying potato starch didn’t help—the starch just streaked the shiny surface with powdery smears. Apparently, the shininess goes away with time though. As for color, I have yet to find a packer that is realistic in this regard. Like other packers, David is lighter in color than your average dick, which is usually several shades darker than the skin on the inner thigh. Despite the subtle hand-painted detailing, the texture of the balls lacks the realism of Mr. Right’s superior looking scrotum, and the shape and size of them are a little too symmetrical.

Lola.Jake’s David bridges the world between toy store novelty packers and medical grade prosthetics, and has features you won’t find on other packers. Price wise too, David sits somewhere in the middle: more expensive than the average packer but significantly less than other prosthetics. When you’ve already tried the cheaper packers, consider graduating to a David to experience the swinging round balls and the unique, lifelike firmness, and get the customization you can only get from a company that makes FTM prosthetics to order.

David wins the Best Squeeze Award!

Buy online: Lola.Jake – $355 USD

Win a Free Packer from Lola.Jake! and Lola.Jake have teamed up to giveaway TWO Billy packers! (And these aren’t your average pant stuffers…) Enter to win!

More Packers

Good Vibrations “Sailor” Soft Pack – see review
Super-realistic looking and feeling, the Sailor Soft Pack has slightly firmer inner core that allows for more rigidity to the shaft, resulting in a more realistic feel. It’s available in two sizes: 4” long, 1 3/8” in diameter; and 5” long, 1 3/8” in diameter. Plus, there are three colors to choose from: Vanilla, caramel or coffee. Buy it online from Good Vibrations for $24 USD.

Pack-Mansee review
This is an affordable, durable 3″ packer that’s available in three colors.

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  • D says:

    Awesome job. I’d love to have the David. Very cool. Thank god for this site. I can’t wait til I get one.

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  • Izy says:

    The Mr.Right packer is not a good packer from experience and until this site I hadn’t found anyone who said it was one they would recommend. I tried it and it made a quite large bulge and there was no way to make that smaller. I wouldn’t recommend it for shorter guys or guys who want to keep eyes off their crotch.

  • Joshua says:

    @Izy Personally, I prefer a smaller packer so I understand what you’re saying about Mr. Right. What surprises me is how hard it is to find small packers. Almost all the Lola.Jake packers are at least 5″. Aside from the Mr. Limpy (and the Aussie Home Grown that looks just like Mr. Limpy… is it Mr. Limpy?) the only other 3″ packer I know of is the newly christened Pack-Man from Come As You Are. I have one on the way and will be reviewing it soon. Given the low number of small packers on the market (the original small Mr. Right was discontinued) I’m guessing that there’s just not as much demand for them.

  • Jules says:

    Hey just bought my first packer =).Chose Mr Limpy,seem to fit the best to me. And was the only one I could get for a nice price in germany. So thank you Joshua for the great packing review.

  • Shay says:

    Until reading reviews, I assumed the Packy was the most realistic as far as squeeze-ability goes. I have the Mr. Right, but it seemed too firm to be considered a realistic flaccid penis/testicles feel-wise, and it didn’t bend well. When I would face the penis vertically upwards, it started to tare at the spot between the shaft and the testicles. Based on the models described above, which one has the most realistic squeeze? I’ve been considering buying a model from Lola Jake, but considering the price, I’m afraid to spend so much and be disappointed with it’s realism. Thanks for the help!!

  • Joshua says:

    @Shay, The Packy is a little too squishy, if you ask me. Mr Right, as you said, is a little too firm. Note that Lola.Jake’s David won the Best Squeeze Award in this review.

  • Desi says:

    i have a packer but idk what to use to hold it without purchasing online. what can i get to hold it at my nearest store? and how do i get rid of the huge bulk that makes me look like i am hard?

  • Joshua says:

    Desi, you could get a small jock strap or shorts with the protective cup pouch, or make a packing harness. I haven’t done this, but there’s info here about modifying packers to make them hang better.

  • Shay says:

    Hi Josh, when are you going to do your next packer review? I already purchased one of the Lola Jake models and can’t wait to hear about the others products available out there. Thanks!

  • Noah says:

    After reading the awesome review and some deliberating, I bit the bullet and purchased the David from Lola Jake. I’ve had about a week and a half acquaintance period with it and I must say that I am very happy with my decision. It is very realistic and retains body heat well, the balls hang realistically. I did purchase the suggested medical adhesive as well, it generally keeps the David in place but at just over 6oz, I’m a bit leery about wearing boxers until I get the tape kit from Lola Jake (which is supposed to create a stronger bond between the skin and the prosthetic via the medical adhesive). I am single at the moment so I don’t have access to a “second opinion” right now but all in all, I have no complaints! If it weren’t for the great review, I would not have known about this company. Thanks again, Joshua!

