FTM Packers

The Packer Showdown, Part II

Part II of’s Packer Showdown takes an in-depth look at two different FTM packers: the Sailor Soft Pack from Good Vibrations and the Pack-Man from Come As You Are.

FTM Guide Search Plugin

FTM Guide Search Plugin

Whether FTM Guide is an old friend or a new discovery, you’ll want to check out this free FTM Guide Search Plugin that enables you to search directly from your search bar!

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DHT for Transgender Men

DHT is recommended by some SRS surgeons to encourage genital growth in transgender men. What is DHT? Learn more in this groundbreaking article that spawned a whole new approach to FTM genital optimization.

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Transition Through the World

Transition Through The World

Ever wondered what it’s like to transition in different countries around the world? Or, have you longed to see more videos on YouTube from trans vloggers who live in the same country as you? Check out Transition Through The World.