  • Noah says:

    *Update to my previous comment* I received the Tape Kit and yes, it does create a stronger bond to my skin, glad I purchased it. I feel much more “secure” using it. BUT I must admit, getting responses from lolajake has been spotty, at best, for me. I don’t know if it’s just me or if they are super busy or what—but while I don’t have an “the customer is always right” attitude, I do believe that if you want your customers to spread the word and continue to support you, you should make a strong effort to respond to their questions. I was so pleased with my David model that I was seriously considering purchasing a “play” model from lolajake. They are expensive, but for such a good product, I can sacrifice a few things. However, I’m turned off by their lack of response to my questions (don’t run a contest and not contact people who got the answer right…that’s just in poor taste). I dunno, it kinda reminds me of the fiasco that I (as well as many other guys) had to go thru with Mango Products. Bottom line, I’m doubtful that I will purchase a play model from this company because I think that their products (from what I’ve seen) are great, but lackluster customer support, especially at these prices, are a deal breaker for me.

  • Joshua says:

    Thanks for reporting back, Noah! Your comments will be helpful to anyone considering Lola.Jake and the David.

  • ashhhhhh says:

    I am so interested in buying the 1st packy one a 3.5″ but it is going to be so hard as i only came out to my mum a week ago and haven’t started therapy or anything, Also because Im in Australia and im 16 so i dont have a credit card to buy all this stuff!

  • Joshua says:

    @ash You’re not alone! Some merchants accept PayPal, so if you have a bank account you could get setup with PayPal. However, the shipping costs to Oz will probably be unacceptable. You may wish to get in touch with Ethan Derek. He’s based in Australia and might take PayPal or a money order. Their products are hand made and therefore a little more expensive. Also, you still might have to explain the package to your Mom. So, another option would be to get connected with other local trans guys and ask one of them to place the order for you and have it shipped to their house. Hope that helps!

  • Dee says:

    @ash I’m 15 and I buy the things I need by walking to the closest store (any store really even a grocery store) and having my money put on a visa gift card. I haven’t had any problems making online purchases with these as of yet. I suggest giving it a try. If you want some help I’d be glad to assist you. email me at deethegreat [AT] . Younger crowd got to stick together :]

  • C.C says:

    Another product review would be fantastic :D! I’m also quite partial to charts or grids of info. so maybe that could be another section with concise info. about all the reviewed packers? Another awesome article 🙂

  • Mike says:

    Has anyone bought a prosthetic from [Ethan Derek] in Australia? I can’t find any reviews about them.

  • Tai says:

    Did you try wearing the david using adhesive? if u did, did it stick?

  • Joshua says:

    @Tai I wear the David with a strap and never tried the adhesive. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the adhesives offered by FTM prosthetic makers.

  • Tom says:

    This is a very useful post – thanks. What is your opinion of the Pack-Man from Come as You Are?

  • Joshua says:

    Tom, I love the Pack-Man! For a few reasons. I’ll share more in my upcoming review. I have one to giveaway too!

  • andrew says:

    dear joshua,
    i am trying to find the right packer for me. My mom and dad have no clue what the right thing is so we need your help!!! i was thinking of the packy since it is not as expensive, but it isn’t a STP product and i really want one of those. i DO NOT want mr. right because of its overall largeness.

  • Joshua says:

    Hey andrew, the Packy is a nice place to start (if you’re caucasian) because it’s small and cheap. If you want a STP packer, check out The Ultimate Guide to STP, and in particular the STP-Fitz and DJ Knows Dick products. When you take a small packer and turn it into a STP device, the final result is bigger than the packer was due to the tubing. Let me know what you decide to get and what you think of it.

  • andrew says:

    thanks so much, very helpful indeed. i will check it out and see what happens 🙂

  • andrew says:

    just as an update to my previous comments, i have decided upon the STP fitz!!!! i looked at several reviews and decided that the nipple version would be best. it came in today and let me just say IT ROCKS!!!! it is the closest thing you can probably get to the real deal. i would reccomend this to anyone that wants a STP. great product

  • Jake says:

    Does anyone know or have any experience with any of these products and sex?

  • Joshua says:

    @Jake: None of the packers here are suitable for sex, but Lola.Jake offers several Pack & Play models.

  • Devyn says:

    I have had a packer for almost a year now (the ‘limpy’) and I had a few problems with it sitting in my boxers (not fond of boxer briefs) and what I came up with is…..

    I had an ankle sock lying around, cut it in half and cut a hole (the size of the shaft of my packer)into the side and slide my packer through the hole until it stopped at the base by the balls. I then used a safety pin to hold it onto the inside of my boxers. It is PERFECT. Never had any problems with it, it has never came unclipped or anything. I can run around in boxers without being afraid it might come loose. And sometimes I like to go commando and just pin it to the inside of my shorts.

  • Jay says:

    Thank you for these websites there very helpfull now i can get the right stuff for me now.

  • Miles says:

    hey there, just wanted to put my two cents in on a lolajake product for any guys considering shelling out the money for one. I bought the regular Sam model, it’s a pack n play, though I haven’t had much of a chance to “play” with it yet, I am quite pleased with the other qualities so far. I got a regular vanilla, and it is quite pale, which could be a drawback for anyone who cares about color, I am never in situations where it would matter, so it doesn’t bother me, but otherwise it is quite realistic looking and feeling. Packing-wise, this model is the perfect size. I’m 5’7′ 150 lbs, and it is absolutely perfect, it doesn’t call too much attention, but it is noticeable for any peepers. 🙂 it also doesn’t stick too much, and retains my body heat. there are only two problems I have with it 1- this model doesn’t have 3d balls, which is fine for me, but lolajake offers a “sam plus” model that is the exact same size but has 3d balls. 2-because I got the pnp model, the inside is hollow, so flaccid, it does tend to kink a bit like a garden hose, and can look square if you wear tight underwear alone. You can’t see it through the pants, which again is fine for me. I imagine their regular packers are a good buy too. Also, they got rid of the wierd shiny coat, which was a good move. Overall, I give this product a 7 on the scale. I’ll let you know how the play goes…

  • Miles says:

    ………….Um, yeah, it’s REALLY REALLY REALLY good for ‘playing’!!!! Let me just say, for someone who never had a good experience with dildos in the past, my partner LOVED it! We repeated a few hours later because she enjoyed it so much.
    Just thought I’d share that with ya. Lolajake seems to have a really good grasp on some good products.

  • Hannah says:

    Hey! I ordered my Mr. Limpy about a week ago. I plan on wearing it alot and am afraid that I will wear it out fast. Do they last a long time? Would it last longer if I put it in a harness from time to time?

  • Joshua says:

    How long the Mr. Limpy will last is directly related to how often you wear it. Mine have little cuts and tears in the material that have developed over time but I wouldn’t consider these worn out yet. With proper care, I could see myself getting away with a year of use before needing another one.

    A harness is recommended to keep it in place. I alternate between the Full Monty harness and the Aslan harness with the Mr. Limpy. The Aslan is a little too big for it and I think it’s the reason those little cuts and tears have appeared on the underside of the shaft (from folding over the harness straps.) As it’s lightweight, I find the Mr. Limpy to be well suited to the Full Monty-style harness.

  • Miles says:

    Hey Joshua, do you know when you’ll be able to write your next review? I have found all of the information here very helpful, as I am doing some digging getting ready to purchase my next packer. A small bit on adhesives would be incredibly helpful as well. Thank you for all you do!

  • anonomys says:

    i live with my grandparents and don’t have a creditcard or anything like that and they wont let me get one. i really am self conscious about my body and am begging for a cheap packer. any ideas? i just turned 17.

  • JBR says:

    Anyone have a suggestion for how to wear a packer if you have a larger mons pubis? I know, a bit weird, but it is what it is! Seems to run in the family, nothing too extra, but certainly noticeable if I’m naked. I tried packing the regular route and it’s just always out too much. Any tips or tricks on how to work with this?

  • Joshua says:

    @JBR: A compression garment would probably work, like compression shorts or hernia supports.

  • peter says:

    I’ve got the Mr Right and Lola Jake’s Sam plus, with play, and piss facility if I ever work that one out. Mr Right is a good year and a half old. He regularly wanders into the washing machine (not now that I live in New York and the washing rooms are in the public basement :-)), and he has survived it. He only just survived an attempt to make him into a piss and packer, and has the scars on the head to prove it.

    Sam Plus I wore for a bit – take a lot of getting used to in bed at night; have not worn it for a few months but popped it on again a couple of hours ago. The tail end, so to speak , is a long way down my leg – probably he’s not that great for boxers. Need to remember that tomorrow :-). Have not tried him yet in sex, and for the pissing it’s always difficult and takes huge practice to place the collection end in the right place. But certainly he is ‘man-sized’, and anyone who asks for him to be custom-made longer needs to have very long legs.

  • Travis says:

    hi im 15 and im currently goin from being a girl to a boy i want to get a packer that doesnt need straps but cant just fit comfortably inside me is that possible? and if so where can i get one from? thanks alot

  • packernewbie says:

    I’m new to packing and am wondering whether you can fuck with a packer? is that a dumb question? i would just love a packer that also doubles as a dildo so that i don’t have to stop and go ‘strap-on’ before getting it on.

  • LJCSS says:

    Can some one tell me what exactly the Lola Jake “Tape kit” is made out of.. 75 dollars seems awfully expensive. I recently discovered Lola Jake don’t really make their prosthetics, so I guess thats why they charge so much for the extras (the prosthetics are made at GT Products TX) its probably how they make most of their profit from selling the extras coz they are the only parts that don’t need to be made else where.

    I THINK the tape kit is just strong silicone adhesive that bonds the prosthetic TO a strip of plastic tape.. which you THEN use medical adhesive to stick to the skin. Because silicone does not stick to skin directly very well, so it essentially sticks to something to it that does stick to the body better.

  • Joshua says:

    @Peter Sam Plus is great for play!

  • Rhett Strika says:

    is there a soft packer that can be glued on with medical adhesive so i dont have to where a device to keep it in place? For example, can I just glue mr packy with medical adhesive to myself?

  • Mike says:

    Yo, just want you to know that this review is very helpful, and I have come back and referenced it several times. It’s very helpful to be able to come to one place to compare some of these items.

  • Daemon says:

    I don’t have the extra $40+ required for shipping.

    Does anyone know of a company that makes packers in Australia? Or at least ships cheaper? 🙁

    Otherwise, I guess I have to use socks for a while longer ^^;

  • Joshua says:

    Daemon, YES, look under the heading “Other Packers” above for Ethan Derek. They are made in Oz.

  • Only slightly says:

    I want something that can be worn anywhere, but still able to penetrate.

    Does that exist?

  • Joshua says:

    @ packernewbie and Only slightly: Yes, what you want is a pack & play.

  • that guy says:

    first packer is the sailor and some pete packing jock. got the 4″ very comfy but i havent seen anyone really go the sailor route. this is my first one and i will be exploring far more and would like to get a stp soon.

    for packing- i wear boxer-briefs and you can stick a packer inside the pouch and it stays very nicely- for those that want an easy pack method-and i know we have some youngsters-a pack of hanes boxer briefs is only a couple bucks.

    so the sailor? anyone have a good review? or opinions?

  • Joshua says:

    Here’s my review of the Sailor Soft Pack

  • Brandon says:

    I’m not sure if anyone has commented about them or not buy I strongly suggest not buying from The Ultimate Prosthetic.
    They have had their “sale” since about May of 2012, they are quick to respond until you give them your money then you can forget it. They will continuously lie about the status of your order and even falsify shipping information. You either end up waiting 6 months or more or get a damaged product like I did. They will not refund your money under any circumstances and once you have gone past the 45 day mark for PayPal you get screwed.
    Many guys have not gotten their orders and have either been told it will be to them “at the end of the month” or they are ignored.
    So please use caution with The Ultimate Prosthetic, so far they can not be trusted. I have yet to see one guy happy about their order.

  • Thanks Brandon, I think I’ve seen your post about this on Tumblr. Yours is the first comment on this page about The Ultimate Prosthetic, but there was a discussion recently on the TransGuys Facebook Page about this. The owner of the company responded and maintains that these problems have been due to production delays.

    While I like to give a new business the benefit of the doubt, it’s probably a good idea to be prudent if you’re in the market for a prosthetic and heed these warnings about delivery delays, at least until more positive reports come out. And note that if you buy anything with PayPal, do not wait past that 45 days, for any merchant, because buyer protection expires, as Brandon indicated.

  • Yossarian says:

    Is there a reason the posts about Emisil were removed?

    That’s pretty sketchy.

  • Why yes, there is a reason. The original commentator requested his post removed. He also informed me that his “friend’s” comment was dishonest. Both commentators had used strangely similar email addresses, and the original commentator had previously posted a glowing comment about an Emisil competitor using a different first name. Based on my investigation, the whole thing appeared sketchy and fraudulent. I will likely remove your comment and this one once you’ve read it. I will not allow this space to be used by packer vendors or their employees/contractors to influence public opinion about their competitors.

  • Yossarian says:

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. I appreciate it.

  • Abdul-Aalee says:

    I have question about the David, is 3-D scrotum have ‘floaty testicles’ as say on Lola.J website? Thank you Josh for video but I could not tell if they do have. Thank again! — Abdul-Aalee

  • Yes, David’s testicles are round-backed and have some sway (is that “floaty”?), but they do not have a core with moveable outer skin.

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